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  1. I could test that but from experience I can tell that adding that in my build would drop the total damage far below what is needed to destroy a limb on its own. I would have to be always on a empowered quiver dashwire to detonate every single time, or always use a Volt shield for limbs, either option complicates the strategy even more. Its true that it being complicated but effective was its main appeal, but if I would have to also fit Primed Fulmination in just for it to work, it wouldnt be viable for me personaly. I would also note that the problem existed also when I used Lenz, a weapo
  2. Nah, that was a good change, but DE messed up when they started to print relics that overlapped many different Prime Accesses. If they released only single set with each of the new stuff, it would be a cleaner system, and a lot more player friendly since a lot less relics means it a lot easier to focus farm them.
  3. I would very much like DE to unbreak the Eidolon hitbox when it comes to explosive weapons, they broke it when they removed all self damage from explosives, and they ignored it even since, the main reason why Im slowly drifting away from the game since then.
  4. I would agree if you said that about Eidolons, but not Profit Taker.
  5. I dont like the Mechs for a similar reasons, its a paralel progression path when we already have a lot of those: Archwing stuff, Railjack itself, Operator, Helminth, K-drives. Dont get me wrong, a lof of those fit together, but Mechs dont fit that well in my opinion. I would have been totaly fine if they were made to be more enemy like. Or if there was no path to getting one+modding ect, the whole sindicate side, a Deimos+Event power up. I would have much prefered an event where Father is working with Tenno on modernising Mechs and giving warframes an upgrade to counter Sentients nullifying wa
  6. I was playing back then, now I regret not doing raids. That was before I got hooked into games Souls and such, probably the reason why I got into Tridolons later on.
  7. Might or might not have been my post. I posted a few concepts for riven system reworks over the years. I think my latest 2 had a use for Slivers. But yeach, its an unused resource, its very possible that it wasnt my post.
  8. What? Adding another use for existinig resources instead of printing new ones? Thats HERESY, bother, get the heavy melter.
  9. I think you might have missinterpreted my comment a little. But my own position was entirely lacking here. Yes, I think that currently Viral is the most powerful element, but no, I dont like it. I dont like the fact that the only usable combined elementals are Corrosive, Viral and maybe Radiation. I would want to have all base elements to be more useful, not only Heat, and the same for IPS and combined ones. DE as you noticed, is planning another "balance" change for status - that will change nothing, small change to Viral will most likely not make it bad, big change will in return give u
  10. The point of contention is the Corrosive is powerful, and its not. It at least has a general use, Magnetic is even worse, and its also in that same sentence, Magnetic has terrible damage bonuses and the only useful thing about it its status in a very specific scenarios, like Shield Augment Sortie. As much as I would like for those 3, and the other 3 to be about the same in power (I made my own posts about status) its not real. Viral is overall the best, if you cannot proc status, you go for Corrosive or Radiation, all else are just there if you can sqeeze them in.
  11. Khem, what? Powerful and Corrosive in the same sentence? Am I blind and just dreaming that I saw those two words? The only use it has is pure damage on Deimos, only coz DE decided to just turn of Viral proc on enemies there.
  12. Ive tested it with my Ivara Navigator build and everything is fine with both Lenz and Castanas damage on Limbs and the main eidolon in the last phase.. but only on Terry. For those who dont know what Im talking about: On Garry and Harry the window on where you put your AoE center is way smaller than before mainline, and I mean 90-95% smaller, to the point where its almost impossible to kill it. Even if AoE center in on synovia itself, it most likely will do 0 damage. Again, this is only on 2nd and 3rd trido, on 1st everything works as it should. To me it looks as if hit detection doesn
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