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  1. Imagine someone respectfully wishing for your entire community to just be deleted. It's never done respectfully tbh.
  2. We faced those same issues on Xbox and we beat them. It just took some planning and effort. Nothing in life worth having comes free. Solar Rails Conflicts were super biased in favor of the attacking side. No idea how you guys could not defeat them.
  3. They have the option of not playing on that node. Or they could talk to the clan/alliance leaders that own that node and convince them to lower the taxes. They could convince others to fight to lower the taxes. There are so many options to avoid paying tribute.
  4. There is a section of the forum for Conclave feedback. It isn't the place for all Conclave related discussion. Conclave is a part of the game so yes, it should be able to be posted here without it being derailed.
  5. I've typed this same response up several times, but here we go again Because you are ignorant of rails, I will explain them to you. In detail. To construct a Solar Rail, a clan needs to construct an orokin lab. To construct an orokin lab, the players in the clan need to contribute 1000 Credits, 800 Ferrite, 350 Circuits, 350 Polymer Bundle, and 1 forma. Truly a herculean task, considering many peoples' reactions to the hema research costs. From this point forward, the clan could choose to research a Tower-Class Solar Rail. For clans to research a Tower-Class Solar Rail the players in the clan need to contribute 10,000 Credits, 500 Alloy Plates, 600 Circuits, 750 Ferrite, and a single forma. Once the clan has the research completed, they can begin construction on the actual Solar Rail. To construct the Solar Rail, clan members need to contribute 500000 Credits, 25 Gallium, 15000 Rubedo, 15000 Plastids, and 25 Control Modules.You also would have to begin creating the schema for your solar rail, this is sort of like dojo decorating with energy shields and rocket turrets instead of rocks and floofs. The leaders of the clan could then choose to deploy their Solar Rail on the dark sectors. There are four possible states of a dark sector in which a clan will be unable to deploy on it. 1. If the node is in an armistice state after a conflict has taken place on the node. If the offensive rail that deployed on the node in the previous conflict was successful, there will be a 48 hour armistice period where no clans/alliances could deploy on the node. If the defensive rail was successful in holding off the attack, depending on the percentage of damage done to its health, there will be an armistice period ranging from 16 hours to 48 hours. This gave the defensive parties time to repair their rail. Do not confuse this with the armistice state that rails are currently in. 2. If the node is already in conflict, a third rail can not be deployed. That would be stupid and would just lead to endless third partying. I respect DE's choice in this design. The conflict could last up to 12 hours. If the offensive rail successfully makes 750 attacks on the defending rail in that 12 hours period, the conflict could potentially end earlier. My alliance actually held the world record for the fastest successful conquest of a Solar Rail. Our record was destroying the Rail in just under 2 hours. Fun Fact, we did that conflict without battlepay as a display of power against a rival alliance. We did not whine on the forums about how it was unfair that the other alliance had taken our node. Instead, we martialed our forces in the game and subsequently fought the greatest assault in the history of the dark sector conflicts to retake our territory. 3. If a node is currently being deployed on by another clan/alliance. The deployment process lasts 24 hours. For example, if I deployed a Solar Rail on Coba at 6pm on a Thursday, then the conflict would begin that Friday at 6pm. This knowledge was essential to warlords such as myself because we could use it to set up times for conflicts where we would be able to bring the majority of our force to bear on a node. An understanding of mechanics such as these is what made the difference between victory and defeat. 4. If a node is already owned by that clan, they can not deploy on it. The same undeployable status also applies when the node is owned by the alliance that the clan is in. It also applies if the clan deploys on a node owned by another clan that in the alliance of the deploying clan. Now back to the main topic. Once the clan/alliance has chosen a node that is able to be deployed on, they have to make the decision to invade it. Many factors have to be considered such as the strength of the opposing clan/alliance, the strength of their own clan/alliance, the resources that the node drops, the location of the node in the star chart(at that time, many players did not have planets like Eris, Pluto, or Ceres unlocked. Warframe was only on Xbox for a few weeks at that point so the level and location of the node in the star chart was a factor in our decision making), the time of our deployment windows, and the overall readiness of our alliance. We also considered economic factors because the tribute that was collected from the nodes would also be collected from the eom credits reward, so planets that were higher up in the star chart would be much more valuable than the ones towards the bottom. (interestingly, this was inversely true in practice, we discovered. because so much of the Xbox community was still stuck in the lower end of the star