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  1. Yet another one of these threads. I have left a comprehensive answer to some of the previous ones and I am too busy and lazy to repeat my points so I will just condense it: It would not work and following trends for the sake of trends is always a very bad idea because that is exactly what kills the trend and the games that get into it simply for money and greed.

    Talking about long forgotten Stalker...why?

    All we know is how Umbra was made and that others were mass produced, however the game specifically does not describe any details of that process. Best we have currently is speculation of their nature. One remembers that in previous lore bits the information is not clear cut either. To be fair I do not think the speculation is far fetched personally either, but I still recognize it as speculation. By first I merely referred to Warframes of their kind of framing, their kind of method.

    Anyone else not interested in railjack..?

    It is not for everyone. Personally I love the concept, as it combines ground combats by invasions to your ship and you invading the enemy ship, space battle in Archwing to destroy some of those pesky fighters bothering the Tenno ship, team work when operating the ship (if chosen) or solo (if used automation like they will allow). All this culminates into is a multilevel gameplay experience with lots of different roles to partake in and a lot of potential. My concern is if the game mode will be rewarding enough however, these modes do not have a constant track record of having good enough rewards to keep players invested in them for a longer time.

    Good job Warframe :D

    Congratulations! Nothing personal though OP, but I would try to edit the title because click-bait, even if probably unintentional, is against the forum Terms of Service (ToS). Still though grats on your achievement, Warframe is a good game and also my number #1 of all time currently I think.

    Talking about long forgotten Stalker...why?

    While this idea is interesting story arc for the Stalker, we must recognize the fact that we do not yet exactly know what modern Warframes like Excalibur or Stalker are. In the current understanding what they are, are robots. Umbra, as the first experimental versions, were mutated technocyte virus humans. Maybe all of them are. But we do not know fully yet. If they were all mutated humans, this kind of story arc would be possible and interesting suggestion.

    Ember is up to par

    You can pass a Sortie with MK1-Braton but it is not exactly what I would be calling ' balanced '.

    Limbo deluxe is coming this week or what?

    DE is on vacation for the holiday and even though something is finished does not mean it is released immediately. Deluxe packs also come with other cosmetics and it is fairly standard to hold out content for testing and when higher priorities have been addressed.

    When did 5-10 minutes become the norm?

    I have no use for the rewards so these days (soon-ish MR 27) it is entirely deppending on what I need or how much investment I seek in any given mission. Most players can easily get to that goal with or without me anyway.
  9. DE has said they will not be available to exalted weapons. While these days you can get mods like Blood Rush by farming them, mainly due to being considered essential in some builds and thus made available to farm, but in the code they are classified with the Acolyte designation. Why the limitation though? Good guestion. If I had to guess it is because the weapons are designed around non-Acolyte mod balance and from a gameplay balance design perspective they do not want that. It may also be a technical limitation in the code that does not utilize switch-case principle within the code, thus being unable to recognize temporary conditioning parameters when an exalted weapon mode is activated. This may also be why set mods don't contribute the set bonus when used in exalted gear.

    RIP my relics

    You do understand that it is because of a different infrastructure from the start, right? It was developed that in mind so the functions are adapted to that coding. Yes you can build the rest of the game from the ground up to add that feature but it is a lot of work, resources and high investment to make. Now of course ideally I would prefer that over losing items obviously, but I don't think you quite understand how much work it takes to execute these functions, and how much harder it is to add these features recursively to code than build it with the function in mind from start. You are looking at hundreds of thousands of lines of new code (you can use some of the previous code but mostly that means only few lines of the code as you have the introduce the rest to appropriate environment and functions) and months investment.

    RIP my relics

    How would you do this exactly? It is not like you can insert a line of code and that would be a magical bullet. The reason being that the way data is shared and devices communicate is by sending TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or UDP (User Datagram Protocol) packets from A to B, usually by utilizing the Server-Client principle (communication between the servers and the host client device). Sometimes when there are issues with the server, they will utilize a flow control method or in this case an information traffic control method where sometimes some packages are dropped to prevent overload, commonly known as packet loss for those who do not study or work in the field. This is how the internet packet infrastructure works in its most simplified form. To fix this would mean the overhaul of the whole internet infrastructure, something so expensive that currently not a single nation in the world can afford (this is a big problem in the future in our field where we kind of have to overhaul it, but nobody can afford to do it).

