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  1. Another Saryn will synergize better with a Saryn coz Ember has really small ability range after the nerf.
  2. And where is this specific challenge? It's more like a test of luck to me. I've grinded out everything from ESO and Arbitration so I totally completed the specific challenges right?
  3. Attica, Baza or Daikyu. Personally I want Attica Prime. We've got 2 prime bows and we just got another primed rifle.
  4. I've built every modular item and gilded them I don't see why they'd want guys like me to gild something again.
  5. It's a good daily though..daily challenge should be something you can do without dedicating your time into it.
  6. It looks more like sweating than bleeding to me. It needs a better fluid effect.
  7. I personally like how they focus not so much in damage output and tanking damage like previous boss fights so you can practically use any frame for it.
  8. The scan event is so poorly designed. It gives poor hints (a giant map with markers for something so small like a small Goopola), no incentive (no reward, not even lore reason, you just get a random map from DE and they tell you: "go scan it" like for what reason we're doing this scanning even? I don't even know what am I scanning), it's repetitive. It's just a time-gate.
  9. Depends on your Chinese ISP you might not need a VPN to play this game in China
  10. The whole community thing is just a time gate of Hildyrn. Obviously enough is it not?
  11. This change is rather unexpected in the first place. Not sure why would they come up with this idea.
  12. ? It's totally not the case here. More like a feature once bugged and got fixed and now it bugged again and this time devs telling the bug is actually the supposedly feature which was once patched out as a bug. Complicated yes?
  13. Still don't understand why they make K-drive parts not interchangeable. They are essentially skins.
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