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  1. Ow boy, it was after about 9 months of the thread pushing for it existing before DE noticed there was a demand for it, and implementing it took I think about another 3 months. Not to mention that their initial idea was to just force regular models on tennogens, a solution that people explicitly didnt want.
  2. I know that gore got downgraded from the time I started playing around U8. So I would guess anything more than upping the textures is not a focus for DE in terms of gore.
  3. Damage recieved times damage reduction from both abilities? Coz thats a first Ive seen that. You usualy only multiply damage recieved fractions from different sources.
  4. From my math its ~99.25% according to provided values: 1-(1-2225/(2225+300))*(1-0.75)^2=~99.25%
  5. What code? You mean the lie we tell our allies so they will like us more?
  6. I think this is another bait topic. The area of the game is already very developped and I would guess that almost everyone is fine with its current state. Derailing the focus of devs onto issues like this when there is no real need for it is how the games are killed.
  7. Ok, here is an idea, introduce Arbitration Drones to Steel Path, you already had to have them unlocked and played them once to unlock Steel Path in the first place. The general idea is not my own but @Synpai's, it was coined on one of his streams and I dont know if any topics cover it on the forums, so I cover it here. BUT: Rework Arbitration Drones, delete existing ones, introduce lets say 4 types of them: Ability protection drone - makes itself and every affected enemy 90% resistant to all Ability based Tenno effects, that includes exalted damage, but also statuses like priming by MPrime. The drone itself doesnt protect against anything else. Ranged protection drone - existing one, but only against regular gunfire and with same rules as above, only 90% protection on itself and protected targets. Melee Protection - same, but against all melee instead of gunfire. General protection - 80% protection against damage of all types and Warframe abilities, its hovether very fragile when it comes to Void damage or Magnetic damage type specificly, against those types, protection is ignored, and with Void damage, there is a enemy level scaling bonus for Void damage to make the drone killable with amp in reasonable time in a range level of 60-160. Drones protection effect only affects itself and other enemies, but not other drones. And yes, drones outside arbies should still drop Vitus Essence.
  8. Considering the fact that Nightwave itself carries on for a long time, and that most of the rewards are not exclusive to that specific season, I would say that the system is incredibly fair compared to other events that happened over the years. But yes, in principle, it would be nice for all items in game to not be exclusive to one period.
  9. I dont think Lanka deserves a variant, I think it deserves a remodel first, maybe alongside a variant. Ferrox variant would be nice, and I would love if it would have the Javlok trigger mechanism, there is no real point in hold to charge with such a fast reload speed and the option to only fire on full charge, I think its there only coz of Opticor.
  10. Nothing is wrong with it, after years of using it I see space for improvement. There are niche effects in game that are usefull, but niche, thus barely used. And I dont see why all frames shouldnt have an inbuilt enemy radar since Lotus in all missions is actively scanning all of the map to tell us what to do. Its either every possible location where we do mission has already a special scanning satelite deployed there... or we are getting that info real time and transmitting it to her without taking a look.
  11. Right now it only adds enemies onto your minimap. How about something like this, remove that, every frame has 30m of inbuilt old enemy radar and the effect on mods changes to something akin to Zenith or Void Hunter trait with that trait potentialy being replaced with something else. Something akin but no the same. This wallhack only works on up to 1.5m walls with the effect intensity changing linearly to 0.
  12. I know, its also possible with a Daikyu. Doesnt help that out of all the options I tried for eido, Trin and Castanas Ivara are possibly the only roles that dont bore me to death at this point.
  13. As much as I would like that for armour pieces, and holsters for other weapons than melee and Syandanas, I do see an issue beyond the simple implementation of the holster manipulation interface from melee weapons. DE constantly tells us that rivens are limited per account coz they take a lot of space on a server. Tho I do have a solution for that, standardise riven stat value so it would reduce the load and take one RNG factor out of rivens. And that idea is as old as rivens.
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