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  1. Seriously. This entire thread is a goddam S#&$ show. So many posts about how melee is dead, damage nerf, blah blah blah. When DE effectively is starting everyone off at a base 3x combo multiplier for normal attacks compared to where we are now; even higher for heavy attacks. CO and BR nerfs had it coming for a long time except in return the base multiplier is also going up for both those mods. There's also an absolutely majestic reply on page 2 where the goober is whining that since they cant spin 2 win anymore they can only enjoy the game if they play aimbot frame. smh.
  2. Looking forward to this update. Really liked almost everything I read. Unless something goes horribly wrong, I think you guys hit the nail on the head for this one. Unbelievable amount of work but IMO badly needed. Also good on you for dialing back on the ridiculousness that is blood rush/CO and dumping much of that damage back into base stats and the combo counter. The less mandatory mods the better. I'm really, really looking forward to what the normalization of range mods can do for the dagger class. I've wanted to use my Fang Prime for a long time and not feel like I'm shooting myself in the foot. A few concerns. Life strike being tied into heavy attack which require a pretty hefty windup (ex. the skana was 0.8s). WIll windup time be affected by melee speed mods and powers? A lot of melee builds on squishy warframes rely on a large number of relatively small heals per second that the current life strike provides. The current wording suggests that the heals are more bursty (meaning much of the heal will be wasted) and less of a constant stream of healing. I'd really like for a small amount of life steal to be included with normal attacks and a much higher percentage for heavy attacks or alternatively allow for overheals which then have a decay over time (to contrast overshields which dont decay). The current changes still do not address the fact that melee is absolutely useless against invincible-weak point type enemies. There is no way to perform precision hits with a melee weapon and the game currently counts any hit that hits something other than the weak spot to be a miss. Not sure how there is a good way to fix this other than allowing melee some ways to bypass the invincibility. For example melee hits suffer damage reduction instead. Heavy hits suffer less damage reduction. Lifted status reduces this even further. Allow higher combo multiplier values to lift heavier enemies. Ex. a 1.5x will lift bombards. 4x would lift lephantis. Something like that. Removal of auto block means that it will be much slower to increase defense. With the current system as soon as you quick melee there is some amount of blocking going on. Now we have to wait for the draw before we can take advantage of any defense there may be. Perhaps make that first draw attack also count as a block/counter/projectile reflect/knockdown reflect? This way if we are shooting guns but are about to get shot we can simply attack into the direction of the incoming damage to block/reflect it and from there we can choose to draw the melee and keep blocking or go back to shooting. I've always wanted to be able to reflect bombard/napalm rockets back at them or cut the rockets in mid air. There were some systems that were not addressed such as the focus tree melee nodes. Some of the best exodia arcanes are channeling based. The entire group use a buff in general. Also a bunch of abilities scale off of combo counter although it may not be a bad idea to make players choose between making a big heavy hit or using the exalted weapon. The clunky finisher system was not addressed either. I'm sincerely hoping that gets moved to another button or gets canned entirely until a proper stealth kill/blinded kill system can get built. Edit: The salty tears of all the macro spamming BR-MS-CO spin 2 winners make me happy. Gotta actually play the game now. Boo Hoo. Much sad. Also it's not like DE just showed they buffed an intro tier weapon by 3x damage for normal hits and approximately 8x damage for heavy attacks. I'd bet that most of you little screamers werent hitting anywhere close to those multiplier values before anyway.
