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Arbitrations 300% Options


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So I'd say we can all agree that getting your favourite Warframe in Arbitrations with that cool +300% Power Strength is fun, but at the same time there are a number of Warframes that this is completely useless on.
When I see Loki 300% it actually turns me away from that Arbitration mission as if it insulted me, even though if I see Vauban 300% I'll simply take another Warframe instead.

We have 30+ Warframes, and on your typical play session that's not a great chance you'll see a Warframe that will make you rush to Abitration "Oh Atlas 300%? HELL YEAH ONE PUNCH!" what I'd like to see is it to be expanded to be an option of say 3 Warframes and 3 weapons.

Survival - Infested
Wukong, Mag, Octavia
Silva&Aegis, Strun, Quartakk

This would probably draw more players to Arbitrations if they had a greater chance of their favourite Warframe popping up, or a weapon they kinda like but can't get it to hit the damage they need etc.

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In the other hand, 300% on Volt, Oberon or Saryn is just completely broken. This thing doesn't work at all and should be looked at among other things.

300% on weapons doesn't seem to help either since most people are using Ignis or Arca Plasmor (again) because drones are just a pain to shoot at, especially when surrounded by invulnerable enemies.

Arbitrations don't need tweaks but some huge update, especially design wise.

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