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  1. - - - - - Here are links to basic few good mods to look out for. I run almost all of them in every build, with the exception of either excluding Med-Pet Kit mod or Loyal Companion mod from the build sometimes. Those mods work especially well for tanky frames. Note that link-type mods take % value from your Warframes stats, which is why Warframes that have high HP and Armor are good choices for companions who will get high stats as well from proper modding. Soon there will be flat value mods that will be more useful for squishier Warframes as well. But let me pass on a few example builds I have to showcase how to build: Raksa Kubrow: Howl: Protect: Animal Instinct: Hunter Recovery: Pack Leader: Bite: Link Armor: Link Health: Shelter: Med-Pet Kit: For stats comparison using Oberon with fully maxed out Vitality, Primed Vigor and Steel Fiber as well as all companion mods maxed out, the stats of the Kubrow are as follows: Armor: 496 Critical Chance: 43,0% Critical Multiplier: 9,6x Health: 2 600 Shield: 310 Status: 5,0% Slash: 304,0 Notes: The above Kubrow build is not build for Oberon specifically and in this comparison I have not used min-max build nor Oberon Prime. The Kubrows durability is helped trough the Med-Pet Kit passive health regeneration, as well as the stacking of Pack Leader and Hunter Recovery giving lifesteal from your Warframes melee to the Kubrow, as well as having a whopping 2 minutes and 30 seconds revive time, which is plenty of revive time for them. Additionally you might not want to have utility and life convenience mods like Animal Instinct or Shelter, or damage mods like Bite (I'd recommed other damage mods instead of it, or more than simply Bite), and yet with all these mods the Kubrow is extremely tough and does quite a bit of damage as well. They can, albeit rarely, get stuck in environment hazards like Fortuna electrified water and there is not much you can do for them then. But that is more of a problem of outdated AI pathing algorithms and since then introduced environments rather than a durability issue of the companions in of themselves.

    kitguns, kitguns, kitguns, ...

    I wonder how many Formas over the years I would get. Just this year I've burned more than 500 of them so far. I understand the frustration as it was one I used to share as well. However as I've grown with the game over the years I've began to understand my role and responsibility in the choices I make. As a general rule of thumb do not invest into items that you know are not supposed to work like that unless you are absolutely certain you will enjoy the experience after they will be adjusted as well, or if you have spare at the current state then you might use them. But unless you have spare ones and are absolutely certain your investment will be worth it for months or years to come, do not spend your resources in investments that you do not think are worth it. This is actually quite a good rule in economics overall I've learnt. They truly mean it literally when they say to spend your limited resources wisely. I would point out however that Kitguns are by no means weak even after the changes. They still are among the most powerful secondaries in the game, outclassing even most primaries. To my mind that is only wasted if you compare them now to their previous state which is kind of obvious but perhaps not entirely accurate comparison. Should such an event be true in such a case I don't think the problem would be the investment but the thought that they are no longer as good as they were at launch. But then one might ask where does that idea go to, since they still are among the most powerful gear in the game regardless.

    Is primed flow vaulted?

    As others have pointed out, mods are not vaulted. Only prime gear gets vaulted, others may be event exclusive items that according to DE should become available eventually. Though who knows when that will be since they said that years ago and still haven't followed it entirely trough. With primed mods it is entirely up to RNG what Baro Ki'Teer will bring but if you are truly concerned you might want to keep an eye out for Tennocon next year, as when you buy a Tennocon ticket, you get access to a special temporary relay where Baro Ki'Teer will sell every item he has ever had in his inventory up to that point.
  4. Always document it. Leeching is in violation of User Guidelines. I've gotten people banned for it, and I always ask them to join the mission and do it properly if and when I notice they are abusing and taking advantage of other players. If they will not comply, I will tell them that leeching is a bannable offense and I have been documenting the process from start. Should they yet again fail to comply, I will go and make a ticket. Not my problem if they chose to violate the rules.

    Mature operator and why...

    Well here in Finland the youngest soldiers who partook in the Winter War and died on the battlefield was a 8-year old boy. The army did not generally allow that, but the boy practically forced himself to the battlefield and unfortunately eventually paid the ultimate price for it. Children are rare but not unheard of sight in the battlefield. Who knows how old Tenno are. I get the disconnect and nothing wrong with having an opinion, just wanted to add something to the discussion that has been already had here on this thread.

    Mature operator and why...

    Check your formatting or where you try to bring your photo from.

    Valkyr in Fortnite

    Nothing personal but you see more than there is. I am a Software Engineering student and I can tell you that if this was a homage to Valkyr Warframe, then DE would naturally be notified of a possible cross-over cooperation with another company as a campaign, simply because of creator copyright. And that does not violate copyright because it is so far from Valkyr as a model. But for what it is worth it can mean whatever you want it to mean for yourself. Have a nice day. 😃

    Why is there so much negativity about the game?