  3. Problem: Atlas doesnt feel like a brawler that goes toe to toe with enemies that can fight back. Currently he is a cowardly spam caster whose survival is dependent on hiding behind small rock walls and spamming his 3 to freeze enemies and then hitting them while they cannot hit back. For the first part I try to keep things more realistic and change as little as possible. For the second I present a more complete rework. Passives Goal: Remove the dependence of Atlas's only survivability buff from having to spam Petrify on every enemy group. Round out the immunity to "interrupts". Rubble: 1 piece of rubble restores 50hp or provides 50armor Non petrified enemies drop 1 piece of rubble Petrified enemies drop 2 pieces of rubble Enemies killed by Landslide or Rumblers always drop one additional piece of rubble Immovable: In addition to knockdown immunity atlas is immune to stagger and push back (ex. Fire Blast currently pushes Atlas back even though there is no knockdown) Landslide Goal: Bring the skill up to modern standards. Remove the dependence on a stat stick. Add an exalted weapon slot for this ability. Tectonics/Boulder Goal: Make it a viable wall type ability as well as a damage ability Increase height and width to be approximately the size of Electric Shield or Dread Mirror. Increase size of Boulder to match Any explosives that hit Tectonics will have its AOE damage completely nullified Recasting Tectonics into Boulder will convert the current health to a base damage value which is then modified by warfame and mods equipped to the "Exalted Landslide" weapon slot. Boulder does true damage Petrify Goal: Remove the dependence of Atlas's only survivability buff from having to spam Petrify on every enemy group. Remove the animation lock and make Petrify feel better to use. Petrify is now a one handed ability Rumblers Goal: Make the Rumblers, especially their damage, scale into end game (defined as ~lv 120 heavy grineer). Improve Synergy with Atlas' passive. Damage inflicted now also scales off of warframe and "Exalted Landslide" mods. Enemies struck by Rumblers have a 50% chance to become petrified. Double base duration of Rumblers What I would like to see in a Rework is a kit that encourages Atlas to get into enemies faces while still being able to fortify the rest of the team with the power of the earth. Passives Goal: Encourage players to get up close and personal with fast melee weapons Passive Part 1: If an enemy is within 3m Atlas gains 1.5% life steal on melee attacks +450 armor per enemy lasting for 5s after he moves out of range Passive Part 2: Immune to all knockdown, stagger, knock back, slow effects as long as atlas is on the ground Passive Part 3: Each melee strike against an enemy builds 1 charge up to 30. Some abilities consume Charge and are not afffected by nullifier fields (i.e. can be cast even in a nullifier field, will affect enemies within a nullifier field). Does not deplete when in a nullifier field. Depletes if you fall into a hole. Ability 1 Pressing 1 Summons a custom set of Exalted Sparring weapons with its own weapon slot. Press again to deactivate. Built in "Shattering impact" That affects both base armors and shields. Holding 1 consumes 10 charge to perform one hit of the current 3 hit Landslide combo, complete with auto-tracking and AOE. Consecutive uses will always cycle through all 3 hits of the current Landslide combo with no reset timer. Ability 2 One handed instant cast ability Consumes all current charges to quickly stomp the ground heal self within affinity range by 5% of max hp per second per charge (Example consume 2 charges to heal by 10% of max hp/s) become status immune gain 90% damage reduction Duration of buffs increase with charges consumed. Approximately 0.75s per charge. enemies within range suffer a short duration Rhino Stomp, range increases with more Charges consumed Ability 3 Consumes 15 charge Atlas rips an enormous boulder (diameter = width of Volt's electric shield) from the ground and throws it (affected by physics, also see Sigma's Boulder throw from Overwatch) A wall spawns which functions like the current Tectonics + adjustments as stated in the section above Within a set distance of the boulder, atlas gains attack speed, reload speed, movement speed buffs Ability 4 Consumes 30 charge extremely quick cast animation Atlas slams the ground releasing a wave of earth energy that adds 15s to all currently running buff times and copies all buffs currently affecting atlas to allies (identical buffs cannot stack) within range Thanks for reading.
