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We need more in-game interactions with Ergo Glast.


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Although I'm officially considered an enemy to the Perrin Sequence due to my affiliation with Steel Meridian and the Arbiters of Hexis, I've fallen in love with their leader, Ergo Glast, and his clever repurposing of the Corpus ideals of grofit growth and profit for the good of the Origin System ever since I've done The Glast Gambit, and I'd love to see him assume a more important role in current in-game lore (the same could be said of all other Syndicate leaders, but I think Ergo especially needs more attention despite already being the one to have seen the most character development amongst all of them). 

Since he was a member of the Holy Board Of Directors before assuming the position of leader/president/director of the Perrin Sequence, perhaps he knows of the Solaris' eternal debt-interment in Fortuna (since that's apparently been going on for generations) and is assisting the Tenno who have adopted his ideal of Profit for Peace (i.e. players who have sided with his syndicate in-game) in helping them out of their misery? Or perhaps he has become Darvo's surrogate father after the events of Operation Ambulas Reborn, in an attempt to cure himself of the blame he had in the death of his old friend/rival Frohd Bek (he could randomly pop up in Darvo's shop and talk to him about his father and/or the Tenno, or vice-versa)? Judging by his implied age and wisdom, he probably knows more of the Corpus than anyone else in the Origin System, and could also be linked to the creation of Nova (who IIRC was originally conceived as a rogue, possibly post-Orokin Warframe implied to be first manufactured by the predecessors to the modern Corpus, but that has probably been retconned out with the launch of her Prime variant) and maybe even to the rise of Nef Anyo from a simple Sargent in Phobos to the "all-powerful" Prophet Of Profit he is nowadays...

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