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  1. It's the only prime bow that works like a normal bow. I think it's unique enough.
  2. Or just buff the Kavasa Prime giving it bonus stats other than slightly higher defensive stat
  3. So it's actually 1 out of 5 not getting 5 items as a pack. Disappointing
  4. I feel bad for the fragile human beings that get offended by a randomly generated name for an virtual entity in a video game.
  5. Because they don't bother with more Split-Sword after they made the first and only one. Which is good anyway because we essentially just get 2 half-@ss new melees instead of a shapeshifting one as it should have been.
  6. I'd rather have alerts back even though I have everything from alerts already. I said DE will eventually abandon story-driven Nightwave consider they can't even spare the time for prime warframe trailers when they replaced alerts with NW and now it's going just exactly the way I expected.
  7. The only reason I'm not using them is prime version not available for them yet
  8. And also Magnetic damage, which is supposed to deal with shields, is rendered totally useless because turns out you can just bypass it and hurt the red health bar with toxin.
  9. Pretty sure Lotus tells you to "destroy the Kuva clouds" AFTER you do exactly that. If you fail to do that she just say random BS like "It's using your energy to...this is bad. Destroy it" which doesn't tell anything at all. And pls Kuva Siphon is just a chore players would be doing hundreds of thousands of time. It's not some super-duper secret technique only the best vets know how to do that. Just show players the God damn way to do it and be done with it.
  10. **AoE weapons and nuke frames and melee meta exists "Maybe we can ask for innate punch through for ballistic weapons so that we kill mobs a little bit faster?" "oH nO yOU arE RuINiNg tHIs gAme bY kiLliNg mOrE thAn 1 mOb evERy BuLleT!!!!11!!1!" Not necessary addressing you but this is the current situation of the forum every time I see someone asking innate punch through on rifles
  11. My biggest concern is they took WoF from Ember and nerf Umbra specter for the sake of fighting AFK and now they release an aimbot specter stronger and tankier than we've ever had. Why? Can we have our old Umbra specter and World on Fire back now?
  12. I actually like RJ more than I thought I would. Piloting one is fun (in Grineer mission at least). Corpus RJ is complete garbage though. Also the Archwings are nigh unusable there. And also this. Warframe's RJ is actually competitive enough among terms of space craft games IMO. They should consider further expand on the RJ mechanism.
  13. Mostly lazy buyers and sellers. Often people trade with undesirable price unknowingly because they don't bother to check the price. For example you can easily look for ghoul saw blueprint info in market page. Scammers in this game are rare and price of RNG items namely riven has always been volatile.
  14. Normally whatever you traded will return to your inventory. If it's a riven however it will likely gone for good if the buyer rolls it again
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