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What I Think The Next Update Should Be, Update 11


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I think something that adds alot of depth to a game is seeing the struggle, the downfall and hardships of the protagonists. In this case, that would be the Tenno. Seeing loss adds a huge amount of depth to the game, and obviously this would come better if they had characters or voices, but a silent protagonist can leave very bold and meaningful moments for the player to feel.

The newest opening where Nekros is sucking the soul out of the grineer, add Danger of Hell - Thomas Newman, and just watch. You can get a feel for a very somber mood just by the music playing and moving around. Although Update 10 is Shadow's of the Dead, I think the next update should start focusing on emotional and personal development with the warframes. Understanding their cause.

A game I used to play is sort of what I'm drawing influences and idea's from, the original Dragon Age. The connection and choices you make to give you your own personal depth is worth more than a 100 more guns added to the game in my opinion. (maybe not so much for 100 more warframes;) )

Utilizing this games great gameplay is good, and yes we have content, with still tons of room to expand, but lore and campaign should start seriously being developed, or at least integrated into warframe.

In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death... Sacrifice. = Grey Warden (DA:O)

Thanks for taking the time to read,



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Update 11 should be released on October 11, 2013. It will feature a Triple Barrelled Ogris, and is a Homage to the game Jet Force Gemini.


Why? No reason, apart from that was one seriously amazing N64 game.

wait a triple barrel Ogirs? Why not a dual laser Flux rifle?

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Although pondering about the future is not inherently wrong, isn't it a bit early to start wondering what will be in the next update? Considering this update hasn't been out for 6 hours it may be a bit early.

Granted, more lore will be amazing no matter when then decide to add it in the game.

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