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  1. Don't keep your hope up, even if AI crew is actually a thing, you probably just can't count for them for virtually everything
  2. Economic issue should get fixed next if they follow the PoE pattern. The resource farm especially Titanium and Asterite is still painful.
  3. It's stupid, but I'm not above exploiting this stupidity for some profit if I have the chance.
  4. They literally told you in the thread you will only roll for a higher value. I.e. Your reactors only get better.
  5. Have you tried putting an ephemera in the reward pool with 0.02% drop chance? And putting it in a special conclave which appears every 3 hours for 30 minute of course. And make it 0.2% a month later for a whooping x10 buff in drop chance! Woohoo! You conclave now players?
  6. It took like what, 1/10 the time for Empyrean to lose 50% of player count compared to U24.5 did @ Mar 2019? But of course it's not like DE totally f**ked up 3 updates in a row, it's all on those "vocal minority" for complaining the game. Screw the minority.
  7. Not even quadruple the drops will do anything about the issue. The cost of crafting is just ridiculously high. Without playing 30mins space mining simulator after each game you will get at most ~30 asterite (or none if you're unlucky). A Mk.III armament takes 1440 asterite. The grind is just insane. You know what. I was just playing RJ when I was making this comment. Now I realize I should just quit this game until this burning pile of BS get fixed so I'm gonna log out.
  8. I'd have so much feedback but right now with this whole Empyrean (and before that the Lich) mess the only thing I could comment is "load of bull crap".
  9. The fact that DE made a whole new mode to hopefully make Archwing has a point to exist and undo everything with the first hotfix in 2020 is astonishing. Archwings become trash again as they always been within a month. Nerf of Amesha just doesn't matter anymore coz Archwing simply can't do anything other than a glorified taxi even in Railjack where the whole thing is made for space battle.
  10. Or DE should realize that fact that you can trade avionic capacity for flux on Vidar reactor, but not the opposite on Zekti, essentially making Zekti an inferior reactor coz it has lower avionic capacity than the default reactor from Dojo research.
  11. That totally sounds like grinding RJ missions without stealth to be honest.
  12. Both Zephyr and Nyx need rework. But I'd argue Zephyr is more in need than Nyx coz her 4 is simple counterproductive coz it just throws enemies around instead of "controlling enemies" like a CC should do and the element change gimmick is useless at best. Her 2 as a CC is simply pointless and has no use other than a gimmicky "synergy" with Tornado which is useless anyway.
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