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After playing with Baruuk and formaing him and his exalteds for a bit, here are my thoughts.


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Baruuk is a strange warframe to say the least, and while I enjoy his playstyle from leveling and bounties and the like, I do have some problems with him right now, which I will now explain

Firstly, the passive DR is rather redundant with his 3 and his 4 Damage reduction, and as far as I've tested, fairly unnoticable at higher levels.

His 1 is basically damage evasion, but with some caveats that sour the deal. Namely, his  his need to not being attacking for the ability to work. Not being able to attack in order to mitigate damage is a very not useful thing in a game where you want to kill things and kill things fast, especially since you need to invest in it to make it more than a cone around you, and you get blocked off from every energy restoration but orbs when you have it up. In addition, it has anti-synergy with his 2 and his 4, as disarmed/sleeping enemeis have a hard time shooting you, which is what Elude wants to get those edge stacks and get your 4 out (aka, basically 90% of the point of Baruuk)

His 2's main problem is that it's too slow on the casting and a little bit on the speed at which it knocks out allies. By the time you get it off, everybody else just shoots the people anyway, even with good range. Other than that, it's okay as a Restraint-eroding tool.

His 3 could use with "cloning" the daggers when you touch an ally, because giving up your already short-lasting DR to an ally, even if you don't want to, only really gimps yourself, and the daggers don't really have good effects that are worth outright giving to an ally outside of maybe the DR, as Disarming enemies in general is mostly a "meh" thing, especially on a "one at a time/close to one at a time" basis, and the damage is low.

And finally, his 4 has some really janky stuff in it. It pales a lot in comparison to the other exalteds when the armor/health starts piling up, and, possibly more importantly, his regular combo pushes enemies away from him, which is completely counter-intuitive to killing things with melee, meaning you have to spam the block combo, which is good as it pulls enemies in to you, which is a thing you want to have for a melee, even one with the range like this.

So, some ideas for new changes

  • His passive, either as a replacement  to the current one, or in addition to the DR, should increase the damage of Desert Wind when activated based off of how much restraint has been eroded. That way, it becomes worth your time to build a lot of stacks, similarly to other frames with the stacking mechanic, such as Nidus or Saryn, in addition to keeping it from being absolutely and mission-wide broken with its' range and tools.
  • His 1's synergy with his 3 increasing its range is rather anti-synergy, as the daggers are more valuable as DR than disarm charges, so maybe that should be removed, and make it so that if he has his 1 up, his 3 gets some more daggers, or gives the daggers an AoE so that less daggers need to be spent. Possibly increase the erosion from the dodged bullets, considering that you need to be mostly inactive and position your frame to receive the benefits.
  • His 2 mostly just needs a speed increase to match the pace of the game.
  • His 4's basic combo should be the one that pulls, and the block combo should be the one that pushes. That way, if (for whatever reason) you want to push an enemy away, you can still have that option, but the regular combo pulls enemies in to allow for better chaining of kills while it's active.
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