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Codex could be improved upon


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This isn't the most important issue I suppose but as the game grows and improves the codex is left in the dust. I want to offer some things that bug me, since I'm one of those weird guys that feels that a good catalog like feature like the codex makes the game exponentially more enjoyable. I've always felt that way every since games started having them, like Metroid 1&2 (for the Gamecube) having the Logbook to collect information on the alien worlds you find yourself on or Paper Mario keeping the tattle log to document foes and the recipe/badge books to discover and collect, among other games.

First, the objects section remains unupdated, and not for a lack of new objects. I was sort of disappointed when stuff from the Kuva Fortress wasn't added, even the Kuva Blunt who's more plain cousins made it, but I was at least expecting something with Fortuna. The "fish" aren't there like the ones in the Plains are, no new resource containers, nothing. And the Lanx entry is still glitched where you barely can make out it's shape (Still think it should be an unaffiliated enemy but not a point I'll press). There's also some defense mission targets not included, like uranus defense or those relic things like there was for the Riven reward mission that was available for a few days some time ago.

As a second issue it seems like some enemies are missing, the little green ticks, and the gigantic tick (weird since the between size tick is in there), the colddrive, the new shaped condor (shouldn't be a problem since there are already multiple entries of enemies that are named the same but are just variants like Jackal and Corpus Power Carrier), the mutalist ospreys during the Jordas fight, possibly spawn pods even though there's like at least 5 different kinds, there's those sand clones from the Inaros mission and those green clone things from the Silver Grove mission and the Revenant specter (wouldn't put them as a missing entry in the codex, but would put them in if you did scan them like the fish on the Plains), Kuva Fortess turrets/ Orb Vally turrets. I'd also think it was cool if the different capture targets had their own codex entry but understand them not being so (Or maybe where you can cycle them like eximus enemies). Side idea, scanning the Balor Famorian shied gives a Vor/Tar Mutalist style entry for the whole ship.

Third, maybe a botanical section in the objects category. There can be terrain under them respective to their habitat or something.

Forth, super minor issue, maybe a way to scan and catalog the Anasa Sculpture? Like maybe a rare Gift of the Lotus style treasure hunt mission where it's guaranteed.

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