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  1. Recently we got wonderful Sisters of Parvos update with Tenent weapon variants of Corpus weapons and expansion to Kuva weapon variant arsenal. Is there a chance we might see an 'evolution' or 'mutated' variant for infested weapons and infested rival? I'd love to see it.
  2. While this is also true, I am not entirely sure if more of the "undesired-effect" should be pursued design wise. Were we to focus on the co-op part of Warframe then in that case this should not be changed and rather other elements should be changed to better reflect this co-op focus. However considering how the game has gradually evolved, where once Warframes like Trinity were vital and now pretty much irrelevant then it is not like modern Warframe gameplay mechanics have encouraged this co-op aspect despite the games claimed premise of cooperation between the players. So despite Teserract7777 good response argument, I am not sure if co-op is the goal in DE's design philosophy or not these days. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.
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