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  1. I wasnt looking for a notifcation for when it ended. I was looking for a notification for when the new season started as that would prompt me to cash it in. As read around the forums/general chat that extensions had happened. Im not bothered by failing to cash in my 200 or so points. Im not a fan of having downtime between seasons.
  2. No thought or concern for those of us who are short of time and are trying to keep up with the grind on both PC and Switch. Do these influencers ever use some critical thought into thier arguments? So frothing at the mouth from those who treats the games as a career path and has no consideration for those of us who use games as a way to kick back after a hard days work and relax.
  3. The original intention would've worked if they developed a system in which we could actually bond with those pets. But there is nothing of the sort outside press X to pat.
  4. Link to warframes mixer page for anyone interested. https://mixer.com/PlayWarframe
  5. Its allot easier than twitch and i found it less troublesome when it came to tweaking bitrates as a streamer. It also can be watched on my ancient Samsung s3 mobile browser (which i use for hardware monitoring. Where as Twitch just blocks me from watching streams and nags me to install apps while bombarding me with 1 minute of advertising every 5 minutes. Twitch has the mass market so up to you really. if i had a choice my favourite is still youtube but id watch on mixer over twitch anyday because of the above reasons.
  6. I like the release windows aslong as we are kept in the information loop of progress. Some people cant stand the hype i guess though so should just have a blackout from warframes social pages.. lol
  7. Any updates on when its coming? i've been checking this site hourly all day lol..
  8. Can they operate their own lifts now?
  9. Thats why it was changed. The game has tonnes of content now and they need to keep things reachable for new players otherwise you'll just be loosing veterans and having new players leave the game before they even caught up to the content. The clever game design choice is to build a game outwards rather than upwards. So that new players keep mixing with veterans and friendships and communities can grow. No MMO lives long when they segment the playerbase. Its why Blade and Soul dropped the whole 8 factions aswell as a light and dark story path.
  10. Im a vet who has only ever missed logging in when i've traveled overseas. Ive been logging in daily every week ever since update 6. This nightwave system has resulted in me spending more time ingame for basic things than i ever have. Its given me a reason to do alerts because of the rewards. Some of the challenges are interesting too. Im glad the grind reduction and oppurtunities for catchups were added because what if i have another occasion where i need to travel overseas for a few weeks? I love the changes coming in season2. Im not sure DE could've done a better job outside offering more diverse outline of challenges. (like chgallenges featuring different melee type weapons etc.)
  11. Really happy with all those changes, Thankyou! Nice to see K-drives got added, Hopefully more people run K-drives and produces more valuable feedback. Kdrives are a fun side game that need some more purpose and avenues for development. Like NPC faction races across all open maps.
  12. Thankyou, Been waiting for an update for years but its one of those things.. I just forgot existed because it was untouched for so long.
  13. wolf motivates me to ask for DE to give all weapons unlimited ammo or atleast passive ammo regeneration. Though they should swap Wolfs stats with the stalkers. I think it would be pretty cruel to put new players up against such an insane boss. My thinking is the Stalker can atleast be controlled by the marks system and running with leveled gear. I dont know the rules for the Wolf but everyone needs the rewards from the new nightwave alerts.
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