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  1. No, I wasn't. The gun is the dream gun and still kick like a dream, you need a oomph to it as in have frame increase the fire rate high as like machine gun and then get that feeling of LMG gun.
  2. don't feel bad, at least no body is doing this to you after your dead
  3. 1 I didn't ask, and 2 this is you just said. Also I didn't ask magic potions or the rainbow color but it was the dev invited the "color Kuva" not me for who grab a story book and said there is a "Blue Kuva" for I am just documenting it and putting in guessing in theories because when I had funny feeling about kuva or hear by lore changing colors then I'm not backing down until I get the information right what about it. Also, yes checking history not building one and seeing the pattern where the trails lead to which still doing detectives work looping strings where the heck the story
  4. Yea we know, it just sometime we forget the little things like example where they get their energy from that is small thing it took long time discovering it is form the Tau but never ask the smallest thing from the big thing even as example how did the orokin back their days with things in their life time, did they have laugh and giggles doing cruel lvl of inhumane for we only had shred pieces what they had done and what they did. For a advance society, lots can remain a mystery even beyond in time like how HoD and what is beyond the gate in HoD if anyone remember the the void gate open down
  5. It is because they are "advance society" they can be annoyed if they don't have transportation uses because well who the heck want deal with an regular old orokin citizen with no bullet jump or slide mode. So logically you need a ride for all for your workers in the orokin's city because advance society will die out if there is no transportation. yea they did had trains some sort because "Rhino Prime's story" that is true too about flying in the air, as again cars size in our world yes but vehicles is really unknown.
  6. you were not wrong about it but we already knew that they made bridge already before the time when PoE which they had vehicles instead of cars to be exact. For the truth, we don't know how their vehicles looks like for that is the fact but if the orokin did return fully as in return back from whatever crypt they came from they would obviously try gather their lost belongings and start a new starting the vehicles 1st.
  7. dude, get your head in the lore. The Family of Entarties talks about the spooky story whatever it is that creepy hand and puppet show, the fact this leads to hints about other type of kuva that had lead to the point where it is at. Unfamiliar with the blue kuva it is possible of the orokin had developed different versions and had failed here and there but then again it would explain it how they were able transfer new body like they did in the old day but only given certain uses in ranks. that is good question. By witness by the Kuva lich for they were given power beyond what the war
  8. No, but I know thous grineer, corpus and infested who get kidnap were drinking deep with it probably...*Corrupted Orokin*. I still vote that they are just being high sometime but yet had wacky doodle of getting high and telling crazy bottom rear of stories.
  9. Documentary of the Kuva Colors: In the story of that creepy hand thing that talks about it the "Naburies", there were color of the kuva during that time. The blue kuva was assumed for body switching and uses of body but what happen the body can be molded or shape shift to be presumed and make the orokin able control the bodies by living their bodies. It seem that the kuva in red is immortal but believed still unstable like mentality issues for it feel like it should be a drop of kuva like 1 resources point into 1 person's body for I don't know how much kuva did they shub it up in the
  10. In the lore about warframe where they get their power from the HoD, what happen if our liches who gain the power from the frames that suddenly lost their power too? I mean if the frame provided that power to the lich and the frame gets it's power from the HoD for funny thing is I never thought about it until today. If the frame lose their power does that mean that whatever technology that we had that have to do with orokin's tech would of just shut down out of no where I mean come think about it, if your lich was fighting the enemies while your gone and suddenly lost power out of no where
  11. See DE, if your reading this, this is what you did for not being careful, like you did it 1st to the Bramma, meaningless to do nerf in ammo counter, never realized you got Protea to actually get ammo back, Nekros can do the same, then we got other type ammo like the gear filling ammo. DE it is time to grow little aware of chose of nerfing and learn to rebuffing the weapons again instead of nerfing it hard. Shouldn't be worried about numbers, just do it like you always do, make new enemies to denied over power meta.
  12. I think the dev should have a system that what the lich can't steal because I would too be angry and the system doesn't really allow all reward items return.
  13. I'm still waiting the dev is going do rework, more likely I prefer they do the rework the frames 1st before they do anything in hand...
  14. Now I am waiting for the dev to hear the cry out of the out-dated frames, for nekros is one of them.
  15. then you have to deal with 8 bombards shooting at you, lets say the player don't have the void kid that isn't a type excuses to pull that one out anyways even with wisp as your specter lets say the player didn't set up a wisp specter or person didn't have a wisp or they are out of making specter bp/don't have the materials this time you joke yourself with such a thing. The 1 button we talk about a lot its spamming gag of type but remember this we have leecher let say it was Exius Leech Bombarder and somehow the game spawn either 2 or 4, there is no excuses that ability is a gag of hope, every
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