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  1. So Ash, Excalibur, Gara, Limbo, Loki, Nekros, Nyx, Revenant, Valkyr and Volt. All of these examples break this suggested mold in some format and these 33,5% are just the obvious ones, there are more who are debatable how they are viewed individually. If you are looking for something then yeah you can kind of sort-of half see it when you exclude all of the many exceptions to that rule but I think it is stretching. You get more accurate evaluations by abilities or thematic comparisons.
  2. Well you can put in Arcanes to do that, or mods. If you like to mod thematically like I do, I utilize them even though in performance they are not min-maxed. Not that I care about min-maxing personally. I think that what makes elemental Warframes more distinct from one another is when they do something with their respective element, but that does not necessarily translate to damage resistance to that element.
  3. DE does have one though and one member participated in one of the livestreams a year or few ago. Q&A Teams work immensely to find bugs as much as they can with the resources they have available but it is a mathematical equation that no matter how much time Q&A Team is given prior the launch of an update, there will always be bugs that slip trough simply because 10 people playing for an hour is the equivalent of one Q&A Team member working for 10 hours to find possible bugs and scale that to 10 000, the equivalent time of 1250 days of work (regular work day duration is 8 hours´, and even that calculation excludes the time it takes to make reports, it only accounts pure gameplay testing), in 100's of thousands of players that is even more, but you get the point of exponential scaling of time by amount of testers. This is why no matter what game company with even large Q&A teams there is always a handful of bugs that slip trough.
  4. While I do think it would be nice if low spec PC's could run Warframe, I wonder about the tech and at which point it is reasonable to expect what kind of hardware and software can run certain things. There is a certain logistical problem with older technology and game development in that it makes developing and evolving the game difficult because it often requires the utilization of newer hardware and software to allow for certain software coding to function properly. Recently they dropped DirectX 9 because that technology was from 2004, over a decade old technology, and a limitation to what they could do with the games software. It is unfortunate that some places in the world have a lot of poverty and difficult job prospects especially if you have no education and little or no working experience, and the person may have to postpone the idea of them playing their favorite game. But finding a way to get income is probably the best course of action at the moment. It is what people do when they want to support their favorite activities and hobbies.
  5. I am really liking the Wisp aesthetic direction. I can imagine her in Kuva colors, since Grineer are a matriarchy someone like her would probably be part of the queens personal guard/special operatives/assassins etc.
  6. Good, more fixes and improvements. Still trying to adapt and get used to the new UI's, but I definitely like the ability to visit Simaris from Orbiter directly.
  7. You can already do this although perhaps not as conveniently. Here is an example of someone using a filter: https://imgur.com/a/pLgiJ2N This same works for mod traits as well, for example if you write to search box: Fire Rate, it will only show you mods that feature the stat in some form (positive and negative). Of course click is easier.
  8. It'll depend on the implementation. I do wish there would be more creativity however, once in a while we get a mechanic in a Warframe that is interesting and changes how you think about engaging the enemy. Of course I realize that it is easier to be an inventor if you are the first one to invent the wheel, but I do think there are many potential unexplored concepts. When Oberon was announced, I Imagined someone who could summon a protective barrier around himself or friendly ally. When Equinox was announced, my imagination really played wild with the whole duality good and evil kind of thematics and again a protective barrier was one of the ideas I had for her abilities. When Vauban was announced, I imagined the ability to summon a turret (exalted basically these days). When Nekros was announced, I imagined a straight 360 damage aura (somewhat similar to Ember but smaller, toxic and always around as long as it is actively kept). Some future inventions have gotten me excited. I think the upcoming Oniframe (the rounder frame) is a frame that has the potential to really invent and bring new elements into the Warframe roster. The speedyframe can be fun but I am not all too exited about him myself. He does what you can do but faster. I know he has his audience too, Brozime seemed to be excited about him but he tends to like that kind of way of playing in general and I am sure there are more like him. I like the thematic ideas but I do admit from recent Warframes I am left wondering what experience did I get from them and with some I can not remember. That says to me there wasn't anything remarkable enough in them to create memories that made them stand out, experiences that I could not have had with others. When I play Loki, I know I play Loki. Although his uniqueness has decreased over time, he still does stand out.
