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  1. Jupiter spy is so annoying after rework. It feels like sabotage 2.0.
  2. If we eventually form an alliance with Corpus by the end of the New War JP better be an available allied NPC
  3. Change the whole sortie to token based reward system. Finishing regular sortie gives 1 token and hard sortie gives 2 or 3 maybe IDK.
  4. Mostly the same, the only difference is Corrosive was removed from the element meta. Viral has always been a meta.
  5. Yes it's totally normal for the intermission to last longer then the mission itself. We all know intermission II started from Oct 2019 and the work from home started from last month totally interrupted their plan of work. I mean who can possibly ask the devs to plan before head and work in the previous 5 months? Totally unreasonable. Seriously screw those players. And we require a break after intermission because inter-intermission is a thing. I mean intermission is an effortless reuse of assets aready but who even cares? Instead of letting it stays for 2 more weeks I think just ending it and replace it with emptiness is just a better idea. Who could possibly think otherwise?
  6. That's why Intermission is a thing? Why a break after another break? I don't actually miss anything anyway coz I'm now so fed up of this game I don't even bother to login for daily tribute.
  7. Shield gate is a thing so it's always better to have shield than not.
  8. Still waiting for something to do with my Railjack. I mean some actual thing to do instead of being a space bus.
  9. Because it's a trivial answer I.e. it's meaningless (it can still be a reasonable answer)and you're not adding anything of value to a discussion.
  10. I farmed the hell out of Railjack parts in the first month of release. >It's now an expensive tugboat.
  11. >Fix Scarlet Spear and make it a recurring event >Fix AoE weapon and status based shotguns >Rework Chroma (He's in a particular bad state IMO and his elemental warframe theme is mostly wasted)
  12. She's niche. She has good damage output but not effective enough to compete with other DPS frame and her CC is not good enough to get a spot in CC frames also. Recent shield gate has definitely helped her a bit but overall she's still niche. Some people might tell you she's useful against lvl 500 enemies. Which is exactly what niche means. She is useful only when you create a very specific scenario that could use her.
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