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  1. On PC, I suppose you cant. But I know that some Steam Tennogens are on consoles...
  2. Honestly, that would never happen, as much as me and I assume many other people would want this in game. Another thing tho, mastery above rank 30 was a mistake.
  3. More CC and SC is generaly better. What build are you running tho?
  4. Xardis


    She is a good stealth frame, has some other specific uses, like for doing certain riven challanges and some eidolon builds.
  5. Yeach, its a very old problem. Its a tradeoff mod, adding extra energy from getting damaged doesnt prevent death, it only delays it if chainstaggers are a thing. And telling someone to use other frame doesnt solve anything. Here is a simple fix: make QT also have this mods effect with the added change that the immune duration lasts for 1s or even 0.5s and not 4. Or if it would still be OP, as some people will certainly think, make the mod itself usable in normal gamemode with reduced duration.
  6. Jokes on you, I main Castanas Ivara and I have very low group requirements if ever I take recruits. I mostly run dolons with clanmates when they need help. And yeach, Birdolon has no depth compared to normal eidolons.
  7. Honestly, if new eidolons would play like Birdolon, I would say no thanks.
  8. Go to inventory menu in the equipment section in the main menu, EVERYTHING you own should be there. And if its not, that means you need to unckeck "show sellable only".
  9. Almost all weapons and frames have max rank of 30. And abilities max out on rank 3. The way you progress is using the modding system. Ranking up your frame is almost useless if you dont equip mods, and ranking up frame gives you more modding capacity for those mods. For weapons you get nothing out of ranks exept modding capacity. There are tons of mods for frames alone: like strength - directly boosts damage of damage abilities and affects others in some way, efficiency that makes abilites cheaper, health/armour/shields directly affect those pools and many more, note that there are usualy more than one mod for each of those effects with only few being limited to single mod for a said effect (like Adaptation). Same for weapons: you have +damage and +specific damge type, +critical chance and damage multipler, +firerate, +magsize, +reloadspeed ect. This game revolves around modding, not ranks on abilities/equipment. Once you get the hang of the game, you will find a way to get rank 30 on thing relatively quickly. As a general rule, dont sell weapons and frames untill you get a direct replacement for it (like Prime version) or indirect replacement (like getting rid of starter pistols in favor of ANY other pistols). Apart from that NEVER sell a piece of equipment unless its maxed out since you gain mastery points from reaching the rank on a piece of equipment for the 1st time. And for the last, if you can help it, dont sell frames since they take more time to farm, build and rank up than any other piece of equipment, optimaly do it only if you replace it with Prime or Umbra version of that frame.
  10. Yeach, Transmutation system is a mess mostly ignored by everyone. On the other note, there are not "better" variants for mods exept normal vs broken ones. What you want to do with your mods to make them better is to rank them up using endo.
  11. Here is a better idea, any vote change resets the timer to 4s if its below that. And you have a limited amount of vote changes (lets say 3) if the timer is below 4s. 1st one is so everyone else can react to a vote change, 2nd change is to not extend the timer forever.
  12. Yup, another huge problem, archwing system as a whole becomes useless in the new content... By "it" I meant specificly what EDM774 wrote in the post, and the leading reticle specificly, not intrinsics in general, but thanks. I dont imagine that those statistical buff are sufficient for proxima tho.
  13. Do any of it affect Archguns? Coz I have gunner 1 and I see no such thing. And are you suggesting that maxed out, riven and multiple forma build on those is supposed to be worthless?
  14. In normal gameplay, firerate mods decrease the charge time of weapons with charge speed. In archwing, Velocitus and Corvas, get no such treatment, adding fire rate only means that you can spam its lesser, uncharged attack at a higher frequency. Pls, change this so the stat is useful at all on those weapons, thats even more important now since Archwing is in more use in Railjack.
  15. Dreadful, all weapons being hitscan AND enemies moving even faster and turning faster doesnt work. In most respectable space sims, enemies torn slower and more relatively slower AND they each have their aiming asist, a reticle that shows where to shoot to hit the target based on its current position and velocity: graphical representation of velocity vector rooted in enemy position and scaled with the distance to enemy. Now, I understand that most things will not change, such as speed, having a speed difference between fighters and bigger ships is importatnt, nor will projectile turn to hitscan and adding that aim assist would be next to worthless with the current state of how enemies move. But there is one thing: buff the projectile speed of ALL Tenno projectiles, both Archgun and Railjack, so we can hit things without wasting 90% of the ammo/heat on shooting nothing. Might I also add, archwings with maxed out speed mod are still slower than fighters. And we are supposed to be more technologicly advanced than Grineer. I would like to see a buff to archwing equivelent of sprint, not normal speed, but boost only.
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