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  1. Beautiful work. Cant wait to run around tiles designed to make full use of warframe movement. New enemies should be fun. Amalgams look very interesting and most of the new Vallis enemies are pretty well done so looking forward to it. Disruption puts a nice twist on the good ol mobile defense. Did like what I saw on the devstream yesterday. Hope it's worth my while... or at the least a fun fight like Exploiter. Base stats please... Here's hoping reservoirs and breach surge have a metric ton of duration because that's already 4 buffs to upkeep and we all know how fun that is *cough harrow cough* Always nice to see DE exploring different stats to tweak. Perhaps a mod in the future that speeds up all secondary fire actions regardless of what they do? Clearly the in the grim dark future of the new war the corpus no longer go prone. Very interesting properties on the zoom in-out. Much more so than the flat damage buffs we have so far. And a sniper with a supposedly big magazine with base toxic? oooooo So let me get this straight. The primary fire is full auto except we can control it. But the alt fire is ALSO full auto except we cant control it? Or is the alt fire shotgun mode? Ugh. Descriptions are so vague. Hate it. Periphery: straight trash. No one in their right mind is going to replace a damage mod for negative zoom if they have a choice. And lets face it. With primaires like the Ignis, Opticor, Arca Plasmor, Catchmoon, and Staticor. Aim is at best, a recommendation. Suggestion: see set effect suggestions Vantage... -100% gravity? Does this mean the warframe floats as long as they hold down aim glide? So infinite floating? That's....potentially interesting. That's going to be almost mandatory on Wisp and fulfill the gear check for the X headshot in aimglide riven challenge if its the case. Or does it just mean instead of dropping, aim glide now shoots us straight forward at its slow-ish speed. If its the latter effect. Trash. Suggestion: Please make it the former. Agility... Biiiiig reload speed. I can see it replacing primed fast hands on most of my snipers or used to free up Arcane Momentum. Set effect: "damage enemies" yet no damage stats given. Not a good sign. Likely wont scale past lv 50, wont even tickle grineer. Where is the sleep radius stat? The sleep is probably where it's at but given that one of the set is pure trash it could stand to be a bit stronger by 2-3 enemies at full effect. Suggestion: Change "damage enemies" to +90% multiplicative damage while aim gliding at full set strength. Keep Sleep enemies on landing. Signal: I have no idea what double jump strength means. Very likely trash. Between normal parkour and void dash we got all the mobility we need. Suggestion: Enemies struck by a bullet jump/double jump loses 90% armor/shields for 5 seconds. This will synergize better with Setup AND be useful to the team as a whole. Setup: Very interesting. Will probably get some use out of it. Going to see a lot of warframes bouncing around randomly once update drops. Impact: For now. Trash. 2m is nothing. Wont replace a damage mod, wont replace primed reach. I can maybe see this becoming somewhat useful in the future if air combo or juggling is implemented. Suggestion: After landing from double jump or bullet jump, the next 4 attacks have a 100% chance to apply bleed and impact procs. Set bonus: Trash. Rolling RNG to decide if you can skip the CC or get knocked on your behind for a few seconds is bad design. The condition of "while in the air" is too specific of a situation to be consistently useful. Suggestion: Make it a viable alternative to handspring (ex. 50/100/150% knockdown recovery speed). That will turn heads. Pulse: dont see myself ever using this. Current parkour + void dash is more than sufficient. No flex slots in vast majority of warframe builds and even if there was there are much better options than a mobility mod. Suggestion: change to +++wall latch time. So at the very least it synergizes with the set. Jet: Is that additive or multiplicative? If it's additive its going to turn some heads. If multiplicative, trash. Is it for all weapons? Or just rifle? Snap: Cant tell from description. Need stats. Could be interesting alternative to virulent scourge Set Bonus: pure trash. Make it 90% damage reduction at full effect that persists for 15s after touching the ground. Go big or go home. Kavat's Grace: Trash. So many ways to avoid hard landing without needing to waste a precious mod slot. Suggestion: Exilus mod. +100% knockdown recovery speed, +100% stagger recovery speed. Gale Kick: the "on kill" condition ruins the mod. Change it to "on impact". Also again, no radius is provided despite that being a critical stat. I recommend minimum radius 10-15m at max stat. Anti-Grav Array: meh. I'll probably slot it because I have nothing better to slot. Odomedic: interesting... I'll definitely slot it if theres nothing better. Heck yeah!
