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Clan Position Suggestion: "Room Decorator" - for finer control of dojo decoration permissions


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Suggestion: "Room Decorator" position

Currently the Architect position gives anyone with the title global permissions across the entire clan to construct/deconstruct rooms and decorations, and Dojo decorator gives decoration construction/deconstruction permissions across the entire clan. This is potentially risky if there is a falling out or someone randomly decides to troll or if you simply dont know the person all that well.

Room Decorators will only be allowed to create/destroy decorations for specific assigned rooms. Only one room decorator can be assigned to each room

My situation/Why I want this: I have a solo ghost clan where I am the sole Architect/Dojo Decorator and have contributed >90% of the resources for rooms/decorations, etc and put dozens of hours into decorating. However, I frequently let people into grab research. Some of those people have stuck around for a very long time. The problem is that we dont interact all that much since we're all Solo/Pub players and are on at different times of the day. I would like to be able to give these people the ability to "own" several rooms of the dojo both as a thanks for sticking around and as a way to make the dojo more of a "home" for them without risking waking up to an empty/deconstructed dojo one day.

Thanks for reading.



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