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  1. Just screenshots? What about screencaptures from youtube or livestreams? Maybe i should delete all my youtube streams of Warframe so no one tries to commit fraud.
  2. I havent been knocked out of Archwing for ages... Atleast in Poe, OV i havent ran recently so cant comment on that one. With poe you just need to gun it through some trees or just cast the archwing abilities. Or shoot the turrets before they rotate around to shoot you.
  3. Theres allot of things they could do with heat. Just make it a dot that spreads to objects in a radious. Have it cause mines, grenades and ammunition to detonate (emptying magazines). Or destroying spare ammo clips. It can work both ways. *my personal favourite (big head mode) or DK mode.. Enemies under heat have thier head and limbs inflate like a balloon. causes weapons to jam for a short period.
  4. I thought hard mode is nightmare missions. They could add some additional modifiers to that mode, like no ammo drops, health drops, cc immunity ontop of adding certain existing Sortie limits like (melee only) etc. But it doesnt really add difficulty it just pushes people into solely 1 style of gameplay for each modifier (which is always the most efficient). Especially when rewards are concerned. I think the game is difficult its just anyone whos played for more than 24 hours is probably well conditioned in whats required to beat the games challenging aspects. So at this point i think if you want challenge look to PVP/team death match. You'll find your challenge against humans not AI. I thought i liked challenge. However a very bad experience in Dragon Nest from the lvl 24 cap to level 70 cap made me much wiser. The challenges became a chore and it shoehorned groups of players into just hating any class or combo that was considered "inefficient" or disadvantaged to the group. This created a very toxic culture in the community. Things escelated when Shanda moved the challenging content that was previously solely in raids into general content. It killed allot of relationships because "oh we cant do this with you because your class is no good" or "youre undergeared" or "Youre blocked because you wiped us last time" or "sorry we got someone else who has better gear then you" or "lets wait for someone who has god tier equipment". Its fascinating to see Blade and Soul currently stuck in the same mess Dragon Nest had. The thing is if you only have just 20minutes to 1 hour a day to play a game. You dont want to be studying up every single mechanic or browsing youtube to find your answers. Im thankful that DE so far has avoided falling into such a spiral. But with the angry youtubers and streamers about. Im fearful for what the future might bring.
  5. After optimising my download cache and starting game. Doing a few tests to try and replicate my issues i couldnt reproduce the problem. Sadly i dont know what else you can do. I'll have to try public matches.
  6. Yea, (edit:having the same problem). i just ran my first couple of missions after a couple of weeks and getting the same issue in solo play. Experienced in Orbiter on planet selection, Mars capture mission and plains of eidolon. Very heavy freezes. Currently doing that cache optimisation in the launcher to see if that removes the stutters. Running, Warframe 64bit, Windows 7 (64 bit), Rx 580 4gb, I5 4590, Running all the latest drivers and updates.
  7. Im so greatful it was a light month from you guys.September game calender has been absolutely insane this year. There was way too many good games released that i didnt find much time at all to even run my nightwave missions. Just want to thankyou you guys at Digital Extremes so much for the effort and coincidentally timing your updates almost perfectly for my schedule!
  8. I was hoping for a Convectrix Prime 😞 But im still Happy Atlas prime is finally here. Been waiting years for him!
  9. Which games do allow it? From my experience, i've played most of the free to play MMO's in the last 20 years. Hardly any allow players to trade items direcltly for platinums equivalent. The games i've played create an alternate currency that only gives you partial access to the cash shop (Dragon Nest, Blade and Soul, every game under perfect world entertainment. Cabal online, Raycity online, Dwo, Luna, Destiny star, League of immortal, Asda Didnt even go near allowing platinum currency to be used in trading. The closest is probably Dragon Nest but even thats incredibly limited to just a soft version of the cash shop.
  10. If they add a store/auction hall/automatic trading system then Theres absolutely no way its goinng be using platinum as a currency. They'll use credits for the transactions.The platinum to person to person trades. I dont know of any MMO that actually allows the equivalent of platinum to be used as a trading currency. For good reason. People are deluded if they think DE are going to allow platinum into automated trades.
  11. Cross saving atleast.. I want to play it on my switch but theres some block in my mind about having to grind for the same stuff 2 times in a row.
  12. 2 missions in a row where the rewards never loaded up for anyone in the squad.after the 2nd wave.
  13. So this has change now... whats in the Saryn Nitro bundle?
  14. So i just logged into warframe account to apply the promo codes from the event and saw my Mixer account linkage has expired????? That doesnt even make sense? Why does linking our Warframe accounts expire to begin with? (I linked my account the day linking became available. Thats going to catch out allot of people who were hoping for the free cosmetics!
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