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Multiple Bugs Encountered in Puck, Uranus


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Important bugs:

1.There are no consoles to hack on the extraction tile, so lockdown is permanent if you're on that side.

2. Itzal's Penumbra ability used my energy for activation but did not make me invisible while I was under water. I don't believe it drained energy either. I think It just turned off immediately.

Less important:

3. I got to the end of the map, killing every enemy on the way, and I was still 40 or so short of enough to clear for extraction. This is an issue for some other exterminate missions as well.

Not really important:

4. I was able to attack enemies on the other side of the door by putting Wisp close enough to the door and using her 4. It doesn't have punchthrough, I'm pretty sure. I was just able to put Wisp's hand far enough through the door to cast on the other side.

5. By being that close to the door, I counted as being on the other side of it for the tile I was in, and enemies spawned.

4 and 5 helped me complete the mission.

Below are pictures of the extraction tile that has no consoles, as well as one of me by the door that won't open.



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I ran into the Penumbra bug multiple times in Salacia, Neptune.  

I had Wisp, Itzal, Fluctus, and Rathbone equipped and Penumbra failed to cloak myself 100% of the time on repeated play throughs of the mission.  My nearby squad mates were cloaked but I was not.  One squad mate said that I looked "half cloaked" -- the cloak aura graphics were visible but my model did not go transparent.  Enemies continued to attack me.  I was not moving.

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