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Scarf Elasticity Needs To Be Tonned Down.


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The scarf are absolutely amazing. I love them and they are everything I had hoped for. There is only 1 thing that needs to be worked on and that is the elasticity of the them (the stretchiness basically, for those of you that have mediocre vocabularies).

1: It looks really unnatural when you are moving around and it stretches to almost 3x its size. It just needs to flow and look like cloth, not stretch to the size of a sky scraper.


2: It is KILLING my RAM. I can't run Derelicts with one on. All three times I have tried it has crashed my system. And the way how I know it is the scarf is because it disappears when I throw up Smoke Screen on Ash, my FPS sky rockets, SS drops off and boom I'm lagging again.

If DE would be so kind as to take an hour to look into this, it should be a really easy task. Thanks for your time. And thank you so much for the scarves.

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They need improvements for sure but personally haven't felt any kind of performance drop. And I wouldn't call them stretchy, they appear too much solid when sprinting because it doesn't "flow" behind you but sticks out like a solid stick rather than waving as your shoulders move.

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