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  1. Well, there is a single problem, Exalted Waves do not generate combo hits.
  2. From what Ive seen, its supposed to be in Cetus bounties.
  3. And you think popularity is a good metric? You dont see this as a problem? "Dont use good weapons if you want them to be good" thats how I see this system.
  4. Unlimited ammount, thats the nature of rivens, and DE refuses to make any mechanic that give progression in this system. Riven Mafia is also against the idea coz it would drive riven prices down insanely fast.
  5. One thing to note, you cant make Heat proc too powerful in itself because it will also affect how that is related to normal ways a player might be affected, and it would be a very big disadvantage for Ember herself since every ability could trigger it, sure, it would have reduced effect, but to have it on for like 75% of the time in mission with no other choice than casting stuff is not ideal if it hurts her in any serious way beyond how Heat procs act now. For example, imagine if a frame would have x3 Power Strength when under magnetic proc... and every ability had a chance to proc you with it.
  6. DE is scared to give us any meaningful scaling rewards.
  7. Lets hope it doesnt extend to eidolons...
  8. No, its untrue, you can get standing for doing the same bounty, that wasnt the case with early PoE. Unless there is a bug in Cetus that I dont know of.
  9. When are we gonna get standing reward for races? Getting it without without exploit/minmaxin takes ages, and with its more boring than kuva. Also, enable 2ndary warframe mods to be active on k-drive, just as they are on archwing, I mean mods like enemy sense, adaptation ect...
  10. What about the true reason of Rivens being such problem - RNG? When are we gonna recive any choice in this slot machine apart from choose from your previous and this one?
  11. I dislike the fact that disposition can go below 1x. Make it that using a good riven is always worth it - cahnge disposition range from 0.5-1.5 to 1-2 so that weapons like Skana can at all be used in high end gameplay.
  12. Stop giving us updates at night!
  13. Another Tennogen and no normal regular not too flashy cape. No nION or Altari syandanas.
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