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  1. Depends on how you would define an old player. But from what I recall from the statistics of the game most founders have left and that it is probable of a lot of the people who used to play this game back then. I call myself an old fart for a reason. I like what the game tries to do and is unique in many ways. For better or worse DE is trying to evolve the game forward.
  2. Yes it is by design: "Any summoned allied specter will immediately be hostile to all players (except Shockwave MOAs spawned from a MOA Cabinet Spawner)." - Source: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nightmare_Mode
  3. Oh I wish. I am a lore lover and I know plenty players in the past have requested for more lore. We have gotten same but the last year was pretty dry on lore and there could be so much that could be done. Fanfic lore like the Warframe Development Log videos on Rahetalius channel would be so awesome if we had something similar in the game:
  4. It is an exploit because that is not how the game is supposed to work. Your reasoning for it might be right in some peoples opinion, but it can still be an exploit to an unfair system. I am not one to pass judgement when an action should lead to a ban, certainly not. I have neither the right nor the call to make that nor would I ever imply I do. However all I will say is to the exploiters to be wary of the action because there is a high chance DE will issue a ban to the account for set amount of time.
  5. Long enough to not remember. I know that I did get several back to back and those were my only ones, but all of that was several years ago now I think.
  6. You do not have to parazon it, you can down the Lich enough times and it will leave eventually. You can also ignore it entirely even after creation because you do not have to go to their missions and you never actually lose any of the items they do steal. They are returned upon defeating them finally. I choose to do missions that are less objective complete dependent such as extermination missions, but they are always meant to challenge you so going into an objective heavy mission yes there is a chance they will screw it over for you. That is the risk you take and the choice you make going there. They are not particularly interesting feature at the moment, they are another removed system with a kind of grind now only outdone by Railjack from what I hear. Other than the characters themselves gameplaywise they are just like any other boss but no integration whatsoever.
  7. Warframes yes, their archwings? No. But I do get where you are coming from, even if the previous commenter was right canonically that Archwings are not meant to be battlestations the same way Railjack and Warframes are. Question is, is it good gameplay? I don't know, depends what level of engagement you are looking for. I personally like the change of phase for the difficulty that once did in fact exist in the game. But I am not arrogant enough to think my way or highway, so who am I to tell?
  8. You know that DE makes the call which skins to feature in the game? There have been multiple skins for the same Warframe plenty of times, they do not compete per Warframe category. Often times there are plenty of other factors which is the reason why a skin hasn't been implemented yet. Fredaven has had to change some of his skins meshes because they were conflicting for example. We do not know, and that's the key there. It is neither the fault of the players nor especially the content creator, so disgruntling here is pointless.
  9. Awesome! Thanks for all the hard work there in DE.
  10. I agree on the premise of the authors post, missions on +20 are too low for what it expects and the penalties too high for the players it targets with that level. I do not mind the penalty, or the mechanic, but do add higher requirements, high enough to allow players to have a fair chance of understanding what they are doing and a chance to fight back but not too high as to bar it only for those of us who are the most dedicated and long time players.
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