  2. TDLR: Either keep channeling on no matter what the player does, or address the real issue by allowing some low% life steal + flat hp healing (ex. 1.5% + 15hp) on a normal melee hit for all melee weapons as a base effect. 100% uptime on life strike is required to comfortably survive with melee on squishier frames in sortie+ content where incoming damage may be too fast to react to with abilities/health pads/operator arcanes before you are dead but can be mitigated by full healing with every melee hit. With the new instant weapon swaps from melee it is far too easy to turn off channeling and lose the powerful healing needed. Performing any action that taps the block button, including basic actions such as the bullet jump - aim glide - double jump - roll movement chain, as well as the "block" combo, will turn off channeling. Current workarounds which I have been using include: to either not using any action that involves pressing block; meaning I cannot use the best movement combo and often lose access to the best combos in a melee stance completely removing primaries and secondaries; which fixes channeling automatically turning off but no guns kind of suck in general especially with the new amalgam mods and is flat out non-viable against some enemies swapping to a tank/AOE meta frame that I do not prefer using deal with having to turn channeling back on every few seconds, which sucks Healing return has been tried as an alternative. It works alright for most content. The healing can be inconsistent as it is very strongly dependent on crowds of enemies within melee range to give decent healing. The big problem is that it forces the player into very high attack speed status weapons on very fluid stances of which is a relatively limited selection. The mod also costs significantly more mod points; you effectively need a 14-16 cost mod for the healing to be non-negligible. Compared to even a rank 0 life strike which can heal several hundred HP a hit for 4 mod cost. This is, of course, assuming the enemy is not completely status immune in the first place. Another issue with channeling that has been present for a long time is that if a player runs out of energy while channeling, channeling will turn off and must be manually reactivated. It would be nice if channeling were changed to automatically come back online once the player has collected more energy. I understand that the current state of melee is a stop gap between Melee 2.9 and Melee 3.0 but it has been several weeks since 2.9 released with no sign of melee 3.0 in sight. Since this is the case it would be a nice QoL change to address this problem in the meantime. That being said, the real issue is the requirement of constant, large amounts of healing, not that fact that channeling gets constantly turned off (since the only purpose of channeling is life strike). I advocate for a base % life strike + flat healing on hit (ex. 1.5% life steal + 15hp healing per hit) on all melee weapons. This would yield acceptable healing on fully modded weapons without stifling weapon choice and simultaneously cover the gap in early-mid star chart where the player does not have access to frames/equipment/mods/pets/etc with healing. There are also far less newbie friendly alternatives such as rebalancing healing return or life strike to work for every melee hit on an enemy instead of having activation requirements, baking life-steal effects into focus trees (Unairu could use a booster) or arcanes, etc. Reworking how player/enemy armor/damage functions to narrow the gap between the possible values, etc. Thanks for reading.
  3. I'm conflicted about this. One one hand. It would make sense to get a bit of rep for dealing with Wolf himself since you do if you deal with his goon squad. On the other, players had literally 2.5 months to do the event with significant amounts of leeway in skipping daily challenges on top of the rep doubler affecting Goon spawns during the Exploiter event. If someone started that late in the race it makes sense they shouldnt be able to finish. You make some good suggestions about the enemies. My guess is with the crunch of Jovian Concord (and whatever else DE is working on) there wasnt enough time to generate that many custom enemies that we will probably see only very rarely after this Nightwave. I agree that there are so many more weapons in warframe than enemies are seen using it would be nice to see more of them in action in the hands of enemies Regarding frequency of firebomb spam. I think it is ok for hard hitting attacks to be very frequent if players were given ample warning. No stamina bar means a ton of leeway to keep players moving and dodging big hits which is something DE really fails to take advantage of for boss fights. For example: That giant hanger would have been a perfect arena for the fight. Plenty of room to move around to avoid attacks and spread out the thermia bomb AOE with decent verticality for people who want to stay out of the mess and use longer ranged weapons.
