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Mastery Mission Lvl 7 To 8.


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Seccond time I fail in this test because the Tenno do unpredictable movements when hitting the ground after a jump.



First time yesterday:



Lost 1 live because the Tenno hit a "invisible wall" when running up and can't do a backflip.

Then, when resetting to start point, lost the other 2 because I spawn over a edge area and the Tenno do a roll when hitting the ground.






1 life because he do a front roll after hitting the designed place and was on edge.

1 after doin a up running movement and back flip, the Tenno do again a front roll and goes of the map.

Last one, he came running a wall, up and hit a invisible wall again and can't do the back flip.




This is SO ANNOYING....

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For the roll, the only thing I can suggest is to try doing a slide to land, instead of a normal landing (which often results in a roll). The slide will allow more maneuver, and you can cut it short.


And as other people said, use a slower frame if you aren't already.

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When your frame is about to land, try to melee attack, or press backward and maybe to release whatever button you're using for sprint.

also, the platform that you need to wallrun, you can actually stand on top of it and walk/run instead of wall-running it. 

Hope that helps. 

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For those who commented on this topic.



Finally I was able to complete this test.


But not without some bugs.



From first to second point, in the platform where you have to run up. 

Instead of this one spawning on front of me, I just jumped on the void.

Losing a "life" but being moved to the checkpoint.



And from the second to the last point.

The platform spawned right but when doing the back flip I didn't landed on the pad.

Just hit it with my head and fall onto the void.

Still, some seconds later I've been moved to the final pad, dead, and the mission was complete.



Unfortunately the photo took some time and only a black screen was show.

Still, this test was cursed to me.

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