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  1. I would like to just press E to throw it.. Or hold E indefinitely to aim it. I found it fun to throw nezha's hula hoop like that.
  2. I dont mind the slot limits on weapons and warframes you get a bunch from login rewards and other freebies if you just play the game anyway. The slot limits was one of a few motivators for me to actually make that first platinum purchase. What i absolutely hate was the limits with railjack avionics and weapons. They had a fantastic system in the rest of the game where we grab a blueprint and it wont have any effect on our gameplay until we look to craft it. But nope, now i gotta jump into a menu and throw a bunch of crap out i was never hunting for or wanted anyway. It's a massive di
  3. I normally love big boss fights in games. But i avoid the ones like profit taker in Warframe that offer an absurd amount of knockdowns, knockbacks and stuns. It frequently disrupts any natural flow where i can do my thing in the battle. I dont really know if its the boss or enemy units but the sheer amount of obstacles im having to respond to doesnt provide me with any type of fun or satisfaction. More frustration and annoyance.
  4. Everyone in a modern democracy have local elected officials. Communicate with them (letters, email, twitter) to findout if they share common values like human rights, fair pay, working conditions, and equality. Look at their voting records on bills and change your vote if they have obviously failed to represent the same values as you. These acquisitions only came about because many good people aren't taking part in the broader community and scrutinizing elected representatives.
  5. I dont know where else to post this. Just want to say i absolutely adore how shooting the sporelacer or bubonico near Vaubans vortex creates a wonderful effect where the particle effects get effected by the vortex and theres a bueatiful interaction here.
  6. Wish i could take my PC account onto the switch and then keep that progress when i logged onto PC again. But all the grind, color and fashion frame combinations and general game progress just saps my motivation to look at warframe on my Nintendo Switch. People need to get their foot in the door somehow. So the game existing on the Switch atleast will get people into it.
  7. So having switched to a new higher resolution 34 inch, 10bit, VA, (6ms, 144hz) computer monitor. I've been running settings fully cranked to try and trigger some of these exagerated brightness/darkness transitions that was obvious on my older TN, 24 inch (144hz, 1ms). The transitions are'nt as extreme but its still there. Solution for me is disabling Depth of Field and Bloom 50%. Or enabling everything (including motion blur) which does help slightly reduce the exagerated bright flashes.
  8. The combat in Necramechs didnt make sense to me because of this. Coming from other "mech simulators" like Mechwarrior, Gundam Vs and a few less notable others. Camera shake only occured on large projectile impacts or very heavy collisions. I would assume magnetic, hydraulic and kinetic actuators on the Shoulders-> arms-> hands exist to correct any recoil on the body and pilot. Theres some other nitpicks i have with necramech combat but i havent seen anyone else bring it up so im happy leaving it be for now. As its not a gameplay mechanic i have been heavily investing in anyway.
  9. Genshin impact literally copied much of Zelda Breath of the Wild and then tagged honkai impacts gacha on top of it. Both Botw and GI do open world exploration very well. Its something i was hoping Warframe would do.. But Warframe just hasnt been designed with open world puzzles in mind. If it did it probably would'nt execute them in a fun or interesting way anyway.
  10. I hate how exagerated the knockdowns are... Some of them literally fling me 20 metres away and stick me in a wall for a couple of seconds before im able to regain control of my character.
  11. If it was $20 or even $5 it would be a no brainer buy. Because of its price it causes me to hesitate. This happens with allot of free MMO's i played where once the cosmetic passes $30 aud theres a voice in my head telling me I'm crazy to buy this especially on what is a live service title. Theres always a concern the studio or game close down tomorrow and your cosmetics disappear forever. We need to acknowledge an artist can take years or even decades of practicing and refining skills to nail something to perfection. So we shouldn't deny them an opportunity to profit or make a living f
  12. Hah, you say that but Sony didnt bother with that naming scheme on thier handhelds
  13. Could'nt find anywhere else to provide feedback on the event. Just want to say i love the cosmetics and the ease and simplicity it is to obtain them. So thankyou for getting t his event almost perfect from my perspective. Really would'nt want to see the prices of these items any higher than what they are though.
  14. Would changing your current timezone on the device you use? Would this effect the date displayed?
  15. Microsoft still supports 7 (though i forgot the details of how the support is being continued). Anyone afraid of Win10 bloat could also stick to the Windows ltsb ediition. (though its a more expensive license.)
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