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false update bug

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Ever since Fortuna update I've started having extreme issues connecting and staying connected to the game. Started with the newer version of warfare update message but there was no update. Then couldn't login or login and run 1 mission or not even just for the update message to pop up. I've tried verifying download cache, clearing local saves, clearing warframe save individually, multiple network troubleshooting solutions and even uninstall and redownload of the entire game. None have been a permanent fix. I'm all out of ideas and running short on patience at this point. Spending more time trying to fix than playing now. Not the grind I signed up for at all. No other games or devices are having any issues on my xbox or in my home on my network. If there are any solutions they would be greatly appreciated. I'd hate to stop playing g this game due to the time invested and how much I enjoy the direction and content but unfortunately I don't have this kind of time to spend not playing a game.  Happy tennobaum everyone

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