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  1. There are enough primary/secondaries with AoE that outclass Balefire. Come on, a secondary as an ability where we can already use 4 weapons in battle is a waste of a slot.
  2. Staticor was one example. Many other weapons would also do. Nerf them all, shall we?
  3. Thanks. Let's see... I put the mandatory damage, two status-element mods, multishot, etc... I'm not saying the Balefire is absolute trash, I'm saying it's a waste of an ability since a weapon like Staticor which doesn't cost you shields performs better. As for running out of shields, that would depend on the squad and enemy level. I can definitely confirm that while it is effective in high-rank mission, a brief respite from spamming 2 would cost you all your shield if a few enemies train their sights on you.
  4. Yes, I've heard of Zarya. To be fair, I also know of other female characters who follow the bulky-dominatrix archetype and who belong to non-gaming media. Take Javre from Joe Abercrombie's Sharp Ends short story book, or Biscuit Krueger from the HunterxHunter manga/anime. I wouldn't know who the first character to follow this trope was. Indeed I did. Still meh compared to my Staticor, not to mention, reliant on shields per shot.
  5. Unless I'm missing something, Hildryn, to me, is a contradiction of badass aesthetics and mediocrity on the field. First off, why is the bodybuilder frame a shield-oriented user? Wouldn't it be more appropriate for her abilities to revolve around physical strength? That aside, most fall short in comparison to other frames and or weapons. Balefire is no better than a secondary. In fact, I'd make an argument that most high-rank secondaries easily outclass it. Truly a waste of an ability. You could contend that its use comes in its synergy with Aegis Storm, but that's just a contrivance on DE's part. Why not simply allow us to fire our own weapons? Shield Pillage is a paradoxical ability. On the one hand, the shield replenishment is a nice effect, on the other, by the time it feeds back to you, combined with its initial casting fee, it hardly matters. You'd have to spam it constantly for a worthwhile result. That and, if you run out of shield there is no "oh-crap" button to help you a la Inaros's health drain or Limbo's dimensional step. Might as well stay of the enemy's line of sight and opt for the routine run-and-gun method. To be clear, though, it's not bad, rather her best ability, but even it has some issues rooted in questionable design. Haven does... something? I realize it's supposed to provide a cloak-like AoE around Hildryn and her allies but the damage is so low (unless I'm missing something) that what's even the point? Aegis Storm is a cool ability, but it's no better than Vauban's Bastille. Worse yet, at least when it comes to the latter (a third, ability, mind you) you can fire your own weapons and not have to uphold the same position seeing as Bastille is stationary. Finally, we come back to low damage. I'm sad to say that, at least for now, Hildryn falls under the "meh" category, a Warframe whose replacement with almost any other would prove an upgrade in a mission. That's such a shame since I find her aesthetically so pleasing and have enjoyed fashioning her so much. I hope DE would give her a boost in the future. By the by, I would love to hear from someone who can make her effective. Share your secrets with me, oh wise ones.
  6. Two complaints: 3 Forma waste, gilding modular weapon....
  7. I understand that it would be a ton of work to implement a first person camera. What I do hope happens is that DE adds a first person view to non-combat interactions like the Orbiter, Relays and Cetus/Fortuna so we could better immerse ourselves in those worlds.
  8. You lazy player who expects every new shiny spoon-fed to you! How DARE you not enjoy grinding the same mission for 14 times at best for a mediocre weapon and mods!? The entitlement going in this forum is sick! Shame on you!
  9. Make hard content: It's not hard, it's tedious and boring. I didn't struggle at the 60-minute survival, I was bored out of my mind, as were my squadmates. Make easy content: The entire game is easy. There is no easy content because there is no hard content. Don't make content: It's a drought if DE takes too long, yea. Three medium to smalls updates and one large update a year, most of which hardly add anything innovative to the game, with three months in between each, isn't doing so well. Remove content: Well yea, we don't talk about that.
  10. Welp. I guess it's up to individual taste. I personally can finish most of these really quickly.
  11. There has been a stark improvement in the reception of this week's tasks. The only complaints were about the 5 sorties task.
  12. I mean... I guess? It's not so much about missing out as it is about not getting the exclusive rewards.
  13. Not to mention the people who don't have everyday to play the game, and will therefore miss out if they more than two days.
  14. I'm waiting to see the response of everyone who kept claiming that Nightwave doesn't rush you. Granted, this week is by far the best, but stuff like this should be out of the list.
  15. That's a very simplistic way to address video games. Technically every single thing in the world is a waste of time because there is no inherent meaning to existence.
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