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  1. DE is not sticking with signature weapons at all. Ivara initialy came out with Rubico, those were Primed separatly. And Guandao+Zakti? Those were introduced without a frame. Then we have frames that came out with weapons that cannot be Primed, like Limbo with Opticor.
  2. We had tons of suggestions to improve sorties, from token system way ahead of ant landscape, to individual loot mechanic with choice like with relics. I would love to see ANY improvement, but its been years and it doesnt like DE is gonna do anything with Sorties.
  3. I wouldnt say this is the worst part of the Iso Vault, Loid flying at breakneck 2km/h is. He need to be at least 2 to 3 times faster, maybe make the defence part 1.5 times longer to counteract. But the biggest change, cut the going back into the vault entirely, Loid charges last objective - he teleports out and the door becomes interactable. Those changes would make me reconsider doing the mission.
  4. Note: This is a 4th version of my general concept for status. The idea is to simplify modding, remove the need to put as much elemental mods in the same weapons while keeping the system sufficiently complex to experiment. Status effects are limited to how they proc in Railjack, only IPS and primary elementals can proc status, combined elementals have procs, but cannot proc on their own. Most of the procs are changed: Impact - 10 procs max but is displayed as 4x the procs for readability. Each proc gives 4% additive to stun the enemy (enemy flailing their hands in place) for 4s, whi
  5. The title is the general idea: exilus mods that change trigger types when equipped. Some general mods would be: +firerate -recoil change from full auto to burst of 3 or 4, +recoil change from burst to full auto. Some other specific ones: change from duplex-auto to semi, change from burst of 2 to duplex-auto, change from burst to semi. I will also no hide what I want most from this area: change from hold-to-charge to tap-to-autocharge for Ferrox (basicly transplant of Javlok trigger to Ferrox).
  6. For the level of the mission and enemy, damage output is 10 to 50 times too high. Weakspot mechanic is a good choice IF the enemy doesnt have a weakspot ON HIS BACK and can turn just like every other enemy, and has the same cc exponential resistence as sentients... I would be fine with most of this enemies issues if: Necramech has a low turning speed, granade damage was a lot lower so its not a one shot AoE spam, with low turning speed, his rifle could have higher damage - telegraphed one shot essentialy, or close to it. CC resistence can stay, but forcing you into your warframe from oper
  7. Its a shame that Eidolons were basicly forgotten by DE. Each new update makes less stuff work with eidolons, either by intended changes, or bugs that are ignored. The meta becomes more and more demanding, meaning new players have less and less change to find good groups for eidolons, that makes the activity less and less popluar. I wouldnt be surprised if DE just removed those like Trails. For me personaly, I have a lot of issues with Eidolons, but that part of the game is one of the best, if not THE best content in game. Sure, progression around them is not good at all, Focus need to be
  8. Is this a joke? Srsly, all of those are sellable for credits. There are people that this is not serving at all, for example, myself, I regularly clean my inventory out of sellable items because there is no use for them. Giving them use is all fine, but not in those numbers, just after you made nav coords sellable. This is not reasonable at all for me. Nor is the cost of cryotic. Pls, there are a lot of other resources that do not share that specific characteristic that are not used in Helminth system at all.
  9. So, you want everything in this game nerfed even more than DE tried to do one time... unless the Devs decide to give the most OP nuking ability to everyone. Thats called black and white thinking. You wont recognize that M4D was mostly exepected and fair nerf and that every other nuking AoE was in its lifetime nerfed several times to its current point.
  10. So basicly nerf AoE even more than DE tried to do with line of light when Sindicates didnt have daily standing cap. When a game was less focused on us specificly dealing with large numbers of enemies, fast. This S#&$ wont fly m8. Not at all. All of the changes to Marked for Death (maybe exept for total damage cap, it should be capped at 100% scaled of the enemy but be reached with like 300 strength) are reasonable. Im sorry that your ability doesnt 1 shot EVERYTHING in the AoE anymore, but all of the other abilities in the game dont one shot everything on steel path in a
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