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  1. I have some questions about updating. 1. What if theres not enough hard drive space (22.2gb required to optimise the cache)? (i'll know the answer to this in 2 hours but thought i'd ask.) 2. Could it be possible for the next parts to do the download in the background while the game is running and re-optimise it when our system isnt in use? Seeing as optimising cache does eat up system resources and will likely catch people by surprise if they're time limited.
  2. I miss the relic alerts... Was nice to see a targeted garuntee of a relic popup.
  3. It depends so much on how much the map is utilised. Fortuna is my favourite open world map because it does have allot of things to discover along with identifiable landmarks. Cetus on the other hand feels rather empty and stale by comparison. Good sprawling maps need identifiable landmarks. An example of what i mean is Grand Theft Auto 5 vs Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In San Andreas it utilised the sprawling map so well while GTA5 had giant sections completely dead with no purpose to exist outside scenery. Give them a reason to be that big, make giant landmarks, build race cour
  4. Though i agree with removing % based mods im 100% certain if they did 12-24 months later they would be adding something of that equivalent nature back into the game. Theres games that tried this and they always revert. At which point people will get annoyed.. (All our hardwork gets undone.) Its also quite a scam to pull on players. This system is exists because it adds up into more diverse content. (even though its compulsory.) Its cheap and it adds padding to the game and player investment.
  5. Rather than report people.. Put a constructive post following this style You'll have a much higher chance of both having your issue resolved and the problem never getting pulled offtopic from your usual forum noise.
  6. I didnt need a incubator power cell built... All i done was capture a weakened animal on deimos, then buy the blueprints for the other 2 parts. Craft each 1 in the foundry and then talk to Son and select all 3 parts together and then click build.
  7. Nice, Dark mode theme has returned!
  8. They took our Dark mode again :( This website is unreadable at night when the lights are off because the white is too bright.
  9. 5 commons is too many for the rankup. I also enjoy conservation when its not felt like its been forced. I acquired 12 avacheas but only 2 were of the common type needed for rankup. It left me disappointed.
  10. Each one of your points are worthy of a thread in themselves. But im going to focus on this one for now. because its the one i feel is least likely to ever get corrected. Much of the dialogue is meaningless and stating the obvious. Nothing worse than witnessing an awesome cutscene or level design and then forced to face a character for 2 minutes while they go over everything you just saw. It just pulls you out of reality "Yea I know this. I was there, I just saw it, why are you telling me this LOL". Reminds me of that awful Megaman 64 where you were literally infront of a door so
  11. The omni tool works though... I've used it thousands of times in railjack without any issue or failure. The tool on the necramech isnt even functional... The marker doesnt move unless i feather touch the camera im making pixel amounts of adjustments that are reseting from 0=70% of the circle. A few adjustments even reached 100% but didnt clear the actual damage. This quest is broken. Atleast for me... Afraid i tried this and it didnt even register :*( The only successful angle that gave any visual indication that the beam was repairing was to stand alongside the wall
  12. So yesterday it was the doors that would'nt open for me.. Today I made it past those doors, all the way to this room where infested tumors spawn, I spent over 10 minutes killing infested that were spawning from these tumors that just never switched into a state where i could actually damage them. I walked out the room exploring the doorways because it was obvious things werent right. Then boom my map lights up and i can destroy the tumors. Now i cant even heal the broken yellow/orange bits on the cieling of the room. A slight move of the mouse and the bar resets to 0. The healing jus
  13. Bare in mind anything i say may not be strictly relevant to your problem. However i have the same problem and so will report my solutions. The problem occurs for me if i connect using 2.4G (a,b,g,n) wifi. Switching to 5g (AC) fixed it for me. If your wifi adapter doesnt support 5g. I can only recommend trying to get a cleaner a signal as possible by removing potential obstacles or switching to a wired connection. Another option (maybe try a usb tether with your phone if you have a recent android phone most of them support 5g (AC) wifi. Ofcourse if your modem doesnt broadcast in 5G(AC
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