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Aoe melee attacks.

(XBOX)Dark SalvationX

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As the most known melee guy on xbox i dont think melee can never be balance with aoe slam knock downs. Melee is strong and if the whole room is slaming the ground it just looks like crap. No skill can make up for random noob slams. No other pvp game has unlimited aoe ground pounds. The worst thing in conclave in the 2 years i been here. Nothing get you more free kill besides explosive demise. And with melee as strong as it is that mod is cancer. Again biggest melee user on xbox.

And this zaw slam crap with hydroid.. Forgot about it. That guy will always win. But oh well been like this forever nothing gonna change cc will never be balance nobody listens nobody care. Aoe slams take the ability to be skilled away for two reasons. Noobs think it still works in 1v1 because they get loads of free kills and never learn the things that make you better. In the long run. Nobody ever gets me with and aimed aoe slam its just random when jump by a fight. Free double kill for him by mistake. Its very frustrating especially with that one hit zaw we can make. Makes hydroid op with one shot in the  tentacles on the ground everywhere with aoe knockdowns and its stupid people new see it and never touch cc again bc nobody wants to get one hit over over and over.

DE, conclave is to fun to ignore its fllaws. It cant be this easy to instakill people. One ground slam no combo?  Dead. Oh wait theres more. Explosive demise chain reaction on people at full health... Lol wow. Its impossible to take conclave serious. wait till you see the prisma oberx attack range and speed. AOE kd spamming wowww. 

My opinion, add cool down to all aoe slam attacks. 10 secs. Mostly bc hydroid. Hes passives also should not scale off of his melee dmg.

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On 2018-12-31 at 7:24 AM, (XB1)Karolus XII said:

Slams shouldn't be knockdowns in a radius or AoE. They should only deal damage and knockdowns on direct impact. Same thing with air attacks for that matter. Both air attacks and slams need a serious adjustment.

I agree, I think the issue is in the size of the hit box, Same with the daikyu. One hit attacks are to good.


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