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  1. Sniper scope in MGSV is the best among the games I've played.
  2. Unless it vastly outperforms other nukes a nuke frame requiring more than a single input is an inferior nuke
  3. We have non children operatives too but they suck a whole lot and always end up to be a rescue target
  4. Fair, but DE doesn't read General Discussion, probably not Feedback too but this thread should go there
  5. Please don't do this, we don't talk about logic thinking here
  6. Still I always install said mod if there was one coz children in a game are often annoying AF and are practically invincible
  7. I can feel nothing but cringe. I'd install killable children mod if there is one for Warframe.
  8. Try bounty 5 They spawn only in high level
  9. They don't need to grow organs coz they had nearly perfect clone technology. Could have just harvest from ancient Grineers.
  10. I think anyone who think this event "breaking immersion" kind of misses the point of this event. It's obviously a non-canon event and it's meant to be breaking the 4th wall. Still the event is pretty lame considering you are meant to be spending at least 7 hours in order to collect everything at least once but not because of it breaking the immersion.
  11. That swimming buoy is good enough Should be a special auxiliary for warframe/operator
  12. The sentient arm cannon is finally coming out in TNW and we finally got news on Zephyr's deluxe so I guess we will eventually get them...someday
  13. Hope people ain't making leech complaint thread coz I'm totally leeching this one😎
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