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Please make "Find Solaris Camp" Fortuna bounty phase timer equal across all instances

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Good morning!

This feedback post is related to a bug report regarding this bounty phase for Fortuna. The completion timer for this bounty phase ranges from 1min 20sec to 4min 30sec with no perceived justification for this variance (re: having a longer completion window does not place the bodies further away from the holding cell, in personal experience the opposite is more likely to happen. A 1:20 time limit will have 300+ metres between myself and the holding cell, while a 4:30 time limit will put the holding cell literally across the road). The variance in completion time we're given to find the bodies of the Solaris agents is a source of considerable frustration, because the area in which to search for the bodies is wide, and the marker pointing us to the individual bodies only activates within 30 metres or less (this distance seems to vary, I've had them activate at 20m or less, but never over 30m). If the area is flat and white, the bodies can be seen from the air, but in densely textured or fungal forest areas the bodies must be hunted for on the ground, and more often than not a mere 1:20 is not enough time to both find the bodies AND get to the holding cell even with Archwing. Failing this phase results in the bug linked above.

*** Side note: The marker activation problem seems to be exclusive to player 1. A friend of mine noted that when playing in a group, player 2 will have the individual body markers appear instantly when any squad member enters the phase location.

Please make the timer consistent for all spawn instances for this phase. Finding all bodies and then getting to the holding cell location can be extremely frustrating under a 1:20 constraint for a solo player, or a new player without access to Archwing.


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