chart, nodes like coba could be just as valuable as nodes like sechura even though there was a tremendous difference in the eom rewards.) Another factor to consider was that because much of the community still played on nodes like coba, the potential number of players fighting in the rail conflicts on that node was much higher. So if you deployed on sechura, although there would be fewer players to fight you, those players would be considerably more powerful than the hordes of lower mastery ranked players that would have fought on coba(even though, you could still fight the higher level players.) Once your leaders have deployed the rail, the 24 hour deployment process begins. This is the time where you want to prepare as many people as possible to fight in your war. This can include taxiing them to bosses so they can unlock planets and more nodes, mass messaging your members to make sure they are aware of the conflict, and having last minute credit donation marathons to your clan/alliance treasury. Once all of these preparations are complete and you have as many of your members ready to fight as possible, all that is left is to wait is for the deployment timer to reach 0. Once it reaches 0, you can begin the conflict Once the conflict begins, you have to successfully destroy the core of the defending Solar Rail 750 times over the course of the conflict or your offensive rail will be destroyed and the node will enter a state of armistice. You will have 12 hours to achieve these 750 victories. I will not explain the actual battle mechanics because the schema of the solar rail could be customized so there were different types of objectives for every clan you fight so any explanation would have to span dozens and dozens of variations and peculiarities. I will also not discuss specter regiments for the same reason. If you are successful in conquering the node, congratulations. You now have to deal with having a target on your back. But there were a huge number of benefits. Free advertising, for starters, because you can put your clan/alliance emblem on the node as well as a message to greet players when they select that node to play one. You also have the option of demanding tribute from the players playing on the node. Yes, even players in your own clan/alliance. Although, there were separate tributes you could set for people you were allied with. If you are not successful, you can construct another solar rail and try again. What part of this is imbalanced to you?
  6. Is Conclave a tacked on mode? DE has put a lot of work into it over the years.
  7. His thread isn't about conclave feedback. I don't see how it belongs in Conclave feedback. This thread has as much right to be here as any other thread. There is no section of the forums where all conclave posts belong. As long as they are related to the general topic of the forum, they belong where they are posted.
  8. Conclave was actually balanced very well up until PoE came out. We got monthly updates and balance passes and people enjoyed it. There wasn't anything broken, and if there was it was soon patched. I think the issue of conclave is that it is not hard to balance as many people who are inexperienced with conclave would think, it is that DE is occupied with other ventures at the moment.
  9. Yes, people play conclave. There are dozens of us! Dozens! There is a whole active community of people who play conclave just lurking under the surface community of Warframe.
  10. so, let me get this straight. You have 0 kills in Conclave and 0 event score. Your forum join date was 6-10-2018, which is interesting, because PC(the platform you play on) has had dedicated servers since 2017. Over a full year before you began posting on the forums.
  11. You are not relearning 75% of everything you know when you learn to play conclave. The things you have to learn are map layouts and the mechanics of how oro/cephalons work in Conclave. Everything else is pretty much the same. Sure, some abilities are different, like Ivara's quiver. But most abilities are not drastically different. Loki still goes invisible with invisibility. Mag still puts the bullet attracting bubble on you with magnetize. Excalibur still slash dashes and uses his exalted blade. Valkyr still uses her swing line to swing around, Key takeaway here is that there isnt that big of a difference. Modding is almost irrelevant in conclave. Some mods are useful, like agile aim, wherein the user of said mod moves 20% faster while aiming. But they are not the deciding factor on whether or not you win or lose. The modding is not a significant factor in conclave. Damage is pretty much the same, too. You shoot someone and then they die. The only serious difference here is that there are no crits in conclave. You can only get "crits" through headshots.
  12. Actually, lots of people play PvP in Warframe. There are 3,000 people in the Conclave Discord. I can find a match instantly any time I queue for one on Xbox. Nobody is saying for DE to focus on PvP in this thread. Nobody is advocating for Warframe to become a PvP focused game.
  13. I would be fine with this idea if there werent dozens of ways to instantly kill enemies that are level 300+. Having any competition based on PvE in Warframe ends up coming down to the person who exploits the game the best wins. And in some cases, DE bans them for exploiting the game. Like the people who got banned for using certain strategies in the Hostile Mergers event.
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