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  1. Ah...I remember a time when Atlas Prime was all I wanted... and then Nightwave happened and totally killed my interest in Warframe.
  2. My point is that DE fails to meet both side's demands. Endgame is a joke, difficulty is a joke, using your head in-game is a joke.
  3. DE says and does two different things. They very clearly cater to mostly casuals, but keep trying to answer feedback from difficulty-lovers by constantly trying new forms of endgame. I'd rather them outright tell us "f*ck endgame, this is for casuals, enjoy." and then stop trying. I'd be 100% down with that because then I'll finally drop my expectations and probably quit.
  4. Hyperbole is lost on you as well, now? Fine, I'll specify. A single press of 4 is enough to clear a very, very, very large radius around Saryn. That would vary based on the level of the enemies. Granted, you can abuse this ability ad infinitum with the Zenurik bubble. Saryn is the go-to extermination frame for a reason. Also: Yes, I know they're using spore and not the fourth ability. Same difference, really.
  5. Hey, don't assume that I don't play any other game. Playing other games does not magically make Warframe less flawed. I can love multiple games and criticize each of them individually. When it comes to creativity, there are few hard rules. DE, with a bit of imagination and some hard work, can retain the power-fantasy of Warframe while still making it challenging with the introduction of strategy. It is true that Warframe is not devoid of strategy, but it hardly excels at it. DE's decisions are contradictory at times. So back to the Saryn example - why on earth would you give us such a big variety of weapons, guns and swords, etc... when all I need to clear the entire map is a single press of 4 with a well-built Saryn? Sure, I can choose not to use her, but that's like running uphill in a humid afternoon instead of driving a car. You have a goal, you want to attain it, and the game presents you with an easy way and a hard way to do so, with no difference in terms of reward as to your decision. DE needs to get a grip on this game, because currently they're torn between the casuals and the hardcore. The result is that both are getting blue-balled. You can't please everyone, nor should you.
  6. Sorry but your view has no bearing on definitions. I cannot use the word "kill" to mean "kiss" and expect everyone to understand just because it's my view on the word. Moving on!
  7. In my mind and heart, huh? Intense. Well, again, I'm sorry, but you're misusing the language. For example, if I say something that makes you feel bad by accident, I did not "ridicule you", I "unintentionally offended" you.
  8. Personally, I'm suspecting this to be a language barrier. Not sure if English is their mother tongue.
  9. Sorry, I forgot the "not" after "does" as in "does not upgrade it to a demand." Again, the content of my suggestion has no bearing on the definition of what I'm doing. I am not demanding anything, regardless of how drastic my suggestion is. Okay, let's see... is it a demand if I say "DE can you please rework the entire game until there is no shred of semblance to Warframe in it? Pretty pleeeeaaassse." Is this really a demand in your opinion?
  10. Feasible but unlikely, depending who you ask. I, for one, think that making the game hard but fair necessitates a grounds-up rework to reduce a lot of the spawn and nerf the godliness of the frames. Most casuals would abhor this.
  11. I don't think you understand the definition of demand. The content of one's suggestion does not upgrade it to a demand. "Maybe you should open the window if it's cold." is not a demand. "Maybe you should break up with your partner." is not a demand. "Maybe we should kill all the X people." is not a demand.
  12. Oh god this is the second time in an hour that I heard the "go play another game" cliche. Can anyone argue without resorting to it? Sheesh. So, thing is, I'm not even sure Warframe is casual by design, nor how you even determine it so. Do you ask the devs? Do they all agree? So on, so forth. Right now the community is torn between those who perceive Warframe as a casual game and those who wish to see it evolve beyond it. Neither is necessarily "right" because we have no disclosed vision for the game. It's too dynamic.
  13. Ah... okay, Freud. I don't see how my notions on how the game can improve are any more of a simple suggestion than this so called "demand".
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