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Customizable weapon pool for "Randomize loadout" option


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There is a "Randomize" function for our loadout which I think is underused because it has a chance to select uninvested equipment because clearly it's unlikely we put catalysts and formaes on all our weapons and warframes. 

However it could indeed be an interesting function to cycle our favorite equipment to avoid fatigue and that's why I've thought of a weapon pool for randomization.

Basically you can select your favorite weapons and warframes and add to the pool. And the randomize button only draws equipment from this pool.

So you will never get stuff you don't like or didn't invested on.

Also one more button called "always randomize loadout" for each kind of items (warframe, primary, secondary, melee). Upon checking this you will always get different warframes and weapons in each game. If you really like a certain weapon or warframe you can uncheck one or more of it.

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