  4. If you dont have the mods/gear to brute force your favorite warframe through content. Use a different warframe. It sucks that the fight is designed in such an anti-squishy manner but you either swap your style or get more frustrated because the fight is definitely not changing any time soon. I main a melee volt. It had all the umbral mods, adaptation, and 80% damage reduction from melee weapons and I was still getting nuked by the add bombs so I swapped to valkyr and the problem went away.
  5. General: Giving players a guaranteed way to farm the WoSS for his drops is a very nice send off for him at the end of Nightwave Series 1. Crashing the sledge market was a nice bonus so the people who do not want to/cannot farm wolf can pick up the unique weapon for cheap. The Wolf is not nearly as difficult now that players can prepare for him beforehand. The Adds do significant damage which is good since Warframe has never really had a significant Add phhase in a boss fight before but the thermia bomb attacks are overtuned and horrible to have to deal with using a squishier warframe. By far the easiest way to deal with the mission is to take a hyper tank and absorb everything while using a boring pure crit weapon. One Time Rewards: On one hand, I like what we got for the one time rewards. On the other, I do wish Tier 1 and 2 Wolf Hunts rewarded Wolf credits of varying amounts instead. Let the players choose what rewards to get from Nora. It would fit better with the theme of these alerts being Nightwave related event missions. Stratos emblem is nice but doesnt mean much. I never see anyone use it and even if they did how are we supposed to tell how much Strata the player has accumulated without consulting the wiki? It would be nice if getting a certain amount of strata gave an icon in the Profile page or a unique glyph or ephemera. Or if the emblem itself was re-designed to be animated 3D like the Quantum and Ki'teer badges. The Fight (Wolf Hunt Tier 2): The WoSS The good: The fight is a stomp now that players can actually prepare gear for his fight instead of trying to make unoptimized gear work. This is no surprise as even before this third nerf if one player in the squad had an anti-wolf weapon a lv70 wolf was going down in <1min. I do think DE got the tankiness down as close as they could to a reasonable level while keeping the boss accessible to almost everyone given that the only condition to access it is Nightwave 5. I've run exclusively pub missions. For the squads with majority >MR20 the fight lasts under 20 seconds as expected. For squads with majority between MR10-20 the fight can last 30s-1min which isnt bad either. Most importantly Wolf isnt invulnerable, doesnt use tiny weak points, or many other methods to artificially prolong the fight and I do appreciate that. The bad: I dont really like the use of the old Ruk tileset for the fight. The wolf likes to move a lot. A lot of the time his charge moves wind up with him hugging the very edge of the pit (which resets all of your abilities if you fall in) and the lack of platforms means theres not much room to space out the thermia bombs either. A lot of his moves are not very well telegraphed. His tornado move is especially bad. The wind up is very fast. There's no way to tell what direction the wolf is going to charge in and once you are caught in the pull there is no way to break out, no way to mod to counter the pull (even with maxed primed sure footed). I wouldnt mind if the wolf hit harder but all of his attacks got a 1-3 second windup before they cast. I do not like that the wolf has complete immunity to status when he really should take reduced status effects (ex. 1 corrosive proc now only strips 2% of armor instead of 25%). Warframe has always been very bipolar with status effects and arbitrarily invalidating an entire build tree feels very bad. Wolf was a missed opportunity to incorporate Operators into the fight. Given that the wolf is part sentient, he should have had the adaptive resistance mechanic that all sentient have instead of an arbitrary flat damage reduction. Saturn Six Fugitives The good: They were a very good attempt at a significant add phase to the boss fight. The bombs do more than enough damage to dumpster non hyper tank warframes if the numbers of SSF are allowed to build up so they actually had some impact to the fight. The burn DoT hits decently hard but is not overtuned I do wish they lasted much longer to push players towards using healers to counter the DoT or more DPS frames to end the fight faster, or more CC frames to counter the Adds. The fight is noticeably less chaotic if half of the the squad is CCing/killing the adds while the other half handles Wolf. The bad: the thermia bombs suffer from the same issue as almost every single enemy explosive attack does. No visible windup, an easily missed casting animation, a tiny projectile. There is no way to tell who is getting aimed at or how large the impact area is. I've had to stop using my umbral-adaptation volt because every so often I would instantly explode with no warning after 5 or 6 SSF randomly decided to lob thermia bombs at me at me. I do not mind that the grenades hit very hard. If anything they could hit harder so that even hyper-tank frames have something to fear (as of now I'm just eating all the hits with an umbral eternal war valkyr). What is unacceptable is that players are not given any time to react whatsoever. There should be a very clear tell/visual/sound warning that the SSF are going to throw their bomb. Simultaneously there needs to be a red impact ring that appears where the bomb will land so players can react and get out of the hit zone. A 2-3 second cast time is reasonable to allow players to move out of the damage zone or expend a revive. Drop Table: The WoSS' drop table is reasonable for this fight since players can effectively run it as much as they want very quickly. This drop table is NOT acceptable for random encounter WoSS. If the WoSS is to become a low frequency encounter after Series 1, I strongly recommend the removal of the common mod drops in his current table in exchange for Nightwave Series 1 unique drops (All the unique mods, cosmetics, glyphs, etc). This way people not present for Nightwave 1 still have a shot at the unique rewards and it wont feel as bad to do a potentially long fight.
