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No clue where this should go...MASSIVE bug infinite grenades and dropping all items


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Deadzones seem to be almost worse than before. Especially on the aiming stick, moving around gets me finer aim controll than actually aiming as it is now.


I do t have to move it 50% to get it to work, but it's not far from that when the reticle actually moves. And when it does it koves far to far to quickly.


Also I seem to run into a bug , the same bug, at least once a day if not more often, somehow, I will be shooting just fine, and then my gun refuses to reload, even though I have ammo, I manage to switch weapons, (after many attempts) and now I'm using my melee weapon, but it's working like my main weapon, (ie launching grenades, infinitely might I add, with NO RELOAD TIME) and then the real fun begins, because now I can't pick anything up, no ammo, no power cells, no mods, no ayatan stars, nothing. And pausing to try to do ANYTHING to fix it, makes me drop all of my weapons.....to be unable to pick them back up.... I then die, my clan yells at me for dieing and holding then back, I have to quit completely, and log back in, hoping my slot hasn't gotten filled, only to get back on, and have it happen again less than an hour later.

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