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  1. eeh it is still good because you can reroll it when needed to. I don't know why ppl saying its bad, Mire is good weapon it just that ppl don't know how to have fun at the time being. At the time being careful ppl try scam ur riven for small amount of plat. Recommend use this site measure the plat for riven. https://semlar.com/rivencalc
  2. Go on this site and edit the list on the wheel and name every bad thing in warframe you could of think of and have a spin https://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/ this is how I view it what the dev is doing picking random while the wheel spin and probably thinking "blend or bland either way" but I understand they are struggling but they shouldn't absolutely worry. Something tell me they been too much close to their beer or liquor 😒. Time put down that liquor plz dev for your sake why do I have feeling something is going bad happen soon.
  3. Well new things she saying on the radio and not much but find interested about her lover claim he is in a suit some oddly handsome and moral as a chainsaw...I think she referring a love of grineer for I don't know what the odds and possible 1 out of trillions grineer be handsome in a suit 🤔? Oh well if anyone find something interesting that could lead to a lore about nora and other part of her life story that including new possible frame, linking lore about orokin/grineer/corpus/sentient/tenno of possible could benefit about the lore as we interact with it.
  4. your pose to post a good meme like this
  5. unless DE forget implant the shield gating for the frames then yea RIP shield gating.
  6. too bad the shield gating is not apply to all frame still. RIP shield frame that isn't Hildryn.
  7. minor few...it use to be a lot of ppl when the time it came out and ppl started care less and less after few months pass by and realized specter is more powerful and accurate then the turret that is deploy and including other air support. In fact ppl hate wait and efficient cost is bit higher then we thought to have and the timer sux and everyone hate it compassionately that why its a super draw back in the game to be used. I prefer update the ship soon or later but I don't think DE is going care for the time being because the power of frames just get the job done and turret is thrown into the dumpster with its air support.
  8. that why you kill the baby spider to get the coolent cell and throw it in pit of lava as its done you throw it at the face of the robotic orb until she over heat as you should jump towards orb and rip out sockets parts that protecting her and shoot the fiery part of body.
  9. the turret in the game is seem pointless you know the air support turret for they are cap to be lvl 30 for they aren't specter or anything to be balance, they spray too much and can't even aim unlike the corpus turret they can aim better 😑😒 its the type issue will ppl use air support for meaning uses or not which no one barely use it because the ship matter what type it use but at the time being save that topic for later. At the time being turret is not being loved so much and was left in the garbage trash can and just saw my old picture comment about we want turret pretty much we won't see this one deploy into combat at all for it seems DE has no attention putting turret be unique to be used in the game just being a display and I am guessing it just for show that they don't want to do ANYTHING WITH IT. So now I keep wondering why didn't DE bother with small update for turret but I've answer it quickly because its obvious DE hate turret making or either they don't care enough for giving love (just like vauban's tesla balls) the funny thing is I don't find the turret very powerful at all unless you have squad with you that deploy turrets on the same spot but it defeat the purpose already which one is more powerful then the rest the items gadgets which its obvious if anyone didn't see the video about summoning specter or don't remember summoning specter... yea this sum it up because it seems turret was work less then rest of these specters as to be assumed and it still works on missions well but it doesn't work well in plains and solaris for you think turret is going do good job over thous right? yea it seems that DE will never going bother with it until someone say something about turret like they did with vauban over with the chat during the time their "Prime Time" over with twitter or some other site they will answer on. At the time being all I can say RIP turret for you use to be fun and now the dev is not riz for it because no one loved it.
  10. There is up and down statement about the change, sure its is handy to certain build for play style and it seems pretty well good but I also agreed missing the old quick melee and if I remember if you used fist and feet weapon thing they are extremely fast and having a stance on them you can't create a combo at all which its worst stance been put into game because you will be leaping all over the place when there is few players prefer punching extremely fast like a super sayin it been very effective for thous who play that quick melee style. I am not here complain about it but it should be still given chose that the player wanted bring out quick melee or not which it should been an optional chose for the system, like for example holding e should of put on full on drawing out your weapon because the dev did change the key again of holding f is now change which I was ok using quick melee attack instead full on flying around the stage forcefully a direction for I don't want to fly too much. Then again players who think the 3.0 melee will be fine (as they think) but its still a nerf really badly still, at the time being old players some of them is getting the idea of old quick melee is best optional for certain build against stance and same time old ppl are fine with the update part-ish-ly (in some what ok) it just that its awkward at the time being for the new melee as it come out as weird fast swapping weapons.
  11. ChaoticEdge

    E vs O?

    Not exactly. At first both side don't have void energy and they are both side hard to kill and made out of sentient to believed in theory (one side is right and other probably half right) at the time being the Orb isn't showing its full power which we only fought regular spider, the blue one and the black one I know we will be fighting soon it just that we didn't see the "Mother Orb" is in true size.
  12. ChaoticEdge

    E vs O?

    If only we could see a fight between of Eidolon vs the Orb, I mean it is a match to begin with a fight of the centuries its a flipping epic monster size clashing to each other to see who will win for it would be amazing to see them fight each other to the death. I would sit down eat some popcorn and seeing it as monster hunter world as I could of watch these two fight each other for it would be awesome to watch.
  13. Oh no it is not that I am pondering on, I am pondering how open this puzzel box (noted its lvl 10).
  14. Hmmm...mmmmmMmmm...mmmMmmm MMMMMmmmmm mmmmmmMMmmMm
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