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So De Answer To Parry Uselessness Is Adding New Mods?


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Since my first steps in Warframe, after i quickly realise the parry mecanics were a bit wird, and the total parry system was just totally useless, i can see DE promising they will hardly work on it.

When i read that, i thought they will "globally" rework the parry/damage system. Deeply.

And what do they do?

They add mods, that give bonuses. They didnt change to core parry system.


I'm stronly disapointed.

Adding mods just hides the flwas, it does not correct them.

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DE have a weird habit of "fixing" gameplay flaws with mods. Players were disappointed by stanlocking mechanic - they made rare knockdown resistance mods.  Players want stealth improvement - silencer mods. Tenno switch weapon for 5 seconds and we ask this to be fixed - oh look, a new aura. Great.


What next? Rare 10% less crashes mods?

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