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Cannot receive or deliver invites


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Pls help ❤️


Been playing the game for 3 or so weeks now however this morning when I logged in and attempted to invite my clan member I got the following message:

- "could not deliver invitation to 'player name' 

The player is also being displayed as mastery rank 0 in my friends list however in the clan list is showing MR 9, their correct rank. 

Some players from trade etc. I can add however never anyone on my friends list. 

We have tried inviting from the mission and joining through the clan mission portal.

Also restarted PS4 etc. 

Anaylsing network shows - all systems nominal 

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I'm also having problems with invites. It was ok for a while back in June after Jovian Concord update. But now all I get is "could not deliver invitation" or "host not found". Can't trade, can't join squads in recruiting, can't play with friends. It's strange, considering I still can see people in relays and join/host public matches with random squads.

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