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  1. In Steel Path solo in certain objective types where you might rather want the enemy to do as little as possible. Be it slow Nova or lockdown Limbo for example.
  2. To me he represents a hybrid playstyle between a tank and a support similar to Oberon but focused more defensively rather than reactively (Oberon). Grendel is good when you want to disable dangerous entities from the battlefield, buff your whole team and disrupt enemies. He is not a DPS Warframe although with his abilities he can surely make some kills reliably as well. He is not a Mesa though, probably not many expect him to be anyway. Brozime thinks Grendel could use some buffing and maybe that is true. Personally I find Grendel fun and interesting enough to keep him around but I tend to
  3. Well if we are precise historically while ninja's did occasionally conduct assassinations and covert-ops, they weren't the kind of stealth-only archetypes seen in movies, comic books and alike. It was messy business that sometimes involved a much more blunt approach that akin to a samurai to get the job done and they were closer to specialized mercenaries than shadowy assassins. I wish the Warframe had proper stealth mechanics though, just for variety of gameplay and possibility for gameplay experience.
  4. I don't think Tennocon in-game items have never looked particularly great to be honest. The shapes, directions and sizes do not compliment Warframes, and this year the asymmetrical stands out. But I knew what I'd get from the pack I bought. It is not the in-game items that I bought the pack for. Granted I wish the ephemera was a bit more mild and not so on the nose as it currently is but it is not the end of the world for me.
  5. Are you asking this in the context of our modern world perceptions or Warframe universes. These are not necessarily synonymous and for all we know any of them is as illegal or more illegal than the other.
  6. I am not sure how serious this is but the game is too easy, it has been for a long time and the it's effect bleeds onto other gameplay elements. Way back then when players did not have that many mods to stack on and the game phase was slower, more methodological and difficult the team benefitted greatly from the likes of Trinity or any CC they could muster up. There was a time when Vauban was released he was the king because of his CC. As things evolved, players got stronger and stronger and the game became easier and easier the need for things like supportive abilities by the likes of heal
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