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.2

    This is a good day to be alive. Have you noticed network issues by the way? Can not login at the moment. Either on your end or because of server load traffic.

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    Awesome! Happy holidays DE! Happy holidays everyone! 😃

    What is the point of the quest giver agent?

    There are many reasons: - Firstly I like to return to Fortuna because I want to see if I have gained reputation to x thing and how much I have left or if I will buy something else instead. - Secondly I like variety and that means variety in team comp, player styles and personalities, I usually change my own loadout as well while in Fortuna. - Lastly I do think the mechanic was executed decently but not fully thought out. Yes you can get new bounties but lets be honest here, how many will utilize the concept unless they play with their friends. My initial thought was that you could actually capture and own outposts in Fortuna and you would have to defend them occasionally and they would be very specific (limit how much you could own or only some fixed outposts only) and that this would provide fluid continuum, but alas that is not the case and so for the most part you either go to the one right outside of Fortuna or you capture an outpost again. Capturing an outpost takes more time than going back to Fortuna, getting a bounty and going back out there, and going for the agent outside of Fortuna you might as well go and get a refill because the time differential index is so small either way.
  15. Textures yes but mesh is much more than that. If the texture is wildly different, it requires a new skeleton entirely and coding new parameters that fit the original model whil+e keeping the skin mesh integrated. Unlike with Deluxe skins where DE gets all or some of the profit (some if they use contractors), with Tennogen they get roughly 30% of the revenue. If your art requires new meshes then it is unlikely because the skeleton and code is expensive and I don't think DE would invest in that with Tennogen items in general. However the need for a new mesh is entirely dependent on how wildly different the model is.

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.5

    Quality of life fixes are definitely welcome. 😃
  17. - - - - - Here are links to basic few good mods to look out for. I run almost all of them in every build, with the exception of either excluding Med-Pet Kit mod or Loyal Companion mod from the build sometimes. Those mods work especially well for tanky frames. Note that link-type mods take % value from your Warframes stats, which is why Warframes that have high HP and Armor are good choices for companions who will get high stats as well from proper modding. Soon there will be flat value mods that will be more useful for squishier Warframes as well. But let me pass on a few example builds I have to showcase how to build: Raksa Kubrow: Howl: Protect: Animal Instinct: Hunter Recovery: Pack Leader: Bite: Link Armor: Link Health: Shelter: Med-Pet Kit: For stats comparison using Oberon with fully maxed out Vitality, Primed Vigor and Steel Fiber as well as all companion mods maxed out, the stats of the Kubrow are as follows: Armor: 496 Critical Chance: 43,0% Critical Multiplier: 9,6x Health: 2 600 Shield: 310 Status: 5,0% Slash: 304,0 Notes: The above Kubrow build is not build for Oberon specifically and in this comparison I have not used min-max build nor Oberon Prime. The Kubrows durability is helped trough the Med-Pet Kit passive health regeneration, as well as the stacking of Pack Leader and Hunter Recovery giving lifesteal from your Warframes melee to the Kubrow, as well as having a whopping 2 minutes and 30 seconds revive time, which is plenty of revive time for them. Additionally you might not want to have utility and life convenience mods like Animal Instinct or Shelter, or damage mods like Bite (I'd recommed other damage mods instead of it, or more than simply Bite), and yet with all these mods the Kubrow is extremely tough and does quite a bit of damage as well. They can, albeit rarely, get stuck in environment hazards like Fortuna electrified water and there is not much you can do for them then. But that is more of a problem of outdated AI pathing algorithms and since then introduced environments rather than a durability issue of the companions in of themselves.

    kitguns, kitguns, kitguns, ...

