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Mastery Rank Test 27 (mission never finishes)

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  i encountered this problem 2019.04.11 at around 01:30 CEST, the number on the log screen 2019. All updates were done to that point.

1. What.

This regards MR 27 test unable to be finished normally.

2. How i did it

How i think i did it. I started it from Kronia Relay. Did the mission without any problems,(no bugs glitches, everything was fine). Finished it with around 2 minutes remaining on the clock and 116 points in the bank. I think i pressed "Tab" button in the wrong moment just before the end scene was loaded (that is what i do in all of the missions, its a reflex) and i think it broke something.

3. Issue description  

I was not loaded back to Kronia. There was no endgame mr test completion screen. The mission panel was showing that i just started the mission (tab panel) and was counting time from zero upwards. There were no enemies, beacons, but the bank was operational, i could move, use abilites and gear. There was no way to end the mission normally. Droping from the tiles was just bringing me back up, i didn't have any self damage abilites so i couldn't die. I closed the game via alt+f4 and once i logged in i see the right mr 27 on my account. 

4. Image

Thats the screen i was stuck on, there was no way to get rid of the progress and rewards tab 


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