  6. Well. I gotta say the tactical alert was unexpected and very appreciated. Feels appropriate for an end of season mini celebration and it's been a while since we had a non open world boss rush. I just wish you guys had announced something like this would happen when the season began (I guess it was hinted at?). On that note: I feel sorry not sorry for all the people who purchased a mid tier hammer for 1-2k plat when the season started. On the mission itself: it's a perfect example for the desperate need for AOE INDICATORS and Clearly telegraphed throw animations/projectiles for all enemy explosive attacks. Every Tier 2 mission I've run so far some poor Rhino gets nuked right out the door by 5+ napalm canisters with no warning the projectile was fired, no idea where they would land, and no time to react. Good thing death is so cheap in Warframe we can shrug stuff like that off but it doesnt keep it from being annoying that there's no player agency to deal with that whatsoever aside from only running hyper tanks. Hopefully for the last time. STOP TRYING TO FIX BANDAID MODS. Fix the actual goddam weapons. This goes for a lot of "augments" as well. The code already exists for a "flat" amount of damage taken off on self damage. USE IT. I'd accept a 50-100hp finisher damage to myself but not an instant death. With how much damage some launchers can do relative to player health I doubt even 99% reduction is sufficient. Self damaging launchers are already S#&amp;&#036; tier (with the exception of maybe the Lenz) compared to other weapons. They cannot afford to give up a mod slot for a bandaid mod. If you insist on doing this. Add self damage to the Staticor, Tombfinger, and Zenistar. I dare you. If you're going to double down, at least be consistent in how you implement stupid ideas. Bug fixes are appreciated as always. That's nice but doesnt address the real problem.
  7. These and the vast majority of the changes proposed are all fantastic. I have to say I'll be looking forward to next season if all these changes go through. I think dropping the total time for the survival missions was not quite the right move. Personally I have no problem with running 60 minutes (or more) of survival cumulatively over a week. It's doing them all in a single sitting that was unreasonable. The only reason I'll root for the operator weekly is so that more people get exposed to how horrible operator gameplay feels. I hate the "utility" purpose which operators have been relegated to when IMO they should be a power spike for starchart players or enemy resistance stripping mechanic (need more enemies with "kuva guardian" type resistance) that allows players who just completed TSD to take on enemies far stronger than they should be able to (and later on as the player maxes out more mods their weapons catch up to operator DPS). Basic operator movement is slow, the control for slide is completely unintuitive being on "shift" instead of holding "ctrl", the loss of melee ground slam means we have to rely completely on void dash to properly position (especially in this case when we cannot swap back to warframe), etc.
  8. Thanks for the update. Please take whatever time you need. Looking forward to the new game mode, tileset, enemies, mods, and weapons. I quite liked what I saw on the last devstream. Since Wisp's gun is a dual mode weapon any word about the dark split sword finally getting in mission mode swapping? More colors is always nice. The relic screen is looking good. Did the in store screen get adjusted to display stats of gear in a window up front? Or are we still going to have to needlessly dig through menus? Glad the insane rates for aura forma and ephemera are going to be raised slightly. Would still much prefer a shop where players can convert their duplicate ultra rare drops into a currency and purchase other rare drops as a form of bad luck protection because at the end of the day RNG is still RNG and statistically someone out there is going to get screwed hard. Not sure why Arbitration reward pacing changes are taking so long. I really hope you guys are adding in optional objectives in the non-excavation modes to give players the option to speed up rotation progress. Otherwise if not, PC are beta+QA testers anyways so why not just throw some quick fixes into the mix and then adjust as needed? Glad to see mod packs are gone. Horrible newbie traps and a blight on the marketplace. The credit bundles and transmute core bundles need to go as well. I'm rather ambivalent about the relic packs.
