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Sharksun vs Propa Scaffold for eidolon hunt


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Both with Certus Brace. Sharksun has 40% crit chance (64% with Shadow buff) and has 2 separate hits, initial impact for 3k and explosion for 4,5k. Propa has 1 hit for 9k damage and 50% cc (80% with Shadow). There is also an issue that Propa projectile doesnt fly very far... in fact it almost doesnt fly at all. From the stats I would assule that Sharksun is easier to use than Propa, but Propa rewards more skillful use in eidolon hunting since if you are good at it, I would assume it would be a little harder to prefire Propa than Sharksun. But Im curious what other eidolon hunters think. Is this part worth using in eido?

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