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  1. Thats why I soloed this event. Granted I did on Nova, but Limbo was a more obvious choice for it.
  2. I myself wouldnt mind if DE kept alert system, maybe a bit more toned down - like alerts being active fore more time, smaller droptable to pull rewards for them ect, on top of Nightwave.
  3. Warframe movment system is not best suited for this kind of thing.
  4. Dude, warframes are already stands of Operators.
  5. Keep farming new weapons and frames to get mastery. Farm primes for some spare plat for so you can get rarer mods (if you cant farm them that is) and slots. Do quests. For starters, invest things in one frame that is all around good so you can do as much content types as possible. Also, try to join an active clan, that way you can ask for info and get it faster than on forums, and you can ask for help in missions ect.
  6. Posting more can change DE's mind but its a rare thing if its not community wide. And no, rivens are not that great, they didnt achive what they were made for - making use of more weapons popular. It only made higher tier weapons way better, made some old meta weapons unusable and most of others are not worth using even with god rivens. Also you have few border cases where a weapon became popular due to power of rivens only to drop in popularity coz riven disposition was nerfed... coz it got popular. No standarised values for stat on rivens is also hurting the overall design since it limits up to 90 rivens max.
  7. I can tell you that I use it full crit as kinda guandao 2.0, I have a riven for cd and toxic and -status. It works for me, but technicly speaking, there is no better polearm zaw than to Plague Kripath one. I cant stand its looks tho, and my riven for Kripath it way better suited for rapier. Im aware that this in not a popular opinion.
  8. Those calculations are incorrect because they dont take in any armour value, that would be fine if they had the same bonus against that armour type but they dont. If you want to compare those, here Ive done the calculations for hydrolyst armour value pure: 0.79/0.27=2.93 and that means that cyro gives about 17% rad damage. With 3CP it goes like that 1.56/0.92=1.7 and cryo gives about 29% and with 3CP and 2CD it gives 1.73/1.21=1.43 and cryo is worth about 34% radiation, when armour approaches 0 you get your 35% value. But yeach, I still concede, it might be more worth despite my calculations to put cryo rounds in over hammer shot if you use armour reduction with 3CP. Primed cryo rounds would be more worth it in this case. Again, I did not use Rubico with Chroma, and now I dont even Chroma. Update: thats all ignoring another +25% coz eidolon supposedly is robotic. That bonus applies only to rad damage, cold has no extra damage against that. That bonus is only flat 1.25x coz its bonus damage to health type. That would change the worth of 90% cold damage to: 14% rad with 1456 armour, 23% with only 10% of that (3CP) and 28% with 1% of hydrolysts armour (3CP and 2CD). That doesnt change much, but is worth noting.
  9. Despite the damage in stats going up, cryo rounds is not that effective since its radiation that does the bulk of the damage, I dont know if you know this, but bonus damage to specific armour types also means that that much % of armour is ignored by that type of damage. So if we had a target with 600 alloy plate armour and dealt shot it with 100 rad and 100 cold, it would actualy deal 100*1.75*(600*(1-0.75)/(600*(1-0.75)+300))=116.(6) rad damage and only 100*1.25*(600*(1-0.25)/((600*(1-0.25)+300))=50 cold damage to actual health of that target. Meanwhile putting Hammer Shot would up crit mult from 6.6x to 8.4x. That impacts your radiation damage directly. You can test this out and compare on Warframe Builder or alternativly on high level corrupted bombard in simulacrum. W8 im recalculating. Ive made some mistakes in writing down the formulas but the values were correct. Safe to say damage done by cold is less and less effective than radiation the higher the armour goes up. Formula for cold: 100*1.25*(1-450/750) and for radiation: 100*1.75*(1-150/450)
  10. Drop cryo rounds and put hammer shot in, but thats more of my personal taste. As for riven, cc and cd obviosly, electric would also be nice, but from what I can see, your +cc+mag would work fine. As for the builds, both look good. But you need to get good at your rotation: dropping wisps, recasting vex and shooting limbs on time. I played some time as Chroma on eido but Im mostly Trin and Ivara on there. As Chroma I prefered to use Lanka.
  11. "change Inner might from melee channeling efficiency to +30% warframe ability efficiency that can exceed the 75% efficiency rating up to 90%. What this does is makes Zenurik more focused on a caster role (someone that does their job through abilities instead of weapons)." Yes and no. Change it to +25% efficiency and make it able to exeed the cap up to 80%, not 90%. Improvment of cutting down the cost to 1/4th and to 1/10th is way to powerfull, 1/5th would be more balanced.
  12. Well, you dont need strength, you need duration and efficiency, and energy cap would be great. Most of the thing you will be doing is damaging eido shields and placing your own. On harrow you need efficiency and about 80-100% duration. On trin you need some efficiencly, about 145% str (I use umbral intensify for +44%) and high duration. As far as chroma, I dont remember. I use Ivara. If you want way more info, try Sapmatic youtube channel. Guy has the subject covered in almost full.
  13. Yeach, who doesnt want a good, not over the top syandana? Not me obviously. Its not like Im waiting for something like this for over 4 years. Another round, and again nothing worth my money.
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