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Are Despair Holster/pockets A Little Big?


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I'm a big fan of kunai, love the feel i get throwing a blade across a room to hit a grineer in the face. After i few run ins with the rogue tenno, Stalker, I picked up despair. Already knowing what i wanted from them, i tried them out and performance wise was not let down. The looks are what keep me going back to kunai though.


The knife was awesome and I like the difference between the two, but the holster or pockets that you keep Despair in are a little ridiculous in size on all warframes. I like the style of them , but the size of it takes away from the feeling of being stealthy ninja with huge pockets of knives in my opinion. I could not find a post saying anything about this so thought i would throw it out there.


Maybe Despair could use a little love. What do you think ? :D


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They're waaaay too big on a number of frames. It works well on some, like Loki.


But on frames like Nyx or Excalibur, where they have some sort of decoration in the same spot as the holsters, it looks stupid as all hell because instead of placing it over the decoration, they place it on top of it.


Long story short




Not only that, but on Nyx (and possibly excalibur?) you can see a part of it that you're obviously not supposed to. It like some weird untextured black blob underneath it. But it's gone this long without a fix, I doubt DE even cares.

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I wanted to say that months ago and im sure they would never fix something like this the same goes for the grey back of nyx and escalibur grey back

A little example of excalibur with the holster being very wrong placed and saryn have it in a very correct way




Sorry for the big images

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You haven't seen bad placements until you equip them on a Nekros. They literally can't attach to the hip right, so there's these giant black spacer pads sticking out.. it just looks terrible. I was expected them to be flush to the hips and sit a bit inside the rings, so they look as integrated as they do on frames like the rhino, but no...

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