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  1. Dunno if you're joking about that revision, but I honestly think the only redemption Warframe has in store lies in revision of at least the basic principles of combat - less enemies, more oomph, emphasis on strategy, and the like.
  2. Hello, I came back from a year-long break from Warframe. I love the universe, lore and fashionframe, but quiet due to the poor cycle of power creep and uncalculated spammy gameplay. Yesterday I gave it a whirl to see if time is indeed the best healer. It was not. After an hour of gameplay and marveling at all the new features (also Railjack is dead, who'd have seen it coming?) I alt+F4-ed from sheer boredom. My love-hate relationship is killing me. DE are such a loveable bunch and their universe keeps me hooked but I just can't with their recent choices. Like, literally, ANOTHER ope
  3. I don't agree with OP's reasoning but I do agree with their conclusion - Warframe is boring. It's a game about being so powerful as to become brain-dead. No matter how long of a break I take, the effect upon returning is invariably identical - instant boredom. I played a couple of weeks of Destiny 2, and while I hate everything about it, from the lackluster story, to season passes, I will say that its combat is done waaaay better. You cannot spam abilities, your mobility is limited but not to such an extent that you feel sluggish. There's an emphasis on positioning and a defense-offense
  4. Personally, exalted weapons are a waste of an ability slot, with Garuda being the exception. If DE can design/redesign all frames to use the same template as Garuda - that is, exalted weapons existing as bonus abilities (ability 5, if you will) instead of taking ability the 4th's slot - I'm all for it.
  5. The game's combat design is flawed from the grounds up. Too much horde-shooter and too little strategic thinking involving skill and timing.
  6. I really want DE to make the map more intractable. Currently, it's wide as an ocean and deep as a puddle. Even when they expanded PoE with interiors there was no point in going inside. I hope they won't repeat this same mistake with the Orokin vault.
  7. I, too, am waiting for the hand-sabers.
  8. Fast-paced horde shooter ninja action is not always a good thing. The further you aim for this ULTRA-MEGA-SUPER-FAST-ACTION-GAMEPLAY the shallower the game will feel. Slowing down from time to time ain't bad. Long live elevators.
  9. Beam weapons are objectively more effective. There is no argument in favor of your point that is not embedded in personal preference and perhaps nostalgia. Case and point, well... the sheer kill-per-second and dps are insanely higher. Both popular and unpopular beam weapons were brought up to par with some of the strongest weapons in the game and in some cases even surpassed them. Sure, the ramp up time is a caveat. I would have preferred the 0.8 time as opposed to the new 1.0 time, but this hardly detracts from how much better every single beam weapon currently is.
  10. OP is a bit passionate about the matter but not in any way abusive toward the devs. Sure, replacing "where is your creativity!?" with "I respectfully question your creativity" would be politer. I think what you're advocating is an overly sensitive censorship. It's okay for people to express themselves angrily (within the limits of good taste).
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