  9. I agree somewhat. Absolutely zero CC resistance on bosses is going to be terribly unfun and easily cheesed. But complete resistance to CC, especially on the humanoid bosses, is frustrating as well since Tenno are supposed to be some of the most powerful things in the Warframe universe. I think some bosses currently have diminising returns on CC but its over tuned. IMO the only bosses that should have extremely high/true immunity to CC from a single tenno are the super bosses like Orbs and Eidolons. What I would like to see is that most soft/hard CC at minimum induces a brief stumble/knockdown that can knock bosses out of an attack (ex. a single tenno could knock Ruck's out of his flame eruption, a squad of 4 tenno throwing CC simultaneously could knock an orb mother out of its mortar shot, nothing could stumble a Hydrolyst). Simultaneously introduce "tank buster" type attacks to some bosses. Very long charge time with clear tells that hits for 90-99% hp on any warframe no matter how well modded. So you have to either stumble the boss, eat the attack, use an ability to "absorb it", get out of the AOE before it fires etc. Classic mechanics from FFXIV (Im sure many other games with proper raids have them too but FFXIV is the only game with proper raids that I have played). I use Zenurik slow a lot as well. I'm kind of glad it's the exception currently since the Operators are supposed to be extremely powerful. On the other hand it makes warframe CC being impotent make even less sense since warframes are essentially giant amps. If anything warframe CC should be more potent than operator CC against currently resistant enemies since the void energy is focused and refined through the Warframe's systems instead of a raw energy burst.
  10. You'd think a reasonable CC resist stat would be added into the game by now with different bosses having different amounts of resist. I think some bosses have a CC resist but it's turned so high it may as well be full immunity.
  11. Yeah. I guess it was a bit of a stretch considering how SOS flare is usually used but I couldnt think of another game that had a similar mechanic to what I was going for. I guess I was going more for the how the flare is used in a lot of the first monster encounters in World where you solo until you hit the monster then you drop the SOS to get a full squad at the loss of 3/4 of your Zenny and Palico (since you're supposed to get your ass kicked the first time around, but at least with a squad you can clear) so the effect is somewhat similar to what I'm trying to describe.
  12. The code is probably in the game. I'm sure if DE wanted to they could add an expensive augment for dual secondaries where as long as you are hitting your target it aimbots the second pistol at another enemy for an additional ammo cost. Cut your single target DPS in half but potentially increase clear time sounds fair to me. Or dont let it overlap with lethal torrent.
