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  1. The problem is: how would you determine what a user wants: a duplicate like with lich weapons? or do they want to finish their collection? You cant decide it on a global level. The best suggestion I saw what that every mission would spawn more lichlings - each rolling a different weapon so the choice if wider. But thats only the lich stuff. How about rivens? How could you tell what a specific player wants? Sure, there are meta followers that just want the biggest numbers, but some of us want some utility on that too. A god roll for one is not so god to another. Giving increasing chances for a specific stat combination on rivens wouldnt work. I myself have posted a riven rework idea that would in short allow you to break rivens into parts and put back a riven with specific stats you wanted provided that you had rolled them on other rivens and broken them into those parts. What Im getting at, Warframe is too multidimentional for a simple pity system to work and a be a positive change for players, in many cases it could be a major drawback.
  2. Yeach, deadhead is what you want to use in that case, it works fine for my Rubico. But if you plan to use explosive bows, merciless is the way to go, tho I prefer Lenz over Bramma (way more controllable).
  3. Almost everything that is in game right now stays, the only thing that is changed in the existing system is that the cost of reroll os not dynamic but set to 3k kuva and the number of reroll is not tracked. I would also like to get rid of +/-10% variance on riven stats but thats not important. Now onto the thing that are added: once you unvail a riven, you can break it into pieces, those pieces would be the stat type from the riven and the weapon piece, those are the only stats tracked, a riven shard with either a weapon or a stat bonus type, negative and positive stats are treated as different shards. From this point, you can glue a riven back with the shards you have, one weapon shard and 2-3 positive shards and an optional negative shard. Everything riven related would be moved to a new oribter segment on the opposite side of the relic segment, the segment would be obtained as a blueprint from Orokin Lab in Dojo and it would be its own research there to unlock it first. In this segment you would be able to rank up the rivens with endo just like in mods segment, you would be able to break the riven into shards for no cost, and create the riven from shards for a high kuva cost - 20k kuva for each shard in the created riven, so from 60k to 100k kuva to make a riven from shars. Onto the obvious - almost all of the stat bonuses on rivens are shared between weapon categories and so the shards from melee riven would be usable in creating a gun riven. Only stats that are exclusive to a category would have shards exclusive to that category - like projectile speed in guns or range in melee. One last thing, you can also clean a shard with a weapon or a stat imprint on it to recycle it into a normal riven shard. With this system you would still have a reason to reroll rivens to get stats you want, but you would be able to use what you farmed to make what you want if you have the kuva to do it. Im on the fence if shards should be tradeable or not.
  4. Hey, if it was up to me, we wouldnt have created the arcanes or stacking in a way its done now, I would have moved pure +damage mods into a new gun "stance" slot and maybe printed some mods, like +200% crit chance on weak spot. And most likely implemented a major riven rework as an added bonus. But this is my realistic shot at something that DE missed in this update and that can be implemented easly.
  5. All 3 types depend on you getting to kills to get the buffs, this doesnt cover content where you dont get to kill enemies, or it would be very much out of the way to kill them just to get the buff, or even normal missions not in solo if you dont get that many kills. In those situations both new mods and arcanes give you nothing or almost nothing. I would like a 4th gun arcanes printed: Arcane Primary/Secondary Restraint. Each rank would give you +60% damage, on kill -15% damage for 12s, stacks up to x4. This flips the mechanic so that your weapon would have the buff all of the time untill you killed something with it allowing it to work in situations where the other arcanes would not, and by extention, it wouldnt work where the others do. Im debating if it should have the full damage buff of the other arcanes or not, if it should be a kill with the arcance on it or on it should trigger on any kill. Im also not sure about rank 5 bonus like the other gun arcances have. Maybe some punch through but that would make it innately less useful to have maxed in some situations. Maybe +40% cc and sc bonus.
  6. He should take it with Support, no amount of posts by you or him on this forum will help the case. On the other note, you might want to redact his name as it might violate namecalling forum guidelines. I know that you ask for support for him, not to attack him (the reason for that rule) but in either case his IGN is not relevant to the subject.
  7. See, thats not the issue at all, the build was effective in only that content. There are more effective builds for eidolons, take any direct damage buff. Navigator Ivara has now only glaives to work with. The whole build was not made to be more effective, but as an alternative to the sniper Chroma meta that was at the time, and it did its job, people who enjoyed eidoloning but got bored with the most boring role had another build to use that was more engaging. The issue is that the build is dead not coz DE did anything against it, its that they didnt fix a bug. Eidolons are only a side objective now because DE printed a whole seasonal event that allows you to skip eidolons with a way more effective way to farm warframe arcanes. I dont need to theorycraft a way to balance it for the rest of the game because 1) it works everywhere else 2) everywhere else it is too impractical to use because it takes too long to set up for a single target nuke. We either have no need for that, or the gamemode in question is not suited to make use of it. Again, nothing happened to the build in normal gameplay, situation changed only because changes to explosives over a year ago created an issue where eidolon hitboxes most of the time dont detect explosions or treat them as on the edge of damage falloff despice being detonated on the vunerable part. I didnt intend my post to be a critiqe od yours, I wanted to throw my 2 cents the the stuff I want out of warframe.
  8. Honestly, I want my explosive eidolon hunter Ivara to work again, every since DE changed how AoE weapons worked, explosives became useless against eidolons and DE refused to fix the issue. I throw it under DE forgetting another piece of content and thus cutting support to it.
  9. I mean, captura is a thing, tho you have to drop/buy specific rooms and I would guess that a lot of mission tiles dont have a captura scene corresponding to it. But yeach, captura.
  10. From what it looks like, yes. I can post my own, more primitive version of that if you want a cleaner look at how it works: !z::Suspend $e:: While GetKeyState("e","P") Send, {e} Return !b::ExitApp ; Alt+z to suspend and unsuspend, Alt+b to close.
  11. Eris tileset also has parts of old Corpus tileset.
  12. No, there is no mods that affect Warframe shield recharge delay. It always is 1s if shileds are not depleted or 4s if they are.
  13. The only thing that will change is that you will be able to buy steam stuff and it will be transfered to your warframe acount. You will still be playing on the same acount you own and play on right now.
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