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My Thoughts About Update 10 Thus Far.


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Now let me start off by saying that mostly this update has been a success, no, it is not perfect and it has some questionable design choices that many players, myself included don't agree with.

So here is the deal:

- I like the new Warframe, it offers some interesting gameplay elements to the game and with further investigation I have come to conclusion that he is pretty balanced as of now. He seems to be able to pack a nice punch of direct damage, has a nice amount of crowd control abilities and brings utility. He has everything but nothing particularly excelling.

- I like the new weapons in aesthetics. As of yet, I haven't got a chance to try them all, but I like the feel of the DC assault rifle. However I feel that the DC assault rifle is a little bit on a strong side but I'd say it is too soon for me to pass a final judgement. It feels a lot like Gorgon but with a bit more reliable accuracy over distance and makes me feel that unmodded, it can nullify the need to own Gorgon at all.

- The new areas are interesting, like you said in your livestream, it is a very moody area and frankly, quite scary as well. Never have I felt such a beautiful place to feel so scary at the same time. Like there is something really disgusting and dangerous lurking around the corner. Great job!

- The improved voice-overs on enemies such as Grineer bring a more emerging experience of the universe. I got to say though, I feel sorry for slaughtering them as I hear their sad screams of pain, I felt disgusting and made me think how horrible war is, no matter what side you are on. Even on games.

- The new J3-Golem boss is superb, there is nothing more to say about him except that this boss feels a lot more intimidating than the previous version. I admit that I will miss the original red Golem back in the day, maybe he will return once more as a boss one day, now that it would stand out from the rest of the Golems.

- The new U.I is good, but still has minor tweaking to do... I'll continue on cons


- Ok so firstly, the new U.I. feels a bit clunky at times, especially when I try to switch weapons or do other stuff such as upgrade it, the U.I. likes to think that I am reaching for another category above such as from primary weapon to warframe when I'm simply trying to switch my primary gun to another primary gun. This is a small nuisance and can easily be fixed. My suggestion is that you make us click the bars rather than simply hovering over them to prevent this thing to happen, other solution is to have more space between the bars. It might be just me, not used to U.I. but I feel it could be improved upon a bit.

- Bugs, glitches, bugs and glitches. So as we all know, and I'm not here to blame anything. The new update comes along with some bugs and glitches. For example, when you go to check what a specific alert gives to you but you don't go to the mission and you return to main screen in game, you no longer see the alerts until you re-log into the game.
That being said, DE has a good record on acting fast and finding solutions fast so again, this is just a small set-back on the update.

- The new stamina system. Now I understand the design decision behind this and I feel that something along the lines was good for the game, however I also feel that DE went a little too much overboard on this aspect. Everyone feels so handicapped because of this and it makes the pace of the game much lower and as most of us will agree, we are used to much faster pace of gameplay, as much as I hate rushers. What I feel is necessary is to either, make something in between the original stamina system and the new one or like someone suggested, make it depend on the warframe, make it another balance attribute for you. Thus creating more possibilities in character builds of the future warframes.

- So many guns behind time limit. The new infested weapons and the sentinel all are behind a timer. I understand that this is meant to slow down the progression of available content so that not everyone would rush trough the content and then just wait till the next update basically. It is not bad in itself, as the idea but please consider putting less of the weapons in clans restricted time limits and more on the market at will. 3 items on dojo is not too much except it is half of the content that matters the most to the player which is items. Sure it is only 3 days to get them which is the good part of it but I feel that it is still a bit too much content locked away from players rather than most being available in the market section. One can still do as much, so more weapons in a patch of this scale would have been a lot to ask.

- The removal of weapons mods from the sentinels due to them being already equipped on your guns. I know that you said this might happen but it felt satisfying and relieving to not have to find duplicate mods and fusion them alongside of your weapons mods to enchant your sentinels potential. It felt so good to see that your sentinel mattered so much and now they are back to meat bags again. This is something I wish to be reverted, no matter who argumented against this.

Final Product:

8/10, due to bugs and other minor things and because of things that unfortunately did not make it into the update.  Besides those things this has been the best update thus far.

So here are my thoughts about the update 10 thus far. Please not that these are just opinions and I'm nothing more than just a mere gamer thus I only share my experiences on matters and are not taken as facts. Please feel free to comment your thoughts and ideas, what you agree on or you highly disagree on, please try to keep it civil and as constructive as possible. Thank you for reading this lifetime long post and have a nice day, killing hopeless enemies within update 10.

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