  13. With the addition of the Wolf, an enemy that is scaled such that it is very difficult to take down if he happens to drop in on a group of new/under geared/leveling players. Warframe could do to take a leaf out of Monster Hunter's book and add in an "SOS flare" type mechanic. Especially since the Wolf is not planned to go away any time soon. The purpose is to give under prepared players a chance to fight and get the rare drops instead of having to run, or eat the mission fail (depending on game mode), or spend 20+ minutes on a fight just to get a junk mod. Activating an SOS flare would allow a 5th and even 6th highly geared player to join in at the cost of a severe affinity/resource malus for the entire group (essentially they only collect the special drop). It would obey the following rules: Flares can only be used if (the Lotus/Ordis/Lordis will give a voice prompt that you can call for help) a "special unit" (Stalker, Wolf, Zanuka, G3, thumper, etc, etc) is in the field if the defense objective is below 60% HP if the enemy interception bar is above 80% if life support is under 30% Flares cannot be used during Sorties Arbitration Rathuum Index SO/ESO Quests Junctions "super boss hunts" or any boss fight that is not a random encounter (Eidolon Hunts, Orb Mothers, etc) A majority of the players in mission must agree to activate the flare. If in a squad of 4, 3 players must use the flare. If a squad of 3, 2 players must use the flare. If in a squad of 2, one person can activate the flare. The player(s) brought in cannot activate the flare. The player(s) brought in can only be randomly chosen and must fulfill the following conditions Is not in a mission/a squad/the navigation window/trade window Is >MR 20 (arbitrary MR picked for demonstration purposes) Has a Rank 30 warframe, and at least 2 rank 30 weapons equipped with mods in every slot Players cannot be chosen more than 3 times a day (unless there is no other players to draw from) The prospective player gets a transmission from the Lotus asking whether or not they accept the distress signal (including the Host's ping). If they accept, they are loaded into the session. Flares can only be used twice a mission with 3 minutes cool down between uses (in case the first player has the wrong gear/is trolling, if you get 2 random trolls in a row that's tough luck). The mission ends as soon as possible. For non-endless, the players must fulfill the mission conditions. For endless missions the entire group is forced to extract at the next possible opportunity. Maluses: If a player has not completed that particular star chart mission node it will remain uncompleted. Calling in a 5th player reduces ALL collected resources/affinity/blueprints/etc gained by 75% to a minimum value of 1, does not affect rewards gained from completing a rotation Calling in a 6th player increases the reduction to 100% to a minimum value of 1, does not affect rewards gained from completing a rotation For the helpers. They must fulfill the conditions outlined in Rule 4 They are affected by the resource/affinity malus. They get one "Favor of the Lotus" for each successful response, i.e. the squad makes it to extraction "Favor of the Lotus" can be exchanged for: (values only meant to demonstrate relative difficulty to acquire) 30 ducat (1) 1000 Endo (1) 7000 Kuva (1) Forma BP (2) Catalyst (5) Reactor (5) Random Riven Mod (6) Unique Glyph - Low Tier (10) Unique Glyph - Medium Tier (20) Unique Glyph - High Tier (40) Unique Glyph - Legendary Tier (60) Unique Ephemera 1 - 15 Unique Ephemera 2 - 30 Unique Ephemera 3 - 60 Unique Ephemera 4 - 120 Unique Syandana - 50 Unique Armor Set - 75 Unique Operator Suit - 75 Unique Operator Eye Accessory - 25 Unique Operator Ear Accessory - 25 Unique Operator Facial Accessory - 25 etc. (As a vet I am always short on endo, kuva, forma. Overall the shop should be heavily skewed towards difficult to acquire cosmetics. I highly advise against mods or arcanes.)
  14. Yes. Lets just completely ignore a major aspect of the game that differentiates Warframe from your run of the mill military shooter. Lets support game design that pushes arbitrary unintuitive restrictions. Lets bury our heads in the sand and not criticize the shortcomings of the game. No u 🤠 They could use make ballistic battery function in this way. Scale off of the regulators. Press 1 to activate for energy cost, when charge hits 100%, aimbot at base 20% a shot, then the ability auto-refreshes for energy cost, charge to 100% again etc. This way aimbot people get their aimbot and can build efficiency mesa. Peacemaker people who want to do that can build their strength-duration Mesa. Ballistic battery is no longer a wasted slot, and Mesa's ability set is no longer randomly impotent against high value enemies and random game mechanics.
  15. There are so many random, arbitrary exclusions, untargetables, weak spot dependent, massive damage reduction enemies, and invincibilities that counter peacemakers. My normal weapons can deal just fine with the little guys but the big bosses and heavy units that slow me down? A lot of the time it feels like I cant shoot the things that are most worth using Peacemakers on. It doesnt help that aimbot peacemaker is a brain dead press 4 to win ability with an extra step. Toggle on, spin around as fast as possible, toggle off, move to the next group of enemies, toggle on, etc, etc. Ideally we get the best of both worlds where for each manual shot from Exalted Regulators that hits something, Mesa will aimbot 2-4 nearby enemies (depending on ballistic battery charge) but if I had to choose I would rather have a Peacemaker I can shoot whatever I want with instead of the limited aimbot. Yes Mesa is already a very powerful warframe, yes there are others that deserve a more urgent rework, etc etc. Doesnt mean that Peacemakers and Ballistic battery dont need work as well.
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