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Nightwave as a Token System Alone

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The Problem:

My impression is that a large portion of the community takes issue with Nightwave mainly due to its timed-exclusivity factor. The liability to miss out on certain rewards should you not religiously adhere to a weekly to-do list induces a feeling not dissimilar to that of a chore. Therefore a player would spend what little time they might have for gaming every week on Nightwave. Should they, god forbid, skip on as little as a week or two they're entire progress could be at stake.

The Solution:

Simple - remove any and all timed-exclusivity from Nightwave and replace it with a simple, static or rotating store. Axe tiers and instead reward players with a set amount of credits for every challenge done. Umbral Forma, arcanes, emotes and cosmetics are now expensive rewards that players could work up to at their own pace. No time pressure, not weekly complaints. Don't like a challenge? Pass and wait for next week. You will not miss out. That's the key point here - missing out. 

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I know that I won't be getting the last parts due to work and life happening, even with weeks I cannot spend hours upon hours trying to hit some of those outlandish requirments.

you need a total of 300k, the weekly account for 36k and 3k daily, at some point no matter what you do you'll never manage to get all the reward items.

if you work 54 hours a week you're not going to be very interested in farming 150 eximus kills of simarus target scans, nor begging a random to pair up for those gawdy "friendship" requirements.

at this point with such gearing towards devoting hours a day I'm ready to throw in the towel, this old dog just cannot keep up with these dang young pups anymore.

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