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Old school PC player, looking for clan of normal folks


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Heya folks, MR 21 player here.

I recently left my clan for a few reasons and am in search of a new one. My old clan's chat was usually filled with people that had a bit more negativity and volume than sense, and trying to put together clan events was more or less just me and a another guy herding cats. Our guild leader (when he was on) was always trying to grab as many people as possible to rank up, but didn't do much to make the experience worth sticking around for.

So I was hoping to find a clan made up of normal folks: people who have a life outside warframe (job, hobbies, etc.), hopefully a sense of humor, being able to hold an reasonably intelligent conversation is a plus. I don't care about the clan size, it's the experience I'm looking for.

I've been playing MMOs for around 10 years, was an officer and raid leader for a while way back when. I'm on for at least a little bit most nights, know the game pretty well, and I'm pretty active in trying to organize guild events if there aren't any. Alternatively I'm just as happy to just go with the flow if there's already a good thing in place, formal or not. 

That certain something I'm hoping to find is hard to get across, but I think the kinda folks I'm talking about will get it. A good community. If you're just looking to fill the roster, please let this one pass you by.

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