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Idea: +/- Dual Mods


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We have some nightmare dual mods already in the game that are very good. Yet, I've been thinking of a different kind of branch of dual mods. I'd like to think of them as 'Boon/Bane' dual mods (but shan't, because of confusion with the bane part of the name, because of bane mods), or 'Give-and-take' mods, or even more simply put: +/- mods.


What they would do, is improve one aspect at the cost of some other aspect. These abilities could be even closely tied together, such as +damage and -fire rate, which would keep the dps from going through the roof, but making the weapon less wasteful in ammo consumption through more damage per shot, and more time between shots for the recoil to reset. One other example would be a kind of 'finesse' mod for melee weapons: +crit chance, but -crit damage, which would again be a mod that might not give a huge dps boost by itself.


Since they would not be a tremendous upgrade over the existing mods, mostly because of their usefulness being lower than that of a standard mod (which do not have a negative aspect in them), their modcost value would start fairly low, around the 2-3 cost. To keep them from upsetting the precarious balance of the game, their max levels could also be kept fairly low along with how much they influence per level, so they would not provide insanely high bonuses when paired with existing mods that influence the same aspects.


The lore might explain them as faulty mass-produced mods by inadequately trained manufacturers.


What they would offer in terms of gameplay: More builds and customization options for us players. They might allow for more narrower niche-builds, such as trying to maximize one aspect of a weapon/warframe, which might get out of hand if some forethought is not given to what kind of +/- mods would be implemented - but that should not be an issue, since that same forethought is already used when it comes to the already existing nightmare mods. :)


Food for thought, some suggested +/- pairings:

Increased power damage, lowered power efficiency

(Increased power efficiency, lowered power damage, problematic since it could make non-damage powers very cheap)

Increased shield recovery, lowered max shields

Increased damage, lowered fire speed/attack speed

Increased crit chance, lowered crit damage

Increased crit damage, lowered crit chance

Increased multishot, lowered damage


Edit on Dec 6th 2013: These features seem to have made it to the game as Corrupt Mods. Thank you!

Edited by Dalzedur
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The duel stats are there to save you a mod slot, so making it reduce something is pointless. This idea has been tried with helmets, didn't work. Many people have suggested it, but it wont be implemented.

Also, the Duel stat mods take up a lot of mod capacity, especially when maxed, which is the trade off (meaning you will have to polarise a LOT to get all the mods you want on the weapon. I did it 4 times to my Latron, and 3 to my Twin Gremlins and Orthos, just to get the right mods installed, including duel stats)

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I see your points. The take on these would have been that you might want to include these in addition to the already existing mods, not simply to replace them with these, since you can already stack dual mods with the standard mods that both give the same thing, thereby gaining a little bit more extra on whatever it is that you already have, which your particular build might concentrate on.


For example, there would be a threshold difference between the warframe uber being able to kill something with one use along with heightened power cost, instead of two uses at standard cost. Focus only gives +30%, after all.


But yeah, the 8 modslot limitation per weapon (or 9 if you count the aura) and frame would not probably work well with these, since there are better choices out there.

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