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  1. You ask for a team that's why it's not happening. Warframe is a game of 4 single players in the same map, not a co-op.
  2. It's a legit complaint and as a matter of fact some grinds in this game are indeed unreal. Shadow Stalker still hasn't dropped the smoking ephemera for me after few years.
  3. Melee is just easy and brain-dead and that's pretty much the only real reason players prefer melee over guns. Most guns can only kill 1 at a time even with infinite damage. With PT maybe 2 or 3. AoE guns come with self-stagger. Melee kills everything in a cone area and doesn't require aiming and no damage buff on guns would fix that.
  4. Saying no just so to save the trouble of me saying "no" to threads of "increase Saryn/Wukong/insert braindead frame disposition"
  5. Buyers never have problem with trading if they put even a little effort, unless they want to underpay the seller. Especially when warframe market exists. Auction house is 99% what the sellers want. Like seriously you just send a pm and load in a dojo for a trade. How hard is that? Hardly take a minute or is your schedule is too full to do a trade in a game that if it takes more than 10 seconds it would ruin your grand scheme of life? If you find your time is important for that and want to do passively just leave an offer in market and wait. But apparently waiting is not your thing too you want
  6. I have 0 incentive to do anymore farming for now which is totally ok because I spent thousands of steam hours in this game and I have to say I don't really see the grinding in Warframe will be changed anytime soon or more like ever. The best they can do is having you kill the same crap with different artistic design. The "open worlds" do little in changing the core gameplay too they are essentially still the same grind with but a really big map instead of a randomly generated map. It's sadly how this game or actually any game works. The gameplay stays the same you just keep doing the same crap
  7. If your time is too precious for you to spam the trade chat every 120s, then pay for plat. If you don't want to pay for plat, then spam the same message every 120s do look like a fair trade to me. You can use warframe market which you really just need to be online to do the god damn trade. You can watch youtube or do your work or fap to porn while you wait or whatever it's so close to not even playing the game. If DE want to you earn premium currency with post-and-forget they would've done it many years ago. But they didn't because you know what? They don't want you to go AFK and still get the
  8. Basically "I want plat but with minimum effort". You know there is a trick that gives you a lot of plat in no time? It's called "pay the god damn money"
  9. I didn't backtrack all the previous replies but IMO you have the correct idea between Valkyr, Gersemi Valkyr and Valkyr Prime. DE also didn't specify at all how warframes and their abilities work and also the relationship between mass-produced warframes and their unique individual counterpart. Umbra is obviously full of rage but he still works mostly like a typical Excalibur despite his sentience, so emotions aren't necessary to have anything to do with warframe abilities. It's very possible that the pre-experiment Valkyr and her Prime counterpart just have those abilities all the time a
  10. After 8 years still no one knows what exactly makes a prime warframe a prime warframe. So DE don't need to worry about the thing that doesn't exist in the first place.
  11. No, but actually yes. There ARE scenarios Slowa is better than Speedova but all of them are scenarios that current Warframe players will have 0 interest to put themselves in.
  12. DE obviously don't want to shut all the doors but I find it to be apparent there isn't any plan for more Umbra warframes as of now. Excalibur Umbra i.e. "THE" Umbra exists in real world because non founders don't ever have a chance of an Excalibur Prime. There is 0 practical reason for other Umbra variant to ever exist and it's clear in the lore that Excalibur Umbra is probably the only Umbra out there because Ballas specifically did it to make an example of him. Once DE makes a second one players will always ask for more and DE apparently don't have the time to make a third line of warfr
  13. Overall RJ just isn't that fun. It also doesn't offer more reward over normal missions and pretty much all unique drops in RJ mode is useful only in RJ mode. RJ is a closed loop on its own so players can largely ignore RJ and still do well in base game. It had the novelty but ultimately Warframe is a farming game in its core, new players may play RJ and Void Storm for awhile but pretty much any experienced player will eventually go for the fastest route.
  14. Rell was a beacon of humanity but Red Veil is a bunch of murderous zealots. New Loka's faith in nature is even more fragile than a teen's ego.
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