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  1. Even world record chasers have their limits, everyone does. But the question is where does that limit then go right? Having essentially a practical god mode for the first 3 lives, and on top of that 3-6 reviews (if the person even dies rather than being downed and revived back up) is easily plenty to pass content that was designed to be passable by even lesser gear. Ridiculously powerful as the players already are to pass even into the territory of designed stat gates of over-tier content by every player simply possessing gear (not needing special skill or cheese), not alone those world record chasers, having 6-9 lives per mission is plenty especially with his improved kit with quick healing of him and his clone by cloud walking and defy among other things providing an armor buff of 1500 base max etc. Yeah if you go to Exterminate mission on say the Lua moon and manage to die 6-9 times in there, the problem probably isn't Wukong.
  2. Do you think it is designed to address and fix that specific issue? No. So why expect it would? Anti-leeching measures are designed only to prevent leeching. Mode design is intended to provide alternatives for players who seek other kind of motivations from the game. We can debate the merits of different modes and how well DE has succeeded in their intended designs but that is a different discussion altogether. Same goes to team synergy which I do agree I wish there were more of but also understand that current playerbase focus and motivation is informed by other factors such as effectiveness of killing (which I find boring but hey, that is the meta currently) and also this is another discussion for another thread.
  3. That is kind of like saying if people weren't so careless with their online security, you would not hack their personal information. Or people wouldn't have their cars stolen if they didn't leave them on unguarded on the street. Nah mate, that is your choice to leech or not to leech. You genuinely think other players who play the game always do it because they think the mode is just ideal in every way? No, they play because regardless of their opinion on different modes, they aren't selfish people. If someone is then fine, that is what that person is like, but that is still them and their choice to be like. And they should not be surprised that one day someone will look at their afk leeching and report them to the support to get temporary bans, that is the choice they consciously made and willingly participated in after all. You can be assured and guaranteed that I absolutely will 100% document and report any afk leecher who ignores warnings over extended period of time and continues on their toxicity. That isn't merely some new player or temporary emergency break, that is a player knowingly and willingly participated in the practice of exploitation and that comes along with responsibility. They get banned? Good. Good riddance, they will not be missed. Not my problem.
  4. Why. As Pablo said, statistically it wasn't really used and did not work in the current meta where you need to be able to kill multiple enemies fast and you already have guns for that.
  5. I do not follow your reasoning at all here. If you watch the workshop videos they made on Monday, you will see that before entering the revive state, you are granted 3 extra instant revives with additional buffs free of charge in each mission. Not only is that extremely powerful, comes with a powerful buff and it is entirely free. For most plays that is far more than enough to sustain your Warframe, when you can manage with even far less. And if you happen to go down and then die because nobody revived you or you were solo, then you would have normally already died 3 times with any other Warframe (excluding Inaros depending on circumstance), and that is saying to the player a lot at that point, that they either are not powerful enough, are doing something wrong or they have played to their skill level and it is time to start extracting. I genuinely recommend watching those livestreams that were just released, because I suspect you may have gotten the wrong idea based on how it was written about on the forum post like I was confused.
  6. Yes. First of all it is in violation of terms of service and user guidelines. It is essentially cheating and exploitation of others. Additionally it is almost never, and I mean never agreed upon by the rest of the players whose time is wasted because one player wasn't doing their part to progress missions faster. It is one thing if some new player has low participation because they do not yet have all the tools and knowledge to perform on the same level as long term players already do, at least they try, but leechers are strictly, exclusively and purely simply selfish. In Hydron the range of the map is small enough to benefit from other players contribution for majority of the map, which is why it is popular for exp farming in the first place due to its small size. In Plains of Eidolon players do not go there to level but to grind Ostron reputation and material rewards from the bounties, exp is never a factor in the first place. In the event that players in clan or friends cover for a trusted friend when they have a bathroom break, that is one thing as it is merely temporary and agreed upon. But this does not apply to any other scenario of leeching, which overwhelmingly in clear majority is simply one player exploiting others and cheating the game for personal game. In no workplace, social sphere or any other cultural, social, intellectual or economic area of life would such behavior be tolerated. So why would it be here? There is objectively no excuse for that behavior.
