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Low Fps Void Runs Since The Website Fix Today


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How much of this game is affected by the backend servers for account stats? Up until you started the website maintenance today, I had no issues using up my 20 T2 raid keys.


After it I have noticeable drop in FPS in game and once I had completed the mission it is taking the backend account servers over 15 seconds to send back to my client to return to the main game, leaving it stuck looking like a crash in the black screen.

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12 keys used and no issues, then DE do some maintenance to the backend servers and I have noticeable drop in FPS for the remaining 8.  I see smoke hence this thread.


I'm saying you used this maintenance as a cause not a time when it happened. If you weren't aware there is a big update coming which may cause some troubles. It's more like you saw someone putting out a fire then you went an saw a fire somewhere else and assumed they were related.

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