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De, Can We Have Some Serious Optimization On The Derelict Sets? Its Fps Drop Central.


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Like the title says.


I just ran my first Derelict mission, and well, I couldn't take in all the hard work you put into it. Why? Because my fps was literally at 10 or lower for every room. I even set all my graphics settings to off/lowest possible, INCLUDING the resolution being at lowest and was windowed, and the fps never went higher. It was always around 10 or so. 


Before someone says something along the lines of: "Get a better computer" or some crud. I can run everything else in this game at max settings without a problem. But the derelict void areas are pretty much unplayable (we still finished the mission but still).


Everyone in my party was having the same issue. And I don't think it was lag.

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I just had the same issue.

First derelict run, lowest FPS was 22, highest 75 because of vsync. A friend that was playing with me had no trouble but he is using a different GPU.


My specs:

Intel Core i5-3570 3,4GHz

8GB Ram

GPU Radeon 6790 1GB DDR5 (Friend has Nvidia)

Win7 64bit

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Yep, I have the same problem. The thing is it's just in some rooms.. I don't even see a pattern here. For example some huge rooms with a lot of trees, fog and/or water run just fine and then my FPS completely tanks in a supply cupboard. It makes no sense.


Also, I have AMD GPU (6470m) and am running lowest settings. So maybe it's AMD thing.




Extraction room - lots of fog and trees, reflective surfaces - FINE

Huge room with no floor and trees across it - FINE

Room with the small water canal - FINE

Small halway, one tree at the wall - FPS tanks below 10

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