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Above is a similar concept, but this one me and my friend come up alone with a few research and inspirations.


The first concept - http://khoalam.deviantart.com/art/Warframe-concept-art-398667721


The second concept - http://khoalam.deviantart.com/art/Warframe-concept-art-2-399427249?ga_submit_new=10%253A1378848572


Amethyst is a warframe that have mastered the art of using blood to control the crystal and use it to her commands. 


For Amethyst powers, me and my friend haven't come up with a lot of names for the powers, but one for certain is Entomb.


Entomb - Create a blood pool under the enemy and quickly solidify it and suspense the enemy in midair, as she crush the enemy, the crystal shoot in different direction, dealing small amount of damage and critical to headshots.


My friend ign - xDark138 or he nicknamed himself as "Snow"


Update #1


Some skills ideas


1 - Consume - Amethyst steal the blood from the enemy, increasing her health by 50/100/150/200 and storing it for later use of her other 3 skills. -25 Energy


2 - Fragmented Barrier - Amethyst create a crystal shield fused with blood, defending herself and also mobile, shield have the ability to attack enemy dealing (25/50/75/100) damage. Damage capped is (125/200/275/400) -75 energy - 25HP


3 - Entomb - Amethyst create a blood pool under the enemy, then solidfy it into crystal, as it shatter the shards fly multiple direction and damaging any enemy nearby, also can score a headshot. - 75 energy, - 50 HP


4 - Impale - Amethyst create crystal undernearth the enemy and brutally pierced through enemy. - 100 energy, - 100 hp



Some basic warframe stats


Health - 150 ( Max 450 )

Energy - 100 ( Max 300 )

Shield - 150 ( Max 450 )

Armor - 100

Run speed - 0.9


More update to come.

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