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Melee Mods Are Skimp/redundant



Honestly, I've been farming several planets and mobile defense/defense missions a lot lately and after 70hours of gameplay, i've come to realise i've already upgraded 3-4 melee weapons to level 30 and refuse to get any other melee weapons because the mods for them are whack as hell.

the only thing I really have that's worth it that i have is like, pressure point, fury, and maybe like 1 more. the rest is crap or useless to me. Where do I get the legit melee mods. The rare/uncommon ones. Because honestly I can still fit about 16+ energy on my melee with mods but i have nothing worth adding. i have countless duplicates of smite grineer, pressure point, and other useless mods that are not worth using.....(yet)


What's the best melee mods/where to get em ? I'm gettin &!$$ed cuz my melee weapons are whack. My secondary/primary/warframe have dope setups but if I could leave my melee at home, i would. lol



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Melee Channel is one of the best, not only does it raise base damage fully modded by 200, but this is multiplied by you're elementals/crits


Get it from Void. That is the only one I know the location for :T

lol i have melee channel actually haha ! how does it work?

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Melee Channel really isn't that useful unless you are burning a lot of energy.

It's also not very useful on any 'AoE' melee weapons, i.e. the majority of them. IIRC, the additional damage is only applied to 1 target ('1st' one). Trying to test this quickly to reconfirm.


EDIT: Yup. It doesn't even get applied to both hits of Fang Prime's charge attack.

(35 energy was stored from Desecrate and it converts 200% of it to bonus damage, which equals additional 70 damage)



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Sundering strike/rending strike. First is rare, latter is nightmare. AP damage cuts through most anything but light infested, which are already pretty easily wrecked by melee. 


Other than that, well, melee generally will lag far behind secondary/primary weapons once you get high enough. To the point that they're pretty much just style.

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