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PSA: Solution to the "Can't post in forums on mobile" issue.


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This is something that I have been seeing a lot of players have an issue with, so I thought I would put the solution out there for anyone looking for it.

The issue is that people using the forums page on their phones won't be able to post new content.

The option to start a new topic is there, but when trying to select a forum, the selections are all greyed out and can't be selected.

Reply buttons also don't exist in topics in this state.

As far as I can tell, the main Warframe . Com web page and the official forum page treat logins as separate entities for whatever strange reason, and yet still overlap somewhere in their screwed-up coding.

This means that if you have logged in on the main Warframe web page, the forums web page will not treat you as if you have logged in, despite saying you are logged in on both areas.

So what worked for me, is I completely logged out of both areas, starting with logging out of the forums and then logging out of the main warframe. Com page, then I went straight to the forums page and logged in from there, and it then allowed me to post from my phone.

Reply buttons and all show up too.

If anyone knows of a better area for this post on the forums page, then please let me know and I'll do what I can to either move it there myself or to contact an admin to get this one moved itself.

I hope this helps anyone else suffering with the same issues as I was.

Happy Hunting and Merry Christmas, my fellow Tenno.^_^





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