  4. No complaints. Sounds reasonable enough across the board. Pretty niche but I can see teams of wisps/zephyrs or some other non-standard builds stacking this (assuming it stacks additively) and doing quite well. Depending how regularly it drops it could be a cheap way to clear the gear check on some riven challenges. Oh baby. My melee weapon just got another free slot. Me likey. The only way this is maybe not completely DOA is if it affects companion base health. If that was the case I could maybe see some companion loving solo players using this one. Maybe Djin users too. But no aura works on base stats afaik and I doubt this one does. Dead on arrival as an arbitration mod. I can see this mod being extremely useful for new players if it had no malus and dropped commonly on earth/mercury/venus since life steal type healing is so sparse early game. As an arby drop though, it either needs base values multiplied by at least 10x with further multiplier added for hard targets like Heavies, manics, nox, mini bosses, bosses, etc. Or it has to add a significant amount of additive armor, like 100+ flat armor per kill up to 1000 additional armor which lasts ~30-60s. For now. BOOOOOOOO LAAAAAAME. However if Channeling is still planned on becoming super sayan mode with melee 3.0 when it comes out in 2035, a squad full of this could significantly extend that mode. Bigger numbers are cool but it should work for any primary or secondary. As is, it doesnt supplant arcane avenger for me. Additionally, due to its reliance on kills and its short duration, it wont work very well for many bosses. If it becomes dirt cheap, I can see some players on very tight budgets going for this. Bigger numbers are cool but it should work for any melee or secondary. As is, it doesnt supplant arcane avenger for me. Additionally, due to its reliance on kills and its short duration, it wont work very well for many bosses. If it becomes dirt cheap, I can see some players on very tight budgets going for this. I hate the "on headshot" and "on headshot kill" conditions the devs seem to love. There are a lot of enemies with tiny heads and or fast moving heads and/or heads that take no damage, or even no heads at all, not to mention the few weapons we have which cannot head shot which makes this arcane completely worthless. The condition should be "on X consecutive hits of a weak spot" or somehow modified with a bonus for slow firing weapons and projectile weapons and explosive weapons. Despite that, Im interested. I'll take 2 and make a ridiculous meme build out of it. I wonder if the effect will works on primary weapons. The Acceltra demands it. Worthless. Dead on arrival. The constant burst heals (essentially 100% heals on every single melee hit) of Pack Leader is what makes that mod viable against high level enemies where as long as you are hitting something, your pet wont die even if the retard AI sends it off to solo a pack of lv 90 hyekka masters. (spoilers: It cant) The arcane effect should be: Every kill has a 7.5% chance to generate a charge stacking up to 10 charges. When pet HP drops to 0, expend a charge instead to resist death, pet and warframe gain invincibility for 7.5s. This way if your gear is good enough your squishy little pet might actually become a decent source of defense. Dead on arrival. S#&$ty effect with an absolutely tiny up time compared to other arcanes. The summon time alone for an arch gun is 2-3 seconds so the timer better not start until the gun is in your hands otherwise this arcane is even more of a joke At high levels even fully modded archguns dont put out enough damage against armored enemies to make this worth it unless you are running a super damage buffing warframe and even then many primary weapons are better. Band Aid Solution: Extend armor increase to last as long as you hold the arch gun. Player now also gains 30% hp on kill. Actual fix: Fix armor scaling. Alternatively, improve arch gun mods to be equivalent or better than primary/secondary mods (or nerf them down accordingly). Alternatively, arch guns do non reducible finisher damage against non-space ships or special enemy types like Eidolons and Orb Mothers. That's pretty cool of you guys. Long overdue but I can see it being ultra low priority. Nice to finally have though. --This Joke-->> (My head) TENNO. VAST NUMBERS OF GRINEER GHOULS ARE Cool but real stealth rework when? Always appreciated We still doing phrasing?
  5. Agreed. It's horrible. But it rarely ever gets fixed.
  6. Did some further testing. It seems that the % only dictates how much of the main battery you lose when Redline ends. 100% = no loss. Anything below is a proportional loss of the main battery. Didnt seem to have anything to do with the strength of the buff. That seems to only depend on how much the Redline circle is filled.
