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Item Names Get Cut Off


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This is happening way back in earth. This is probably going to discourage new users that the game has any polish to it whatsoever.






e Ampule


Not to mention now that Conclave being a thing now, my loadout on the squad screen shows everyone's loadout on the first line with Conclave level on a line below it, while me being Volt, with a Furis, and a Bo, all fits into one line.


Why not just make it longer? I'm sure we can all stand a slightly larger UI for better viewing, not to mention people with a PS4 won't be able to view 5 lone pixels on their screen if they really need to.

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Yeah I made a thread earlier about this too.

Also filed a report at Support.




But calm down though, it's just minor errors.

This isn't a deal breaker. Don't worry about new users being discouraged. ;)

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