    That probably does exist but I think that is due to hyping and expecting things that were never promised in initial release, and that being an entirely separate topic of discussion. Relevant in the sense of negativity but not for the same reasons. Speaking of the topic of negativity I do think there is more of that than there used to be but is that because of general attitude change towards the game or because the game has grown since then? I think that when I view the game so far and the community, my answer would be the lateral one. Think about people like Skill-Up, a big growing youtuber praising a game he previously had no interest in whatsoever. Or Lirik who said Warframe was fun now that he tried it for the first time after Fortuna. Like another player suggested, people who are satisfied rarely say anything because they are busy playing and enjoying the experience (that would be me as well), some talk about the things that do not work out of passion and love for the game, and then there is a visible minority that out of one reason (like unrealistic expectations they themselves created in their own heads) or another. Whatever the case may be I do think that at the end of the day things are going mostly well. Yes you see negativity but that is not always coming from a malicious place and hopefully DE understands this as well.

    Some people can be just rude...

    The question I always ask is what prompts that kind of reaction. Once you realize that it is an emotional response to a failure to consider something it becomes clearer to also understand that in those kinds of instances it is them, not you. Whatever their reason is does not concern you, it was not your fault and you are also allowed to make mistakes, they happen. Even to the best and most experienced among us (I am MR 26).

    Game awards 2018

    Ye. Where is God of War or Red Dead Redemption? Angery!

    This game needs a vote kick function

    What the game should do in open areas is to make it so that you have to be in approximity of the objectives X amount of time for the objective to count. So lets say that you have to spend 15-20% of the objective time at the objective itself for it to count. Of course this is nowhere near perfect hypothetical solution because it can be deceptive (should be a visible indicator or audio que clear enough to indicate reward timer) and it could still allow abuse of the system if there are nodes nearby albeit far less safely and effectively. I do think DE needs to figure out how this abuse could be avoided, however as others have noted the vote-kick system has plenty of holes in it as well and is therefore not as reliable as one might hope it to be. But the problem is ever present, today my squad got a MR 24 leecher in our Fortuna bountry who selfishly mined while we played the objectives properly. Had there be some kind of proximity or timer requirement, it would reduce such instances significantly and transfer miners etc. to situation of free-roaming at nobodies expense. It would reduce, although not entirely solve, the instance of player-to-player abuse as well.

    I spoke too soon.

    It is difficult to relate because for me I see balancing a good thing rather than a bad one. You might argue and say " well I do as well but I'd rather buff the other content than nerf what was already effective. " - and fair enough that could work as well. But I do not relate with the idea that balancing pushes people away necessarily. I think that is true for some, sure, but for the most part I doubt it. If something is broke, say how Mirage used to cause FPS issues to low end computers with certain setups, it is hardly unreasonable for the developers to ' nerf ' her mechanic. Same way Riven dispositions were never touted as fixed, they were always said to be rebalanced at times, and now they've said it will be a more regular thing. There is a reason pursuing after the most powerful Rivens out there for weapons you know have already unintentionally high Riven dispositions or stats is a fools effort. One may choose to exploit the temporary situation just like one may choose to exploit a bug or glitch for temporary gain, but that player is conscious that this is not how it is supposed to work and therefore getting upset about it being ' fixed ' is kind of silly. Now look, I get that it that it frustrates to pour in a lot of effort to perfect something only to see it gone waste over time. But it is also true that the information that this would happen was always out there and it was only a mater of time it would be done so you kind of caused this to yourself by shooting your own feet and now you wonder why your feet hurt. Were I you, I would take it as a growing lesson so that you do not repeat the circumstance in the future.

    Why did DE remove the raids?

    Well it is clear you don't know the reason, which is not wrong, you are a new-ish player for all intents and purposes contextually after all. Raids were removed because only a handful of players were playing them. Accessibility, difficulty and other factors made participation in raids difficult and the only few who regularly played then could dominate the platinum markets by selling arcanes at high prices. Because it did not attract enough players, it wasn't economically nor logistically beneficial to keep them around until further rework. You think 8 months is a lot but it actually is not. Some features have been absent for years (dark sectors) and they may or may not come back one day. Warframe is build on intuition a lot of times, what the developers think might work for the game. If one day they have a new vision for a model of raids that would be interesting, accessible and functional -- then we might one day get them back. Community is " not dying " because of the absence of raids and high demand for them, the community " is dying " because of the development cycle of Warframe and what drives in player interest. Warframe is a game that used to live on frequent content basis, nothing large like Plains of Eidolon or Fortuna, but small updates every now and again, month or few from the last. While many appreciate the quality and elements that open world settings bring to the game, the absence of content in the meantime makes the player experience slow down. The problem with this is that not every player is dedicated enough to at least come back every day to get the daily log-in rewards. If their interest to the game is lost due to absence of content, they might not even come back when big updates come, or they will not be as interested in the game anymore when they come back. What players of the community are discussing is whether or not these yearly development cycles are sustainable. As [DE]Steve said, they wanted to release Fortuna back in July which was 4 months ago originally, and the aftermath of delays show in their radar as well.

    The first week of November is here!

    Not likely. If all things would go ideally they'd release it this week but that would often mean the product would not have polishing or bug fixing to do. Being a Software Development student myself it is actually quite difficult to sometimes fix bugs. Not because they are difficult to identify but they are difficult to understand why and how to fix them. This is simply because code follows certain logic and sometimes a perfectly valid code can break because the console does not prefer the specific type of code (even if it were appropriate).

    Halloween round the corner.

    I'd love to see a new event and new gear but the past 2 years DE has been busy doing a project and we have not had an event so I am not holding my breath.