  7. My thoughts after 4 Forma into Gauss and about 3-4 hours of gameplay, ~2-3 hours of simulacrum testing. General: Fantastic Job. Going so fast is fun. This is a frame that demands constant input, awareness, and buff upkeep from the player, but unlike Harrow and Garuda it rewards you handsomely for it. The kit works very well together and has some very interesting scalings which allow me to build him with mods I dont normally use. As a speed/melee nut this warframe ticks so many of the boxes that I wanted in a warframe it makes me giddy just thinking about it. I rarely ever buy non prime warframes and 700ish plat is an immense amount for me to drop on a bundle but absolutely no regrets thus far. I am having a a blast with Gauss and I suspect he will be my go to melee warframe whenever I feel like swapping out of my trusty Umbral Volt. Aesthetics: Theme, visuals, audio, are all fantastic. This is a very good looking and sounding warframe. Major Problem: stat clarity is a massive issue with this warframe Stats of both Kinetic Plating and Redline are dependent on the battery AND they have an enormous range of possible values. An in game display of what these are would remove a lot of guesswork. I have no idea what the % value that appears next to the battery in Redline mode means Figured it out. Armor stripping of Redlined Thermal Sunder - blast is not explicitly given a value It is never stated how much stronger the Enhanced Fire Proc of Thermal Sunder is What is the capacity of the battery and the redline battery? Exactly how much does Mach Rush and Thermal Sunder-Cold recharge it? How much extra melee damage when Kinetic plate + Redline? I know I'm forgetting others. Passive: Its on the better end of the passives. It is easy to fill the battery so you basically always have 70-80% bonus. Works very will with Kinetic Plating's damage reduction. Mach Rush: Review: Overall it is a very fun ability. One of the most fun I've used in quite a while. I like how inexpensive and spammable it is. Good for movement however with higher levels of the ability it is very easy to overshoot targets due to the large minimum distance. The ability feels very odd when you collide with an enemy at that speed and the only thing that happens is they stumble, although I appreciate that they do not randomly ragdoll. Explosion damage AND slash proc is very poor as well. Insignificant damage against higher leveled enemies. I do not like how the explosion ragdolls enemies significantly. 100% PS vs Lv 100 corrupted heavy gunner. Slash proc only does 280 a tick. Couldnt even see the explosion damage. Currently gauss will always dash in the direction of the crosshairs. An omnidirectional dash would make him feel much more agile. If I am gunning, I want to keep my crosshairs on target instead of having to constantly turn away to dash to recharge the battery. This is an especially big deal when vs nullifiers/scrambus/demolysts. I do not like how momentum is not preserved if you are Mach running and perform an action like jumping or if you release the direction button. Feels strange to suddenly stop like that. Suggestions: Direct collision with an enemy will bring gauss to a halt and trigger a radial stagger. If only one change can be made, make it this one. Enemies within 1m of the impact take finisher damage as follows: Current battery level = base damage (0 battery = 50 damage, 100% battery = 400 damage) -> modified by distance traveled, warframe mods, melee mods, auras, and other buffs. The idea is that one or two enemies (or a group of pulled enemies to synergize with other warframes) will take a single large melee hit which adds to the impact of the ability. Ex. Grendel swallows a ton of enemies. Gauss runs into him and all the enemies take the big damage. Enemies more than 1m away but within a base 5m of Gauss during the dash are pulled along with him and deposited at his feet at the end of the dash. Up to a limit of X enemies. The radial explosion now staggers enemies instead of ragdolls. Strips a small (5-10%) percentage of current armor/shields. The dash is now omnidirectional allowing for side and backwards dashing. This will add an element of skill to the gameplay especially when dancing in and out of demolyst nullifier pulses. Momentum is preserved on jumping/rolling/aim gliding Augment Suggestion: On activation, gain 0.5/1/1.5 seconds of invincibility. Kinetic Plating Review: IMO this is a top tier defensive ability. YOU ARE EXTREMELY RELIANT ON THIS TO SURVIVE. Even though it has a massive range of DR, it is not difficult to keep towards the top of the range. Works very well with Gauss' theme encouraging frequent dashing (again omnidirectional dash would make this ability even