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  1. And alert enemies because your decoy start shooting with the hologram Lex? How about the moving lasers? Switch teleport could be a workaround but ultimately it works differently to Infiltration. The difference is more apparent when playing Jupiter and Lua spy. Anyway it isn't quite the real issue here. Loki does fill the invisible warframe niche and although I don't see any real issue on him he does lack functionality other than second rate perma-invisibility and occasional CC. So he could use a rework if DE ever bothers.
  2. Not just good enough its ability simply doesn't work at all even if it works it's wonky as hell
  3. Melee just need better stances IMO especially blade & whip. The whip part is so ignored that they get only half the effective range this category is supposed to be getting
  4. Allow disarmed enemies for finishers, merge decoy and switch teleport into one ability and allow teleporting to any location instead of requiring a target. Add a new augment for invisibility to allow him passing through lasers and give him a new ability to reset enemy alertness maybe?
  5. This I can agree. Except the part that melee is "riskier" than guns which is not true. Without any real cover system in this game using guns is just as risky as using melee. Most threatening enemies in this game tend to be ranged units too.
  6. AFAIK DE still hasn't planned any real change on guns and melee so people are largely just panic over something ambiguous
  7. It should be easy to execute. QWOP style of melee input is sadly not my preference.
  8. Basically when you play this game long enough you wouldn't bother enough to even aim a gun. That's why Tonkor and Simulor were abused so much years ago and then Arca Plasmor and Catchmoon then Kiva Nukor because they kill hordes of enemy without much effort.
  9. They should just rework Effigy. Actually just rework the whole damn Chroma.
  10. Just allow 4 RJs in the same mission and organizing your group of NPC crew and be done with it. If one doesn't have a good RJ they can start with an AW and do crew jobs on other RJs.
  11. Cosmetics are great. What I mean is you just farm for them once and you be done with that whatever boring crap content forever. All other kinds of farming just get more and more boring and the farming isn't even that interesting in the first place.
  12. This game doesn't have balance at all. Let's ignore the warframes part, primary, secondary and melee are on whole different levels of damage potential and melee vastly outperforms the other two. Railjack weaponry can deal less DPS than a properly modded anti personal rifle.
  13. I remember making a similar thread some time ago and getting all the response that "this buff is not necessary" like this sh1t will make assault rifles OP or something. Some people argue some ammo efficiency bullcrap or try to tell me how they are useful against 500 lvl enemies. Foolish people. These don't mean a sh1t when DE showed the 2020 stats. The same people also turn a blind eye against actual OP stuff like Wukong and Kuva Nukor and they are too afraid to give ARs a bit of extra punchthrough which make them even dumber. I will say it: bullet based weapons in this game are just usel
  14. Some players have been asking for separate bundle item and a reduce in bundle price if you already own some of the items for some years. DE and some other players are stubborn to implement it and now everybody loses. Weapon skins in deluxe bundles are still unobtainable unless you get the whole bundle in the beginning.
  15. Definitely an amalgam. The one that captures a ship crew at low health I think not sure the name
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