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Decorate Orbiter Bug


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I have a game-breaking bug that requires everyone's full attention.  

I was decorating my Orbiter with my Conservation Floofs and I noticed I couldn't move my Fire Stover floof.  I target all of the others and the options menu appears normally, but this decoration is stuck in Limbo's rift or something.  It is placed, it is not in my decoration inventory, and I can't move or remove it.  The poor thing has been sitting there in the middle of my Orbiter for almost a week now.  Hopefully you can understand the severity of this bug.

On the topic of Orbiter Decorations, can we please get an option or a tool that removes the dangling wires and Infested growth?  Maybe even add some of the missing panels in the wall by the Personal quarters?

Thank you DE!

-Ambassador of the OCD Tenno

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