  7. It does help to alleviate the problem because the database treats it as a singular item. My best guess for not having this work around is development time as they spoke about the same thing many years ago but never got around developing or at least releasing it, and orienting player impatience for platinum sales. But your guess is as good as mine there.
  8. Well as the other player commented on this thread, when Valkyr was initially revealed and released soon after by DE, they described her Hysteria as being a product of Alad V torture. Leaving the players guess what Valkyr was like before her capture and torture. Of course this is realized that DE never explicitly said how Alad V's torture affected Valkyr and especially her 4th ability. So as far as we know players are guessing what she could've been like originally. Maybe her 4th was entirely different, or maybe it was almost identical but did not have certain qualities. We know from lore that her 4th changed, we just don't know how it changed.
  9. So what? I could do it in less than that as well but why would it be relevant?
  10. " Previously having thrived among the Tenno in her natural Gersemi form, Valkyr is known for her capture and subsequent torment at the hands of Alad V. The obsessed Corpus scientist brought Valkyr to his lab on Themisto, Jupiter where she was be restrained and subjected to harsh experiments. This mad science would greatly expand the Corpus' knowledge of Warframe design, and consequentially left Valkyr maddened and scarred. Ultimately, Valkyr was deconstructed and used to produce the Zanuka prototype, Alad V's companion fighting machine. However, blueprints of her components can still be found after defeating Alad V in combat. Valkyr's abilities reflect her madness, accompanied by cries of anguish. " - Source: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Valkyr By the time of her initial reveal way back then and upon her release shortly after DE did state that her state, abilities and especially her 4th ability were changed as the result of Alad V's torture. This is not headcanon, it is actual canon. What players do not know is how the abilities changed, that part is headcanon. But changed abilities themselves is actual verified Warframe canon.
  11. Eh you are right, my economy point is flawed since now that I remember it, aside from temporary mistakes you can no longer trade built items these days. See, I am an old demented fart. Anyway DE is still a small indie developer team. They have grown over the years, they are not three people working at a garage, but they do not have the kind of economy major game development companies have. DE employs a total of 310 people of which only a portion is developers like in any other company. In 2014, 61% of the company was sold to Chinese holding company Multi Dynamic, now Leyou, for $73 million, giving us some idea of the total production cost, licensing fee values, hiring and product in total would cost. From this sum only a portion goes into the development. Contrast that to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) which costed about $50 million to develop, $200 million to market and total costs with market inflation costing total of $292 million according to Activision annual company success report released at the end of the year. In both of these cases the reserved amount of money includes every service, infrastructure and architecture service each game has. In large companies it is calculated within the industry that annually around $100 million dollars goes to server and network maintenance and another to software development, patching and hotfixing. Now even from majority company value we can see that DE is not big enough to afford one of them, let alone both, nor do they have the other resources (like enough developers) to maintain the kind of level service large server space allocation would require. That is of course excluding all the other logistical factors like development itself and having back up in case some development does not produce as much income as estimations project and the developers hope, thus avoiding immediate bankruptcy.
  12. There is a way for DE to actually get around this. Since it was never clarified whether Gemini skin referring to how she used to look meant only the normal variant or her normal variant being the only one that ever existed, DE could work around that by saying Gemini skin specifically refers to modern time non-prime Valkyr, while simultaneously allowing Valkyr Prime from the past to exist without breaking spacetime continuum. The only thing they could not get away with would be her Hysteria, which as you say is supposedly caused by Alad V torture. When I imagined Valkyr Prime or Gesimi Valkyr being released, I was kind of expecting at least different visual effect for her 4th ability to explain that modern time Valkyr Hysteria is a fractured version of the original. But that never happened so the timeline is still broken. I think as since then we have not seen anything like Valkyr being so heavily influenced by modern day events, DE learnt a lesson of sorts to avoid creating these plotholes that may be difficult to solve.