better. Complements Gauss' energy hungry kit extremely well. Freeing up a slot that would otherwise go to handspring/pain threshold is significant. Massive duration and near instant recast makes upkeep of the ability near painless. Very interesting implications for survivability as well however the stagger immunity does NOT apply to Quick thinking. it should. It is far too easy to unintentionally deactivate the ability. On PC 1 is next to 2. And the player is required to spam 1 to live. I've fat fingered 2 a few times and was immediately exploded. I am not a fan of the look. Its a simple bubble that clips through the warframe's torso? The geometric waves when it is absorbing shots is pretty nice though. Suggestion: turning off the ability should be a Hold down. Not another press. To prevent fat fingering a critical defensive ability. display the current % damage reduction on the ability icon below/above the timer Stagger immunity also applies to Quick thinking (or fix Quick thinking to not allow chain staggers and so that pain threshold works with it) Augment Suggestion: 15/20/25% of Energy restored is also restored to allies within 30m Thermal Sunder Review: Only the cold proc is useful for the slow/freeze and the gauge refill. Heat proc is completely useless, not to mention the drain on the battery. Armor stripping from the Redline blast proc is too small to be noticeable. Blast proc is clunky to use. Having to cast in the same area twice while also having to spam 1 to keep moving is annoying. The benefit of a brief knockdown is also quite poor for the effort. At least at 100% power strength. For how much energy and battery it costs the ability should be doing much much more. 100% PS vs lv 100 corrupted heavy gunner -> 66 damage a tick on Redline heat proc which is piss poor Suggestion: Display the values for Redline procs. How much stronger is the heat proc? (It seems to be 100% stronger). How much armor stripping is done? Is it % based? Is it a flat value taken off of base armor like shattering impact? Remove the blast proc mechanic. Simplify the ability by baking armor/shield stripping into the heat proc. Like Pillage but a much smaller area. Increase those values for Redline heat proc. Augment Suggestion: Allies that run through the affected area are granted 100% blast damage to their attacks and +50% movement speed for 40s. Redline Review: Very fun buff. Nice visuals and audio. Casting speed could be ~33% faster. This is an ability that demands 100% uptime so it needs to be cast very frequently. The long animation lock is frustrating each time I cast it. Even on a very long duration build where I am casting every 1.5min. I am glad that it is not a movement lock. I am pleasantly surprised that every aspect of the ability scales with duration. It allows power strength to essentially be a dump stat, which is extremely rare and really opens up a lot of mod slots to play around with. The % value that appears next to the redline gauge is NOT EXPLAINED AT ALL. Nor is it intuitive what that number means. Given the consequence of not hitting 100% on that counter while redline is up results in a very large drain to the battery and that the dependence of survivability on Kinetic shield means this is absolutely unacceptable. The particle damage on the ability is useless. The stagger is also so short it is useless. 100% PS vs lv 100 corrupted heavy gunner: 18 damage Suggestion: Must explain the "backup charge % number" that appears in the ability box. Ex. When above the redline, the reserve capacitor will charge. If the capacitor is below 100% when the ability ends, the difference will be removed from the main battery. Display how strong the current redline buffs are. I know there are a lot of them but there's no reason why they could not fit next to the battery gauge. Current battery level + redline battery level = base damage (up to 800 damage) -> modified by distance traveled, warframe mods, melee mods, auras, and other buffs. The damage area is now base 5m wide damage wave. Gauss will still stop on direct impact with an enemy/wall. Instead of doing damage, particles stagger and debuff enemies. Debuffed enemies hit by mach rush increase the duration of Redline by 1-2s base. Augment Suggestion: Allies allies struck by Mach Rush now receive 50/75/100% of Redline's buffs for the duration of the ability. Edit: Still working on forma-ing the Acceltral and Akarius but so far both are fun to use, deal good damage, look very cool, and are relatively safe for self damage explosive based weapons although I somehow still manage to kill myself on them from time to time. Again self damage needs to be reworked to be a percentage of current warframe HP, not the full damage value.
