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if warframe get a crossover with a game which game you prefer for it crossover with?


For me I would like warframe get a crossover with SAO's games, I mean it would freaking blow off the minds (not actually killing) which it would flipping butt kicking day for Kirito and other gangs then again...there is that several games for it would be nice to have a crossover.

  • Monster Hunter (finally we don't have to deal with small weeb creatures, now we are hunting the big guys)



  • this game


  • Hate me or not I have to admit to saying be nice for the crossover is... Final Fantasy's games because of thanks to this game here



  • At the time being also admit it would be nice of ninja gaiden I mean top $##t I won't lie it is the combo moves I like the best


I will not be surprised if someone mentions "Black Desert" or either "Destiny" for crossover but at the time being I would like Ninja Gaiden to get a crossover with warframe seriously for I mean for the sake of dagger/s, katana, staff and many stances fighting style it they need a lot to be need to add into the game.  Also getting a crossover with monster hunter it would be awesome to see a mighty beast roaming in PoE or either in Solaris which it would make my day awesome to see it in action murdering the corpus or grineer as they tear it like a rag doll.

Note: I didn't add God Eater into the list because well...confusing origin and it is too hellish if 1 aragime creature into as crossover with warframe (trust me on this one it will wreck our $##t if it ever devours one our warframe).

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