  13. Well long time ago, many years ago they actually talked about a feature where, rather than multi-craft, you could queue up items so once one was complete, it would automatically start constructing the next item of same type (like Forma). Reason for lack of multi-crafting is in in-game economy. If you give players the ability to multi-craft components, on the surface it seems harmless because after all, you have to have resources for them. But what happens when old players with excessive amounts of resources and resource boosters running the entire year for several years can pour them into all kinds of crafting products and then sell them? What happens to the in-game economy? First there will be an influx of valuable items, then deflation of market value once excess is achieved and eventually a recession and inflation. There is another issue players often do not think about and it is a logistical one. All the data from the items within your account are held on the server and it will retrieve the data upon logging-in. Whenever you start crafting an item, the item, item count, the timer, the cost, and all other associated variables are all stored in the servers that run the game data. When you queue up an item, it takes server load space and the more items there are, the more server load and demand it takes and the more network traffic there will be. This is the same reason why in server downtime (for example with DDOS attacks on the server) item selection is often unobtainable because it is unable to receive item data. So then if each individual item data reserves server space, and there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of players at the same time and each crafting none, one or multiple different items at the same time. Now imagine multiple crafting option and that growth in server space and network communication traffic exponentially multiplies, causing game server instability and workload. Now you can ask yourself why some games are able to perform multi-crafting and it is simply because a) they are either performed locally regardless or b) the company has the kind of resources to buy a lot of expensive server space to host and run such a service, the kind that a small indie studio could not afford typically.
  14. This comparison in the context of stealth doesn't work as well as it looks like on the paper because the fundamental component of stealth is its reliability. Take Banshee. Yeah she can also technically be stealthy with her Silence ability causing the enemy to temporarily get stunned if within the area of effect, allowing the performance of a stealth kill. But is her ability a reliable stealth tool? No. Ash's Smoke Screen ability is more reliable tool giving a brief tool of stun and invisibility frame of base duration of 8 seconds (max 24,48) while in comparison to Ivara 3rd ability has the invisibility duration of 79 seconds (energy pool 262, ability cost 25, max energy drain 3/s; f(x)/s = (262-25)/3s = 79/s) as base, and Loki Invisibility that has the base duration of 12 seconds (max 36,72), and finally Octavia whose Metronome: Nocturne buff grants base 15 duration of invisibility to her and her allies (max 46,9). The less there is visible downtime the better because each downtime is a potential threat to be spotted and compromised. When compounding invisibility time and downtime frequencies, the contrast becomes even more apparent. Thus mathematically and statistically Loki, Ivara and Octavia all have a superior capacity for stealthing than Ash does. Does this mean Ash is a bad stealth frame? Not necessarily no. Ash trades stealth to more damage and with Arcane Trickery or better yet two Arcane Trickery he can upkeep his invisibility going by using his 4th ability which already synergizes with stealth by being less expensive to use when in stealth. That is more aggressive and combat oriented use for stealth however, which is what Ash is thematically and functionally more about in general. He uses stealth aggressively rather than defensively like the others do. Personally I do think that if we only consider max duration then 24,48 seconds is plenty of time to stealth and get things done in that time before recasting the ability if necessary.
  15. I like the rework direction overall but I am not entirely sold on the Defy changes. Reflected damage back to the enemy will not be very useful because enemies tend to have high defenses which also scale up each level while their damage numbers in comparison are much smaller as are Warframe shield and hp pools as well. It will do nothing for Wukong the same way it does nothing for Nyx even though she is able to boost her mind controlled targets greatly and why she is known for her CC, not her damage. Thematically and on paper the idea is cool, but mechanically and functionally it just doesn't work in the current way scaling in the game works. Maybe one day there will be point in reflecting damage back to the enemies but not in the current iteration. Here is hoping for a long needed proper balancing and fine tuning of the game.
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