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  1. From what it looks like, yes. I can post my own, more primitive version of that if you want a cleaner look at how it works: !z::Suspend $e:: While GetKeyState("e","P") Send, {e} Return !b::ExitApp ; Alt+z to suspend and unsuspend, Alt+b to close.
  2. Youll want to do this again, as a message this time.
  3. Eris tileset also has parts of old Corpus tileset.
  4. No, there is no mods that affect Warframe shield recharge delay. It always is 1s if shileds are not depleted or 4s if they are.
  5. The only thing that will change is that you will be able to buy steam stuff and it will be transfered to your warframe acount. You will still be playing on the same acount you own and play on right now.
  6. Maybe in the next five years...
  7. I dont know the meta on Xbox, hell, I dont even know the meta on PC right now, but if you can do 3x3 on Xbox, I would consider you "in the eidoloning club". Here is the basic reasons that I think people use captures at all: they dont want to take up a completly green player for their 4x3, I used it in that way - if I did 4x3 I set 50 required - people who didnt think they were ready didnt apply, some people wispered me without meeting the req, and I almost always invited them regarless. Only once I had someone do that without being ready for 4x3. As opposed, when I didnt post the requirem
  8. Those stats are not very reliable, I can tell from my own experience: I have more Garry captures than Terry captures in my own profile stats: an impossibility as far as the game is concerned: you have to cap Terry to even fight Garry.
  9. Yeach, no, this is not gonna fly. If DE was willing to do anything like it, we wouldnt be in a place we are in the begin with. Each new update adds several new resource types that you have to grind anew. This is their new solution to us farming them. Here is what should have been done: max cap on how much you can have of each resource. I would imagine that this can could be raised with some investment of those resources if you have so and so MR. Lets say +1/6th more on resource cap every 2 ranks up to the max of 2x mult of the original cap. No need to print new resources, or at least in s
  10. Did another test run today since Hydro Nightwave challange, no problems on Terry, on Garry only the last phase ignored explosives, on Harry only the knees and wings worked.
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