  9. There is a design problem with unarmed combat. If you create unarmed combat you either have to make it relevant for players but then the question would be why would anyone use any other melee weapon in the game unless you seek specific utility. Alternatively it would be made practically irrelevant where it might as well not exist at all. Why no happy middle road? Well because a) the happy middle road is someones powertrip they should not yet be having, b) it is someones downgrade they will not want to engage in and c) due to massive power spikes of the game finding the middle-road is difficult anyway.
  10. Is your friend familiar with Virtual Machine. It is not the best solution but it is an option. Like AN01M3 wrote and as a software development student I would agree that it is possible to do it for Mac but because Mac is based on different source code the conversation isn't simply coding the launcher, they need to convert a lot of the infrastructure of the game to operate on Mac OS. It is possible however I am not sure what the probability of that happening is. It may be wiser to try out different venues, like getting a computer with Windows or Linux OS, or trough Virtual Machine (which is not ideal but can work).
  11. What OS (Operating System) are you using? Could you post your specs here? Is there anything other that might cause conflicts with the program? Have you any other software open that may cause additional memory usage (such as a browser)? Have you checked your computer protection status? When did this start occurring?
  12. Read it just after. Too busy doing other things non-related to Warframe. Thanks anyway,
  13. My account has lost its Kogake from my inventory and I know for a fact that I never sell my gear once I've obtained it intentionally, and I tend to be very careful with that. A clanmate of mine told me that he had read I am not the only one that encountered this sudden loss of Kogake gear.
  14. No there was an event after that called the Tubemen of Regor and lorewise he survived the infestation. Later in the Second Dream he offers assistance to the Tenno in exchange of a favor and in operation Shadow Debt he claimed his favor from the Tenno. Those go Chronologically. Taken from wikia: " After being defeated a second time and purging his body of the Infestation, Alad V had served as an unlikely ally of the Lotus and the Tenno, even attracting the hatred of the Stalker and his allies in the process. " - Source: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Alad_V You can read his whole chronology right up until the upcoming Jovian Concord which we will soon find more about.
  15. He didn't die then. There's been dialogue since then where he thanks Tenno for getting him rid of the mutalist infestation that controlled him.
  16. Should isn't will so yes. " I should have eaten a banana yesterday. " - does not translate to: " I ate a banana yesterday. ", " I should be able to make it in time. " - does not mean: " I will make it in time. " The word 'Should' indicates what is probable, the word 'Will' indicates what is absolute.
  17. Timestamp 33:27 to 34:10, and Rebecca: " It is coming in May. " - Rebecca and Steve: "It is coming in this month. " - a response to a player asking when the Gas City rework will come (Jovian Concord, Source: ). In the first post of this thread made by Rebecca stated the following: " Warframe: The Jovian Concord should arrive next week on PC. " - DERebecca, May 8th. They made it clear they are aiming this week, not that it will release this week. That is a common conjunction that some people make because people treat it as a synonym for exact release, but there is a difference. Humane error.
  18. Tuesday they will info again, not necessarily when the update is released.
  19. Well the problem with Destiny is in the back end code and infrastructure. Changing that is costly and time consuming. Bad news for Bungie it meant those periods of dead silence and building up releases over time. Frequent releases would not have been realistic because it clogs up the servers and every patch costs money to deploy. With a heavy system like theirs even more so. Since stake holders do not want to give off industry detail to avoid responsibility in their role and stake in that result, Bungie could not openly speak about the problems they had in Destiny.
  20. Oh well that actually has to do with a development technique they used to develop the game where it takes a heavy toll on the servers to run the script for distribution. The reason it takes them so long is they purposely wait because deployment part of their infrastructure is heavy.
  21. To be fair it is not the build that takes so long, about 8 hours to bake in their estimation. It is that there are still code to write and bugs to fix and their estimation is that they will not be able to meet the deadline with both of those elements combined.
  22. Take care. By the way someone from Canada, could you please explain to me why you have so many holidays over there? In my country Finland we have 6 holidays, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Independence Day, International Workers Day and Mid Summer's Day. I want to live in Canada too, you guys have so many celebrations trough out the year.
  23. Because you two were discussing it. Could have referred in the after wisdom but eh it is late where I live and I am tired.
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