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Reducing One Case Of Excessive Grind


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DE: "We want less grind..." (paraphrasing here)


OK , I challange someone from DE to try making an Orthos Prime from scratch.

Please give it a try.


Yes , I appreciate that making the "Prime" weapons/frames should be harder than a "normal" item but the heavy dependance on 2 nested sets of RNG does NOT reward extra effort.


You could be lucky and have both blades in 2x Tier 1 Defence runs and 2x Tier 1 Void Mob. Def. runs

(I guess about 1 hours worth of game play)

or like me :

I'm 4 WEEKS of daily grinding Tier 1 Defence missions for T1 Void Mob Def keys and running them , and still have ZERO blades for construction.


Suggested solution :

Defence missions should not have things like Ammo Drum / Revenge / Vitality (and other low tier mods that can be easily picked up from mobs in equivalent level missions) offfered as the mission rewards.

Please shorten the loot tables to just void keys and "rarer" mods.


Also , although probably harder to "make work" , shorten the loot table list for the actual Void T1 Mob. Def. missions.


As for the T1 Defence missions themselves :

They auto scale to T2 then T3 at waves 10 and 15.

This means to target T1 keys I have to play to wave 5 , bail out (even if it's not the key I'm after) and restart a new mission.

This is tedious as hell.

My current farming method is to take Frost with Dethcube , stand on the pod , hit Snow Globe every 48 seconds and let the cube do all the killing while I SLEEP!

(I could even macro the globe keypress and be trully AFK farming at that point...)


If you could make the T2 and T3 auto scaling happen later in the waves (e.g. at waves 15 and 30) then I could fight up to wave 10 and have 2 shots at the item I'm after per run. It also provides more oppertunity (meaning a smoother progression through the waves) for "low level" frames / newer players to challange the defence missions to see how far they can get through the waves. (This is currently only done at high levels by seasoned players)


If you read this far , thanks for your time.


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I approve of this, getting T1 Void keys is litteraly a pain in the bum. Doing Tier 1 Defense missions up to wave 5 over and over again with a 3% chance of a void key is beyond ridiculus.  

I never understood the whole "T1 changes to T2 after wave 5" Thing in the first place, the amount of T3 defense missions is already too high ( Over 20 Tier 3 defense missions and only 4 Tier 1 and 4 Tier 2 ones .. Not one of the T1 ones has infested )


Suggestion : Get rid of the whole tier scaling and leave T1 at T1 and T2 at T2. Equal the amount of defense missions so that we have the same amount of T1, T2 and T3 defenses across the solar system.

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