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  1. another bug, that has been in for over 3 years now, is that loki can spawn in decoys of other loadouts that have their pve stats on them.
  2. There is so much wasted potential with what DE is currently doing to conclave. It is unironically, arguably the best arena shooter currently on the market and it being hung out to dry for no reason. I remember when Kannell would post his movement videos too, that stuff was cash.
  3. Thats also a great thread where these issues were talked about. Good call on linking that thread here, lots of good ideas were posted there.
  4. Theyre going to need a bit more than a tone down to make them balanced again.
  5. Yeah, that video just about sums up my frustrations with the current status of conclave.
  6. This thread has nothing to do with conclave feedback.
  7. No not really, I go to max in conclave standing from 0 practically every week for relic packs. Its absurdly easy to get to max standing even just playing casually over a week or two. If you need any tips or advice on completing these challenges, I'd recommend joining the conclave discord. Those guys will help you with anything! I complete every challenge except the lunaro challenges every week on accident. These challenges are literally as simple as "score one goal" or "kill 3 enemies with abilities". Those challenges are on top of getting 2-3k standing every match. I believe you can get standing even faster than I do, but you just have to go for it, man.
  8. I know it would destroy the benefit. That's why I suggested it. A player can earn over 100k conclave standing in less than 48 hours, far faster than any other syndicate in the game. Conclave doesn't have a rep farm problem. It is BY FAR the EASIEST syndicate to get max rank in.
  9. Making them drop at a higher rate in conclave would just cause players to boost matches in Oceania. Cool idea tho. What if the universal medallions could be bought with conclave standing? I think that would be a cool idea. 10,000 Conclave standing for one medallion? Sounds ok to me.
  10. >I won't tell you how or if it can be fixed Why is this in conclave feedback?
  11. You know, you're right. That one ability functions a little different mechanically. I should've realized that something like that may not be readily obvious to a person who lacks the experience I do in conclave. DE doesn't explain something like this adequately and that means we should remove the entire mode from the game. I get your point of view now. I disagree because that isn't a problem with conclave. That issue is a problem with DE. DE has always had problems with making tutorials. There are many people in the conclave discord that would help players who are new to conclave understand these truly complex differences. Conclave's unique gameplay is something that should be cherished. There are many players who do not even attempt to try conclave because they've heard bad things about it from others, with many of those bad things not being grounded in reality. The dislike of conclave is a tremendous bandwagon, a bandwagon that has manifested itself into influencing DE to ignore conclave despite the hatred of conclave being based on an inherently flawed foundation of beliefs and assumptions. I have looked at your profile and have come to the conclusion that you do have a relevant opinion that should be considered, however incongruous with the actual issues afflicting conclave it may be. You having a little over 8,000 kills in conclave shows me that you have actually played the mode for more than 30 minutes, something that many of the brilliant thinkers in this thread can not say that they have done. However, the issue she afflicting conclave are not because conclave is bad, but because DE is bad. DE never gets around to removing abusive weapons like TB and the staticor from the pool of usable weapons in Conclave, which may then be used on players who are new to conclave(although, not necessarily new to the game), which scares them off. This causes conclave to garner a bad reputation because a player will not enjoy conclave if they never stick around to learn how to deal with those weapons. Because they won't stick around, DE believes conclave does not have a large playerbase, and is therefore not worthy of being updated. And if it isn't updated, weapons like the TB and staticor get to stick around to cause issues. It's a vicious cycle, you see? Aside from conclave's extremely high skill ceiling and skill gaps(which also intimidate new players away),conclave also lacks even a basic spectator or private match system. Conclave would make huge leaps and bounds if they implemented(for example) the lobby system from Raids that was made for 8 players. In that system, all players could view each others' loadouts and gear before the match started. Speaking of the match starting, the raid lobby wouldn't start until every player in the session had selected the Ready up option. Which would be a massive improvement over conclave's invite only lobby having a forced 15 second timer, much like the public matches. These are small qol improvements that already exist (or did exist) in one way or another in the game. Transferring these over into conclave should be feasible. These are the real issues affecting conclave. Not things like "conclave bad xd" or "conclave too fast" or "fortnite mode xdddd" that often get posted in conclave feedback. Conclave isn't perfect, but it can be if DE just puts a little bit more time into it.
  12. Limbo can be damaged while in the rift with abilities and if another person enters his rift, they can shoot him. Nyx Mind Control makes it so that the player you cast it on can't damage you for several seconds. Warframe is a game that handles its PvP so uniquely that it's something of a treasure. I hope one day you take the time to fully learn and enjoy conclave. It's not some boogie monster that certain vocal fools on the forums make it out to be. The people in the conclave discord would love to teach you, if you're willing to learn.
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