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Star Map/arsenal/inventory/foundry Should Be Available In Dojo


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I have often wondered why the tenno must leave their home base to access/change anything. I'll get to more on that in a sec.


I don't know exactly how this would all work, so bear with me on the idea side of things.


Right now the answer to the question as to where the Tenno are when they decide on a mission is vague. They are standing/kneeling on a supposed surface marked by an illuminated circle on the... i guess that's the floor.. in a, perhaps it is large?, open room with a holographic solar map in the middle... and then they start fighting. Well it certainly gets to the point quickly.


I think the game would feel more polished, and more immersive, if when we log in we are standing in a control room. Doesn't have to be big, and the star map would be prominent, and when you click on it perhaps a short animation of it expanding while you kneel would bring us back to the map we all know (though that would add a couple mouse clicks and may not really be better but lets just continue on).


I just think it's frustrating that while in the dojo, you can't do anything about changing your frame, or your weapons. There's no rooms to access that stuff. I really think there should be an "armory" or something that has warframes and weapons for your character. Maybe something like a hallway with weapon bays on one side and chambers similar to the cryo pods on the other, that you activate and then you can choose from your available weapons and warframes. A short animation plays with plenty of steam or whatever to look cool and help blend the transition and ta-da! you're in your new frame without leaving the dojo. Same with the weapon bay. a UI pops up from the activation panel and you select your weapon (access mods, change colors etc.) and an animation cycles the weapon out to you. That would be really cool visually, and you don't have to jump in and out of the dojo. It would combine the systems so it makes more sense. 


I know what you're thinking, I don't need to go to my dojo very often. And what about people who aren't in clans huh!? what about them you jerk!

Pretty much the same thing can be done, only it's all inside a little single man ship, there's only one warframe chamber, and one weapon bay on one side of the control room/bridge/cockpit of the ship, the foundry and inventory are on the other side in the engineering bay (visible through a window and accessed by a panel where the foundry/inventory UI comes up) and the star map is located in the main area. (I think another room in the back would be nice as the training area, and where Tenno go to do rank tests. (an expanded version available in the dojo) 


This isn't a large thing, but it allows for a bit of movement and to me explains a bit more of how the Tenno are moving about the solar system. Right now it's just magic. Where are they? they are in some large chamber where they kneel around a holographic map of the solar system with an indistinct purpose. As this game nears it's launch with the PS4 I think it would be nice to get some of that story telling fleshed out without having to necessarily tell you all the answers.


That's just a few of my thoughts, i'm sure some of them aren't making total sense yet, but I'd be interested to hear other ideas about this kind of thing.

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