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I Am Tenno


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You had a Name once.

We all of us did.

And that Name was the symbol of everything that you were. A key which when spoken, unlocked the idea of all the qualities that came together to form the you that you were.


Daniel was a Wise and Stalwart man.


Sarah was Kind and Fortunate.


David was Mad, but Loved.


You heard the Call.

We all of us did.

In your bones you felt the Pull. The Need. You came. You were Tested. You were Birthed anew.


And now, there are no Names among us. No one of us can be culled from our fold. You cannot fight what you cannot find.


Now among us there is only Frost, who is Strong and Staunch.


Loki, who is Quick and Clever.


Ember, who is Fierce and Unforgiving.


I had a Name once.

We all of us did.

The Orokin took it. They gave me something Better.


I am Strength.


I am Speed.


I am Victory.


I am Tenno.

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What is your life?

My honour is my life.

What is your fate?

My duty is my fate.

What is your fear?

My fear is to fail.

What is your reward?

My salvation is my reward.

What is your craft?

My craft is death.

What is your pledge?

My pledge is eternal service

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