  8. By far the major downfall many augment designs is that the designer fails to acknowledge that augments have to be powerful enough to exceed the benefits of slotting a normal power mod (ex. intensify) up to a corrupted mod (ex. blind rage) or provide a significant effect that cannot be gotten anywhere else. Otherwise there is simply no competition. Mod space is tight on the vast majority of warframes. Furthermore Augments only affect a single ability whereas a standard mod will affect the entire warframe so make them powerful. My thoughts on specific augments listed: Proposal: I highly recommend porting the arch-melee auto targeting to this augment. I also recommend the augment also make Valkyr move faster and faster the longer she is in Hysterical Assault. My problem with the augment currently is that in order to take full advantage of long range jumps, the mod requires pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, the effect of the augment has effectively been replaced by targeted slam attacks. With the arch melee lock on cone using the mobility of the augment becomes much simpler as Valkyr now only needs to melee in the rough area an enemy is in and she will automatically dash to them. This would also remove another major deficit of Hysterical Assault which is its very short range melee on a non-mobile stance Adding a ramping movement speed buff also opens up the possibility of using the ability as an expensive movement ability as Valkyr's 1 pull velocity is poor. Allowing the invulnerability to persist for a few seconds sounds fine to me. Sounds good to me. Wont say much about it since there has not been a peep about the melee 3.0 combo counter for months... Proposal: Rumbler Mimic Atlas's abilities when he casts them. Warframe AI is pretty S#&$. Especially at melee if the WuClone AI is anything to go by and unless the clone scales with weapon mods it will fall off by lv 70. Much sooner if against armored enemies. Being able to effectively increase power efficiency by 50% however is quite powerful. Proposal: For each enemy killed on hallowed ground, the radius increases by "x" meters up to 150m and duration is extended by "y" seconds up to a limit. Oberon is a staple on open world maps, however unless the player slots extremely high range (which gimps the rest of his abilities which requires strength and duration), the area the ground covers is actually quite tiny. Being able to enlarge the area affected to be significant in open world maps would absolutely make this worth slotting Sounds good to me. The duration would need to be increased to base 20-30s. Its so hard to see when an ally is affected by a status debuff. The most important one like Rad you dont even know it happens until you get accidentally shanked. That's interesting. However I can also see giant magnetize bubbles being spammed everywhere being very disruptive to other players. Proposal: Magnetize releases a pulse restoring 10 to 100 energy to all allies within 15-20m on detonation depending on how much damage was absorbed. Mag gains a powerful support buff and can potentially become self sustaining with energy allowing her to spec away from Arcane energize/Rage/Hunter Adrenaline/Zenurik/etc Sounds decent. The base range would need to be quite big though. Mesa usually does not build that much range. Havent used this skill in a very long time. Sounds good. Proposal: Casting Sleight of Hand inverts the light status within 50m of the jewel as long as the jewel persists which overrides all current lighting conditions on the map. If the jewel is cast in the light, it generates a dark field. If the jewel is cast in the dark, it generates a light field. Eclipse is one of mirage's most powerful abilities. However the lack of control over lighting conditions on various tiles limits its use. Being able to control what buff is active is worth a slot. Sounds good to me. However being able to recast Iron Skin and Roar should be part of the base ability. Augments ARE NOT BANDAID MODS stop designing them as such. Proposal: Additional effect. Each enemy hit by roar will increase the power of the next roar by 2%. This effect does not Stack. Ex. Roar gives 50% bonus at base. Rhino hits 10 enemies. The next roar gives 70% bonus and hits 2 enemies. The third roar gives 54% bonus. This opens up the option for roar to be viable even with high range builds (which generally lack strength). The stagger effect needs to be significant. At least 5s base duration. A lot of abilities that "stagger" do so for around 3s. By the time the frame is done casting and can shoot the stagger is over. Sounds good to me Proposal: Augment removes energy drain on movement, drain per second, and movement speed malus for ALL SHIELDS, in addition to allowing teammates to pick up extra shields. No one uses the riot shield currently because it QUADRUPLE punishes the user for using it. You have to 1. pay to cast, 2. pay to move, 3. pay to just hold the damn thing, 4. lose movement speed (so you usually have to supplement by casting Speed), AND after all that you're still limited by a timer. Proposal: Tail Wind (and Dive Bomb) now scales off of melee mods even if the damage scales indefinitely it will still take a long time to ramp up to anything significant especially vs armor. Make the ability scale with melee mods and the combo counter. Good change. However you have to add code that prevents the added element from combining with existing elements on the weapon. As they currently are, you can completely #*!% up your teammates builds by adding the wrong element. For example, it's not fun watching corrosive damage suddenly turn into magnetic. Proposal: Also Increase the bonus damage from 100% to 130%. Primed mods give 165%, pure elemental mods give +90%. 130% is a better middle ground.
