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Weapon Elemental FX




Is there a hidden requirement for Melee Weapons to show Elemental FX once Elemental mods get added?

For example my Heat Sword and Fang Prime show Fire FX with Heat mod but my Skana and Galatine show nothing with the same mod.

Thought maybe you need them to be level 30 but nope.

Only difference between them is that Heat Sword and Fang Prime came with Catalyst installed already while Skana and Galatine didn't.

Is that a thing? Do you need a Catalyst for Elemental FX to show?

And yes I'm running game at max with 200 Effect Intensity.


*EDIT* Bought a Catalyst and didn't change it.

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Just now, Derpimus said:

Yes of course.

I've asked others in public Discord and appears Galatine and Skana don't show any Elemental FX currently while most of their skins do.

Some of Galatine and Skana skins don't either.

Not sure if intended bug or not.

Definitely a bug, there are many problems with this thing actually, and they've not been addressed in a long time now.

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4 minutes ago, Derpimus said:

That's very unfortunate.

Were there previously any similar bugs and did they eventually get addressed?

Well I've been getting my weapon glowing with elemental fx when it was not supposed to. It was never fixed.

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