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Give us something to buy with Solaris United standing


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Please give us something else to buy with Solaris United Standing directly. You can give us fireworks, or orbiter decorations (a mini coil drive!?) or any number of things we can purchase and use more than once. Perhaps Eudico could have a rotating inventory similar to Ticker, and sell random items from the Origin System in exchange for standing. Maybe let us use SU Rep to "bid" for captured Corpus cargo containers; loot boxes that could potentially hold anything from rare materials like Oxium or Orokin Cells to a boatload of credits.

Currently, there's literally no use for SU standing once you've reached max level. I'm not angry about pheromones and fish bait being single-use consumables. They provide some sink for all that Solaris U standing I gain from conservation and fishing. I am sad, however, that that's all I can buy with my SU standing at max affinity with them. Sure, I could buy and make kitguns endlessly, but I'm not really that into kitguns. I have my Moon Moon. I'm happy.

It's like building your mansion in Assassin's Creed, where the money you invest into it just generates even more money for you to put back into your mansion, so ultimately you just have piles of money lying around for you to swim in like Scrooge McDuck after you upgraded everything. Solaris U lacks the same type of currency sink that Cetus, the Quills, or any of the syndicates have, where I can buy decorations for my orbiter, relics for ducats, or unique mods that I can trade to other players. The closest thing SU has is Ticker's Second Hand, which you can't actually buy with SU rep--You have to use debt bonds, which are earned from bounties (which just give you more standing) or bought with credits and random crafting materials.


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25 minutes ago, IcicleFerret said:

You can give us fireworks, or orbiter decorations (a mini coil drive!?) or any number of things we can purchase and use more than once


Day 1: REEEEEEE...Daily cap is bs

Day 4: REEEEEEE...still not max Rank

Day 30: REEEEEE...I don't want to waste my Standing, Idk were to spent it


But yeah. Sth really "useful" would be neat. I stopped bothering with them after I got my 6th Rank 3 Arcane (they don't even sell anymore T-T), all MOAs, all Kitguns and having 1k of each bait

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