  9. Aww yiss. New toys, new fashion (for pets too!), new liset decos, and some improvements. I'm happy.
  10. Buff shields.... Does the clone weapons inherit weapon mods? Duration based? Channeling based? How are we supposed to get a good handle on how the ability works if you guys insist on leaving out so much critical info? Here's hoping for some AI improvements. At the very least let us customize that enemies our summons will prioritize automatically. If there's a nullifier or ancient around I want those dead first without having to stop what I'm doing to point and click. Warframe desperately needs someone at competent AI design. I'm going to laugh if the day of release videos pop up of the melee clone suiciding into nullifiers because the player accidentally pulled out a gun. I can see this going two ways. The clone is dumb as balls and everyone now runs the staticor, catchmoon, or some other OP AOE weapon in it, or the clone is an aimbot. Sounds good. Didnt it also come with a crit buff? Not encouraging. No scaling means the damage component of this quickly becomes negligible. Highly recommend the damage confers some multiplier type to Wukong's moddable exalted staff which is used for this atttack. At the very least armor buff sounds good. Sounds good. Looking forward to a taste of 3.0. That's interesting. The buffs sound strong. So good job with that. How does it work though? Activate on hitting 0 HP? If so then what is the interaction with arbitrations and instant death nades? How often can it activate? Will the player be able to chain frag themselves 3 times in a row and still live? WIth such short duration buffs I highly recommend a way for Wukong to be able to slowly regenerate "lives". You guys have a scoring system in the simulacrum. Just put one in the background and once the player hits a certain "score" they get another life up to holding a max of 4 or 5. This does not belong in the buff rotation. Change it to something like guaranteed red crits or guaranteed 100% status chance. All of the other buffs are powerful short term combat buffs. A loot buff is completely out of place. Besides, the duration and frequency are short to do much of anything and if you make it long enough to matter people are going to purposely suicide to try to fish for the buff. Celestial Twin and Enveloping cloud augs not worth the slot. Your augment designers need to get it in their little brains that augments are competing with other mods for a slot. They dont exist in a vacuum. Here's an idea. What if.. what if the weapons and warframe in the game mode the vast majority of the player base plays got regular numbers tweaks instead of the tacked on PvP mode that you wont even pay for dedicated servers for?
  11. I am in awe of DE's ability to take something as badass as a giant solar beam and make it feel like crap to use. No Scaling Ramp up per enemy Slow ramp up Slow ticks Tiny Width Manual aiming No weight Cannot head shot Affected by armor Very expensive to set up (needs all 3 reservoirs + breach surge) Relatively expensive to cast, channel, and amp up Cannot bust nullifier bubbles (meanwhile Ignis is one of the top nullifier busters) What will you guys think of next? Breach surge change is nice I guess. Would have liked a guaranteed tick at 50% as well. The best part of the update is the Tennogen, by a long shot. Bug fixes are nice. Still no fix for Sepfhan Nikana not being affected by Amalgam Daikyu life steal. No sign of the next nightwave.
  12. What an oddly specific bug. You cant stop the AI revolution. Here's hoping the bug where the Sepfhan Nikana isnt affected by the Amalgam Dailyu Mod's lifesteam gets fixed soon.
  13. The status chance is not given. Even if you get a 100% status chance that is at most 2 corrosive procs a second which is mediocre armor stripping at best. Compare that to pretty much every other continuous weapon like cycron, gaze chambers, etc that has very fast fire rate and high status chance then Sol Gate's stats just looks strange. The beam is also one enemy wide at best so unless you run into a group of perfectly lined up enemies that stay perfectly lined up, which never happens except if you turn off AI in the simulacrum, you will still have to ramp up multiple times per fight which lowers DPS by a lot since the AI likes to run around like headless chickens. Both Sol Gate's current damage per second and total damage output is horrendous for the energy cost. Do a comparison test with Peacemakers, Exalted Blade, other exalted weapons, even the generic status shotguns or bleed snipers and Sol Gate simply cannot keep up. Lastly, DE still also have not addressed the fact that Sol Gate cannot reliably strike weak spots or headshot. Enemies like Nox and many bosses may as well be completely invincible despite being shot with the #*!%ing sun.
  14. Sepfhan Nikanas still do not work with the Amalgam Daikyu mod. WIsps Sol Gate damage is still horrendous for its energy cost even without accounting for the cost of the 3 reservoirs that are essentially mandatory. Add mod scaling. Triple the beam width. Double the tick rate. REMOVE RAMP UP PER ENEMY. 300 energy and a 300% power strength build, the thing can't even kill 6 lv 100 corrupted heavy gunners.
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