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  1. CarrotSalad

    About the switch immigration...

    Rocket league added it a few days ago too.
  2. CarrotSalad

    Meta Shifts with endgame

    Some nice ideas for modifiers in your post that i'd like to see. Armor scaling to movement speed would be hilarious lol. Direct attempts at blocking meta picks im not a fan of. As everything should be in some way viable or have a positive contribution to any mission type.
  3. CarrotSalad

    Perhaps adding a Orbiter Gardening Segment?

    Something like a cosmetic gardening quarters i could get into... Although so many games do this system with cooking/growing that its become more of a annoyance than a feature. So I only support a cosmetic addition.
  4. CarrotSalad

    Programming language

    There was an old dev stream a few years ago where they took a question just like this. Hopefully someone here can link to that stream. I cant remember it might've been the 50th anniversary stream or it might've been the 100th primetime or something like that. In that stream I believe Steve said they do C aswell as Lua. He also followed up those answers with some good tips on books and other tips for someone getting into such a future.
  5. CarrotSalad

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes in February!

    So i can keep playing on my windows 7 machine aslong as i keep buying security upgrades until 2023? sounds good to me.
  6. What warframe and weapons were you using? Are there any other details that you think could be the cause of this 3rd grenade bug?
  7. CarrotSalad


    I want it to happen too! its hard to keep track with the game progress on both platforms at once when theres so much grind involved. Even after account the initial account migration.
  8. I ve got 4 forma on mine and i can bring it into sorties okay. The issue i have is the damage tick rate is so low im normally eating more damage waiting for the first tick to appear on an enemy. Glaxion is in even more of a dire need for a buff/change imho.
  9. CarrotSalad

    Why did keys ever get removed?

    I prefer this new system, theres allot more mission diversity available... I do miss keys showing up in the alerts though. How 1 survival key would give me a handful of prime parts. Im not a fan of relics currently being only obtainable from certain mission types. But DE need to find that sustainable balance.
  10. CarrotSalad

    Issues With The New Animals

    They're so much easier if you just use the rifle and dont use ivara. I mean really easy. The hardest part is getting into a good position to take a shot... I guess one could use itzal and just shoot from the air 😉
  11. I wish we could actually mod these rifles like normal and then we can have the blinking scanner be impacted by energy color.
  12. CarrotSalad


    When hunting sawgaws... DONT use ivara... Her skills seem to bug them out. Take something like octavia, Nova, zephyr who is allot more mobile for hunting them. If the birds clip or get stuck in the air try using an archwing to fly up to its body after you've tranquilised it.
  13. CarrotSalad

    Stover Scat Missing 95%

    Im running conservations frequently and one of the scats is actually placed ontop of one of the caves entrances too... If you see a scat thats outside the confinds of the map inside the cave its most likely above the cave outside.
  14. care to be more specific on speeds? I know Windows has an inbuilt packet management features that throttle other applications. This can be disabled or adjusted however i dont know how severe these performance drops are or the nature of the interference. It might also be heat or power management features of the laptop at certain temperatures.
  15. CarrotSalad

    Big news! Your scoop on Grineer intelligence.

    *feels disappointed as i thought this was going to be a thread about thier inability to use thier own lifts and trains.*