    I wonder how many Formas over the years I would get. Just this year I've burned more than 500 of them so far. I understand the frustration as it was one I used to share as well. However as I've grown with the game over the years I've began to understand my role and responsibility in the choices I make. As a general rule of thumb do not invest into items that you know are not supposed to work like that unless you are absolutely certain you will enjoy the experience after they will be adjusted as well, or if you have spare at the current state then you might use them. But unless you have spare ones and are absolutely certain your investment will be worth it for months or years to come, do not spend your resources in investments that you do not think are worth it. This is actually quite a good rule in economics overall I've learnt. They truly mean it literally when they say to spend your limited resources wisely. I would point out however that Kitguns are by no means weak even after the changes. They still are among the most powerful secondaries in the game, outclassing even most primaries. To my mind that is only wasted if you compare them now to their previous state which is kind of obvious but perhaps not entirely accurate comparison. Should such an event be true in such a case I don't think the problem would be the investment but the thought that they are no longer as good as they were at launch. But then one might ask where does that idea go to, since they still are among the most powerful gear in the game regardless.

    Is primed flow vaulted?

    As others have pointed out, mods are not vaulted. Only prime gear gets vaulted, others may be event exclusive items that according to DE should become available eventually. Though who knows when that will be since they said that years ago and still haven't followed it entirely trough. With primed mods it is entirely up to RNG what Baro Ki'Teer will bring but if you are truly concerned you might want to keep an eye out for Tennocon next year, as when you buy a Tennocon ticket, you get access to a special temporary relay where Baro Ki'Teer will sell every item he has ever had in his inventory up to that point.
  20. Always document it. Leeching is in violation of User Guidelines. I've gotten people banned for it, and I always ask them to join the mission and do it properly if and when I notice they are abusing and taking advantage of other players. If they will not comply, I will tell them that leeching is a bannable offense and I have been documenting the process from start. Should they yet again fail to comply, I will go and make a ticket. Not my problem if they chose to violate the rules.

    Mature operator and why...

    Well here in Finland the youngest soldiers who partook in the Winter War and died on the battlefield was a 8-year old boy. The army did not generally allow that, but the boy practically forced himself to the battlefield and unfortunately eventually paid the ultimate price for it. Children are rare but not unheard of sight in the battlefield. Who knows how old Tenno are. I get the disconnect and nothing wrong with having an opinion, just wanted to add something to the discussion that has been already had here on this thread.

    Mature operator and why...

    Check your formatting or where you try to bring your photo from.

    Valkyr in Fortnite

    Nothing personal but you see more than there is. I am a Software Engineering student and I can tell you that if this was a homage to Valkyr Warframe, then DE would naturally be notified of a possible cross-over cooperation with another company as a campaign, simply because of creator copyright. And that does not violate copyright because it is so far from Valkyr as a model. But for what it is worth it can mean whatever you want it to mean for yourself. Have a nice day. 😃

    Why is there so much negativity about the game?

    That probably does exist but I think that is due to hyping and expecting things that were never promised in initial release, and that being an entirely separate topic of discussion. Relevant in the sense of negativity but not for the same reasons. Speaking of the topic of negativity I do think there is more of that than there used to be but is that because of general attitude change towards the game or because the game has grown since then? I think that when I view the game so far and the community, my answer would be the lateral one. Think about people like Skill-Up, a big growing youtuber praising a game he previously had no interest in whatsoever. Or Lirik who said Warframe was fun now that he tried it for the first time after Fortuna. Like another player suggested, people who are satisfied rarely say anything because they are busy playing and enjoying the experience (that would be me as well), some talk about the things that do not work out of passion and love for the game, and then there is a visible minority that out of one reason (like unrealistic expectations they themselves created in their own heads) or another. Whatever the case may be I do think that at the end of the day things are going mostly well. Yes you see negativity but that is not always coming from a malicious place and hopefully DE understands this as well.

    Some people can be just rude...

    The question I always ask is what prompts that kind of reaction. Once you realize that it is an emotional response to a failure to consider something it becomes clearer to also understand that in those kinds of instances it is them, not you. Whatever their reason is does not concern you, it was not your fault and you are also allowed to make mistakes, they happen. Even to the best and most experienced among us (I am MR 26).