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  1. agreed, he needs a rework and he is dieing for a rework, too bad you can't improve his decoy and his rest his abilities.
  2. I don't like to boast but also don't want talk about it, it is too naughty talk about it so keep it short someone was playing warframe as they left mic on in "Hot House" by I mean in genital men club...*cough* *cough* so basically it went kanky and naught story I still laugh thus I cannot tell you about it because well guideline rules.
  3. Yea I already knew, 1st started with excal umbra (kid mode), wukong (clone), Atlas (2 rock bros), Khora (her special kavat is her stance), and now we got Sevagoth's shadow. Nekro's don't count cuz he just rez dead meme for meme are still funny watch the bodies still flung like space slam. Any other frame I miss saying either Hydroid has a stance I do not comfirm it is or not but in my book jurisdiction "At least long your able summon that has hp is consider as a stance" for yes Chorma is a stance whatever but no one care his dragon bro because I replace it with "Empower" so I been a power ju
  4. Everyone is going say? C'mon for we know the answer say "thx, not only that it isn't wrong at all to nerf melee it just the speed is bazaarly powerful, impact is a joke for it pose to do stun but more likely it seem explosive elemental is doing the job of impact, pretty much now they are nerfing speed and stunning/stunlock. Finally everyone can agree the weeb now are crying and gunner players say Now plz ppl of other country, stop being mean-y to warframe with your type of "provocative action" just show your being the weebs you are for we know running towards M1919 is not goi
  5. that is pretty much a lie, what is twilight cannot resemble as a light but still draws itself as black still the fact there is only illusion is the light that ballas drew because of he thought killing lotus would set everyone free from this war but it won't he play in the hand someone else, nice little puppet he was put himself in display. Yes I know, lots of things got canon and it sux with the pain the rear keep on checking why and this and that but it gone backward and forward then backward again as once more forwarding all over again as we know it reins and repeat because ho
  6. here we go again, yes we know the sentinel are weak, we had tons of ppl complain about this and yes I do agree they need to rebalance the sentinel but DE refuse to do so or put it up the board because DE is not willing to rework any sentinel. Even thou "We Ask Simple Doing", we all got veto by DE.
  7. ballas had his chance but now he is traitor now. Plus it probably going cost too much money for him narrate it all the time, better let the dude who narrate each the frame's story seriously I pay respect to him.
  8. I wonder, can we get the guy who work as the character bandit from borderland game u know the common enemy psycho but I like how they express their emotion but plz forgive me about if they actually have some "langues" saying but I dunno they might say it or not cuz I am just skimming though videos about their quote.
  9. Fav Frame? Excal Prime/Umbra + reason - respect ur elder *grab my prova start wacking bad ppl* Mission Type? Survival Weapon? Kogake Prime + Korrudo (Heavy Smash attack Slam Jam) Quest? The Sacrafice Aspect? Nuke? Character? Clem (he remind me the guy from borderland) Location/Tileset? None Enemy Type? Lich/Queenpin (coming soon) + Reason - free weapons
  10. is it way overthinking it is such thing to be? No, not really but the fact there is no such thing as overkill.
  11. no, it just I do understand that mean ment, it just that you put that in your every day life you'll feel older and older for saying that such word it is a way saying to yourself mentally and your mind get effected by it mentally then your mind get un-motive then your body as well for you get weaker in mind as in will power because you place a hate mental feeling cloud in your head.
  12. I tell you a little quick wisdom... You An't Got Time Getting Old, u want rephase that saying "I'm getting sick tired this repeats"
  13. here and there just saying, just enjoy best you can even it become hevel sometime it become well how can I say "boring" but there is a time to take off from video game and try enjoy life outside here and there, do small adventure without the danger. Try enjoy with a family, friends, even love one for there is time for thous and there is always time for gaming but sometime time may feel always meaningless for questioning life why we were chosen in this life for it is always a mist, a hevel for a thing unobtainable to for fill the answer. I am not saying life is meaingless even thou tides like
  14. sorry, I am kind of person who hate hoarder because I seen ppl's old home who is a hoarder...its terrified me... I only going tell you heads up, if someone is hoarding lots of junk, please call someone to get that person get help seriously if you don't and you end up "helping" somehow, but beware things falling on top of you like metal bar example (legit seriously had thous moment almost got hit by thous) for it will feel like a war zone in there dropping bombardment trap on top your head. (Yes the person got helped, and almost got traumatized by it several time) Anyway, riven mod isn't b
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