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  1. This nightwave is probably one of the most mismanaged bullS#&$ events I've ever seen in my almost 20 years of gaming. After 2 prior nightwaves and 2 intermissions all of which except the first campaign resulted in delay after delay and missed goals I have to conclude that you guys just dont learn from your mistakes at all. I would almost rather have the old alert system back. At the very least that encouraged players to do different nodes around the star chart and was consistently there. And for players who needed a helmet. It was rewarding. Hell it would have been f
  2. Not much to say here. The artists are incredible. The khora is going to look unbelievable with the right color scheme and mithra is always fantastic. That tech nikana is an instant buy for me. Beautiful liset skin. Probably as close to the "prime" one as you can get. As for the oculus.. Like. I'm sorry but can we get some normal looking glasses or monocles for once instead of ones with inch thick rims? Warframe's optimization is astounding as always. Maybe in a few years you'll be able to get a version on mid-range smartphones. This sounds like it should have been released
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