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  1. I'm surprised that MR30 rewards are even a thing. Obviously I'm one of people but I'm not upset about it.
  2. Liches practically don't exist for me anymore after I got all the Kuva weapons. Not interested to improve or even invest on any of them too. I've ever put 1 forma on a Kuva Tonkor and that's all. Not looking forward to more Kuva weapons because I'm not looking forward to killing more liches. RJ is still far from what it could have been. RJ should be integrated to the game from start, not something you farm later in game and not a mode that you play when you have to. They should be part of missions and your daily activities.
  3. Doubt anyone will bother to read the whole paragraphs, especially when you put it in the wrong sub-forum. Make it short and put it in general feedback.
  4. No? They drag on the work until it becomes old content. It is part of the original Railjack since the very beginning which they never get their @$$ to finish it. If they ever grow a back bone, I recommend them to fulfill all the promises and visions they made in the past years before dealing with the community complaints.
  5. Who made that decision (that the skins are applicable on newbie weapons only) in the first place is the real question here. The bundle was costly AF for a weapon-specific skin pack too.
  6. Primed stretch and primed streamline first if ever
  7. Range weapons or guns if you will are definitely the underused category here. I force myself to not use Orthos Prime because I will never use my guns if I do and even then I still rarely use guns.
  8. Probably not unless they want to shoot themselves in the foot again which they do quite frequently
  9. If they bother to make these voicelines they should first make a proper mission assistant coz I don't want to hear the buggy Lotus anymore. Although a buggy mission assistant does go well with a buggy game.
  10. I'd rather ask why they insist of wasting half of post-mission page to show our warframes? I sure as hell don't care how my teammates' warframes look like. If DE is stubborn they should show them in loading screen not post-mission.
  11. Actually years ago I'd have just taken the suggestion of enemies under Bladestorm are not invulnerable to damage from other sources. But for some reason DE decided to make some bizarre changes to BS and render it (and subsequently Ash as a whole) completely useless. Ash has never been the same ever since. Now I'd rather they scrap BS completely it's not useful anyway.
  12. It should just be a built in feature at this point. There is no reason not to make it one.
  13. All bosses in Warframe are buggy mess except for Sergeant. Sergeant is the only one good boss in this game. We probably will oneshot Nihil but not before going through 10 invulnerable phases and solving some pointless puzzles or messing with stupid mini-games which lasts for 30 minutes. And of course he won't just reward you the sword instead you have to go through a horrendous farm with only 2% drop rate of sword parts.
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