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  1. Just to interject, you probably have resolved this already but real ninja's didn't often actually look like the ones we see in movies. Sometimes they did wear clothing similar to the Hollywood tropes, sometimes they were difficult to distinguish from a Samurai, another warrior or citizen. So then Warframe's imagination of a ninja isn't inaccurate and therefore there isn't a ninja look and non-ninja look beyond personal imagination. But as Pavelord noted, it isn't wrong to wish hoods on characters per say, however I do agree with Pavelord here that artistic expression and characterization are key to successful art and while all art imitates life and each other, it is good to examine when an element does bring value to the art and when it might not. I make no commentary on what fits any particular Warframe, that I leave to everyone's own imagination.
  2. Way back in the day when Vauban came and players asked DE if he would have grenades, DE stated back then that they would prefer not to feature just conventional grenades for Warframes at all and rather wanted to give Vauban more imaginative and creative types of tools to his toolkit. Their design philosophy since then could have changed but there is nothing to suggest that it has currently, so I will go with what their last statement on the matter of explosive hand grenades are. If you have time and are interested though, there is a player who absolutely loves Vauban with igniting passion and he made a 50 minute video discussing several ideas, concepts, designs and directions DE could go with his rework and DE has seen the video:
  3. It dips on multipliers a bit too often. For instance you first multiply with damage mods which I presume are your physical damage mods, and only after multiple with elemental mods which is not how the formula works. I also wonder are you trying to calculate a single instance hit to target or overall DPS? In any case you can find the in-game damage calculation formula here: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Damage
  4. I was more referring to its utilization within that context, and that of the chat.
  5. I do not think it needs scaling. It is fast enough and especially in corridors it would be a bit too much. I am personally not of the opinion that everything necessarily needs scaling, sometimes hard caps are okay if the whole kit comes around and Gauss kit is brilliant.
  6. Wait how does this work exactly? I already have all Focuses maxed out when lesser and greater lenses were only a thing. The daily cap is easy to obtain if you know how. Same with Aura Forma. You can build your Warframes in a way where they are not needed for most builds, and even then though you can get everything you need if you buy or do not buy. In what way is that winning? And winning over what or whom?
  7. I have the contrary experience. It seems to me that anywhere not inside a cave in Orb Vallis you'll get constant Corpus dropships who then attack you on sight and initiate a threat level increase unless you destroy the pole. In PoE that mostly happens if you are close to a base or at night with the Vomvalysts.
  8. Design Council hasn't really been utilized for a whole lot and its participation is low. Why use a chat that ultimately is a different kind of region chat except for founders (and few lucky ones)? I do not think that founders aimed to participate in the program for the chat feature, it was always a bonus and I think even DE saw that. These days at most it might give you semi-year voting on some augment or so, but even that is stretching it.
  9. Glad to receive more fixes to the game.
  10. So if I now hypothetically disagree with you, can your suggestion be thrown to the same bin as others? Or do the rules only apply to everyone else? See that is the problem in your post. You mean well but you miss the analysis on why conflicting viewpoints exist in general. People have made all kinds of suggestions and while not all of them are good or even none are good in the eyes of DE, the fact that none are used as inspirations even suggests DE has their own vision and players who have made suggestions can see that and at some point they ask themselves what is the point of suggesting anything specific if none of that will be heard anyway. Then it becomes that ever beloved saying: " I want content " without specifying what it means. People do not repeat their suggestions if they do not get sought after reception, and most people aren't creative enough to be able to craft all kinds of ideas all of the time every time. That is a rare and specific talent and personality trait. DE could easily solve this by being more active themselves by directly asking and then creating polls to vote on. Far from a perfect solution and you can never please everyone, but far better than throwing darts on ideas blind and hoping to hit the jackpot. Before you jump to conclusion and despite my criticisms of the beginning section of your post OP, your suggestions isn't half bad. Now you only need to post that on feedback section, DE has stated they do not read General Discussion page at all.
  11. A lot of people have, they did not advertise it that much. It is a machete skin: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Machete - it is on the skin section near bottom of the link page.
  12. Stop playing a game as a solution to a problem is a terrible suggestion and lets face it, a non-solution. It is lazy reasoning and does nothing to address the reasons players make the criticisms they make. It fixes the problem the same way a solution to a malfunctioning car is to not having a functional car at all. But regardless of that having read your post I do not necessarily even think your analysis is on point. You could say it is Veteran entitlement, but the reason why there has been criticism towards concepts of content drought is because if you go back many years ago 2015, the reason why these kinds of criticisms did not exist back then was because there wasn't such a thing as content drought. Even Rebecca has mentioned that back then regular content drops were common, they were not major or weren't necessarily the kind of higher quality as modern content is, but there were regular content drops. Be it they were a weapon every so often, a skin, or what have you. There was a reason for any player to drop by and pursue goals, even Veterans, because there always was content that was new and gave new experiences. While DE's ambitions and increased quality is welcome on the surface and there isn't anything necessarily wrong with that. However what it does mean is that those who have played the game to a point where there is nothing to pursue will have no reason to drop by and play the game again without new content. Quality, that concept as valuable as it is, can not compete with the amount of time it takes to create it at this current time. I am certainly not suggesting ditching quality, but I am saying DE should pay more attention to the balance. The problem with high fidelity concentrations of content and content drought is that content drought creates disengagement and it is human nature to become gradually less invested and involved the more times they experience that other venues offer experience where drought content at that time does not. Back then once upon time quantity was more common, now it is the opposite, but neither extreme of the digital variant serves the games long term health and interests well in my opinion. Maybe it is true, regardless of the authors non-solution, that it does in fact spell out that it is time to move on to different venues. But it is not in the interest of Warframe to be this way and I do believe that the current format isn't exactly sustainable either for better or worse.
  13. By the way you can add a direct timestamp where the video starts by either clicking the share button below the video and marking the add timestamp feature or simply by adding t=xs at the end of the link where x marks the amount of seconds you want the timestamp to be at. Not trying to be aggressive, thought you might find it handy in the future. 🙂 EDIT: Also the bladed club is already a skin in the game. It is not its own separate weapon but a weapon skin.
  14. So the Lunaros weapon they were planning to add many years ago. Get on the train.
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