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  1. Glad to see fixes for the game. Hopefully we'll get new content and Xaku round 2 soon aswell.
  2. Glad for the changes to marked to death. Now to test it.
  3. This is a mixed bunch. I am still testing out Xaku but I have to agree with others that Marked for death was overnerfed. It looks to me as if they had all these kinds of different ways to reduce its original effectiveness and just went onto add all of them at once. I am not sure about their internal testing but it seems to be on par with how developers tackle things considered too powerful. First a too good synergy is spotted, then it is nerfed to the ground and maybe then it might receive some buffs but it will never become quite viable again. This approach has multiple issues as it trie
  4. The way I see it is to give some form of continuity and incentive to continue further. Requirements for different systems have consistently been reduced and to be fair for a perfectly valid and good reason as well. So I am neither saying I am the arbiter of what ought to be nor am I suggesting that the authors criticism is misplaced or invalid. However I do believe that eventually the game has to "progress" beyond that MR 8 level and be less afraid of higher MR levels as well. There is enough of content to have an access to that a player can achieve MR 29 rank and nearly 30% up to MR 30 rank.
  5. " I am getting very excited now! " - Tyl Regor.
  6. It'd still have to fetch your in-game data every time a consumer participates in a stream that has a different progression state than they do. While the state itself can be stored locally, connecting to another person it has to do a cross comparison from both accounts to check if there is a mismatch or a match, and then calculate the visibility parameters based on that. On a more pragmatic side it also forms a pattern of something missing and eventually people will normalize that missing pattern being the 2nd dream components at which point its influence is negated. Look, it isn't that the ide
  7. Umm... I do not think refunds are common requests. Maybe not all the players read the rules and maybe not all the players are familiar with the legal aspects of these sort of agreements but I have been from the start.
  8. What you talk about is known as burnout effect that we all experience at some point. But when you ask what is there to do when you get all of the gear and mods in your arsenal. Plenty of stuff you can do still. For example I am currently trying to get my vitality with each different rank. I already have it maxed out but I want to possess other ranks as well so I can better tailor my Frames and weapons more specifically if I need to or want to. On the side there. I gather resources and prepare myself to next reinforcements and other gear that will come out in the game so that I am well equippe
  9. The reveals were alright. Certainly interesting although maybe not exactly how I imagined the event. It was humorous and had a lot of inside jokes which might put off new potential fans because they would not understand these things and that aside from the reveals the secrecy in the stream was so big that it really did not serve good for your development team. I understand that you might be bound to keep some things in secret but I would rather suggest that events like these are very important so it would be wise to be ready to really show off what you can really do instead of dismissing a lo
  10. Sure but may I suggest looking up concepts first and see if you can do better than other concepts because this is not a new weapon to be suggested. Actually rather frequent suggestion so needless to say posting a separate post is pretty useless if there are better out there. Unless that is you offer something new, interesting, fitting and/or good. I do not want to sound mean but I am just trying to suggest researching a bit first.
  11. Interesting concept. I like this even though the energy cost is something that makes me wonder. However, I guess this could be considered as being the heavy weapon of bows basically. Something that does need good management just like heavy weapons now do but packs a punch when it comes to doing massive damage to compensate the costs done. What I am thinking about how it will affect some of the Warframes and gameplay already whereby maintaining that energy cost without any help to energy costs will affect your gameplay. In some instances, it will make energy siphon and things like natural tale
  12. Well considering that it is a very effective way to make the suits look organic, which is the goal. Sure, they look a lot like some animals and it is effective way of illustrating the art style goal too.
  13. No I think it is all about probability because luck is an illusion. Luck essentially is just a big set of probabilities.
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