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  1. I know right.. Please wait 30 minutes for your friends to finish before you can join them.
  2. Stug.. the poor thing cant do anything 😞 Hows the Torid now? I dare not touch it...
  3. Do the right thing, stay civilised... Meanwhile... Where is the next nightwave season 😧 This wait is so depressing.. Im missing the nightwave updates...
  4. Loving the graphics upgrade. I occasionally get stutters its rare but it happens. Is this because my hardware is being stressed or because a bug or other issue in the rendering process? System : Ryzen 3600, 16gb ram, rx580 4gb, Windows 10 64
  5. It is very weird all this negative feedback. I feel like im in a different reality when i read this thread. She is one of my most played frames and other than her squishiness when shes not in razorwing. I havent had many issues at all. Especially after the rework 2 weeks ago which improved tribute and lantern enormously. Spellbinds the only ability i think that still has niggling issues. To be fair I dont take her 100 minutes into survivals or 200 waves into defence.
  6. I dont want Titania getting blink. It it makes her too strong at speed running in normal missions. My concern is this becomes a meta as it is the only warframe that can execute this move in normal tilesets. All her other changes in this update have been fanastic. Im really happy with all her abilities.
  7. After the grind of Fortuna there was no way i was going to go through that again on the Switch. Especially with the problem that occured with rivens not being transfered. Leaving me with atleast 1-2 bad polarities on my favourite weapons. I loved playing this game on Switch and i'll support it financially but i cant convince myself to downgrade from my PC progress. Even basic stuff like updating color profiles. I badly need some kind of sync up feature.
  8. Telling a story through imagery seems to be a dead art these days. Nightwave was pretty cool the way it was going. I cant connect the dialogue because the way her lines are written are far too out of perspective. (What the hells a dreamer? Why are you calling me that?) All her dialogue drives me nuts because it makes no sense. Who is she even talking to? ME? But the grammer? 10/10 for Nightwave with the way it communicates story through imagery. 4/10 for the way it communicates the story through dialogue. They done this in Mechwarrior(battle tech) universe its cool. I want to be cautious in encouraging it at the same time as balance and pacing is all over the place in the games. Its like how Railjacks are at the present time. Having weapon tiers that contribute nothing to someone once they get to the final tier. Theres no point in those lower teirs so people are just going to fast track past all that stuff! Especially if youre limited from inventory space. I agree.. I can see what developers are doing but its not believable. Cetus promised allot but it didnt because we dont see those NPC's apart of the world. They're just in the same place in the hub all the time. Fortuna was a little bit better because of the ventkids and the way they were built into the world. Along with the conservation. Those simple things made me feel like the world was connected to each other.
  9. It was announced in patch notes around the time (i think 2 weeks before) they added the vampy kavats to game that reduced the drop rates by 25% or 50% occured. I cant remember if they specified the reasons but they have pretty bad rates now. 1 per 12 scans sounds about normal im afraid. 😞
  10. Fantastic, Thankyou Warframe. Would love it if next year you could add something new like dex archwing weapons or k-drive, or maybe operator things!
  11. Well our advice starts at knowing what screen you intend to play on? Are you limited to budget? I'd go Minimal 12gb of Ram, and an 8gb video card (Rx580's are absolutely sweet for the price right now) A 2060, rx 5700 graphics should be ideal. But might be wasted if you dont intend to push past 60fps or 1440p
  12. In order of highest to lowest impact on ram usage. Texture Quality, Anistropic Filtering, Local reflections, Blur reflections, Shadows. I play Warframe on a 8gb of ram PC just fine (windows 7 though). Orb Vallis too, I'd get stutters or frame hangs if i set texture detail to high.) Aslong as i set it to medium the game doesnt break a sweat. Some other things you can try. You coulld look at reducing applications running as a background task. Another tip is reducing the sample buffer in windows audio control panel (be aware this will be at a cost of system wide audio quality. So you'll have to remember to change it again when you exit game.) Right click the speaker in taskbar -> select your speakers -> right click and click 'properties' -> advanced tab -> change sampling rate to 44hz/16bit.
  13. In the first few years there was definitely evidence on platinum discounts being rewarded to accounts that were either new or had been inactive for a while. I think i went 3 years with only seeing 1 75% discount in that time. The low rates during those few years drove me nuts. But now its not much of an issue once you start biting prime access. I think its been changed lately. Im over 1600 login days and i see the discount drop about 4 times in the past 12 months. Mostly a week or 2 before a major update. The last one came just after Ivara prime.
  14. Killing the enemies that board our ship or exist in crewships in Viel Proxima is very boring because so many weapons are just ineffective/not efficient at actually dealing damage. So you have to limit yourself to only a few meta guns. Its not a good or fun experience.
  15. This is why i will never look at railjack missions again. Why on earth design something that is intentionaly limited and annoying players everytime they finish a mission. This is pointless and does nothing but annoy you! Let me hoard as many as i want please or do away with RNG stats all together.
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