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  1. Nope don't go with full nekros group, 2 nekros, 1 hyildrin, and 1 Syran or whatever do AOE dmg giver. I try testing it in the "Orokin Derlict" it seem it is impossible lone nekros to handle that many enemies plus the gas of the enmeies is way super deadly and the spitball kill nekros for somehow I find it magically nekros get 1 hit being killed even full on build shield. only 15 mins absoutely 0 steel essance has drop.
  2. I just found the sources... https://www.pcgamer.com/tencent-is-reportedly-in-talks-to-acquire-digital-extremes-owner-leyou-technologies/ There is other companies are planning to buy it including Sony and Tencent for it seem that it is going be a bidding instead of buying DE
  3. I am bit late on news now but at 1st Sony bought the other half the company of warframe that use to belong to part the warframe of DE and now Tencent bought the actual warframe? the chaos is probably gotten deeper then I thought to be...Anyway if I am bit wrong about this plz give me the webpage for it so I can read it properly.
  4. Well then lets us all go to the "Void" Mot and see it is real deal.
  5. I am not sure your lieing or not about this because if we pull out the steel essence drops https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Steel_Essence They said they are pose to be "rare drop" for it is impossible for any players just get instance 160 with in 3 hour void run mot survival. For it is only a 2% drop but ever sense the "increase resource drop" it only boosted to pose to be 4% but I don't think that is right entirely right to be unless you use drop rate booster and double resources booster the same time and farm them basically you might get that amount and probably higher with nekro/prime. Hardly I don't know why we have to farm so much essence for few pieces of armor when actually it been the great disappointed roll I ever met. It would be nice if the arcane to be on it of the steel path rewards just for 15 steel essence instead of 15 essence of that stupid relic packet which all the syndicate faction could of easily bought with massive amount of points. This event been quite disappointed.
  6. ...r u *censorship* kidding me? Why did DE think it was wise to think making bp adding another additional it is 25 time by 4 its flipping 100 adding the total of 60 = 160 steel essence.
  7. 85? you mean 60? for there is the head, body, arm and legs pretty much it is 15 per each of them that is time by 4 which your pose to get 60.
  8. That I agreed on. Yet I find it nutshell trying be extra liars of nutshell for it is been hellish pointelss to be but seeingly rewards seem to be zero why not throw in nekro in it see any drops is allowed to be drop in. Then again it is another waste of time temp to see will that eximus drop it any time soon.
  9. still ppl will always criticizing steel path no matter what because it really sux for I ask "why did they put the relic pack in the rewards that cost 15?" At least someone notice about the relic pack could easily spent on syndicates or other place that let you spend it. It is true but we really can't visualized what we want for sometime few ppl visualized as in not doing everything all over and force to fight lvl 100s for you to do the mission in earth and force it down in the throat to start steel path in the start of the beginning when we really wanted to go all the bosses and skip the annoying missions that it presented but pretty much I guess no one wanted poke at it that say anything about it for it happen to be oppsite of terms for hoping big giant fat rewards that pose to be eased the drop rate of mods but most part got buck shot down. That part isn't really true, I was happy to meet it but it turns out in long conversation with the steel path pretty much you been lock down in a spot on earth where you cannot do freely choose a mission like for example going directly going towards assassination mission but your force to pick a side in the start of the beginning of the mission where you 1st come towards for where every noobs was in. It just that we miss our old weapons before they got nerf *looking my sturn wraith* it was good time it was but I dunno DE is going "let weapons get rebuff or not" to make it steel path fair. Then again with the issues developed it wasn't the undergear fault for players are ready which meeting lots Syran/prime players already mopping the floor with in seconds for it just due of players well the obvious reason is the steel path is bland. It is a nutshell just add another nutshell's lair on top of it just grind it down the same time ever before.
  10. oh sorry bit of old school a bit here and there.
  11. its a poet not a language barrier. It just that ppl aren't raise with wisdom for intelligent and wisdom are 2 side on single coin, wisdom cannot lived without intelligent and intelligent cannot lived without wisdom for if 1 lived without the other they will always will boast how great they are but sadly how greatly they fall alone.
  12. Then you could say "gaming life is meaningless" the fact you want me hit you strong subject with words that is truthful. Fine I'll give you one because the fact you can't get your head out the clouds. Achieving in the game is meaningless for who will remember your achieving goals or the fruitful of the glory that you rain yourself with, it is meaningless even thou your friends come and go even you make a new. It is meaningless if you had achieved with friends or no friends or with a strangers even to do the simple goal to redo everything even your empire will crumble for it be rubbish it becomes even the days you spent on the game will be forgotten. How many games had been remember and forever for only few in hearts but had great games has limitation of that joy. Joy is like in a bottle as the same thing as video games are once it is drank down you'll seek more video games for it is simple to say you'll just thirst more and more games to seek that satisfied taste in your thirst and so many time you may gone back the same bottle it will always remain empty in your heart. The time being you will find games will always find meaningless once it is gone for it will become fruitless. As this is how the dev make it so to be fruitless, then it become meaningless to farm a tree that has no fruit for it is better for it to die instead keep on living for it doesn't bare the seeds to spread for it grows as one giant tree waiting for it be cut down. There is shame and there is regret for they are all there will wonder around waiting pounce to grief more of many failures. As to be you dawdle time and time again for it is better for players to move on into another game and wait for the bottle get refilled and to the rightful taste again but will ever taste the same again?
  13. Not really, the rewards do matter for certain players who wanted stance mods who been "paying in plat" this certain amount doesn't budge the plat marketing but remain the same issues flowing around. By looking at the marketing it hadn't drop ever sense with that high noon or other rare mod stance for I ask "why did DE do these things" for we got Lunaro a waste spot that no one plays, K-Drive a dead zone no one barely use it, Archwing missions a blew off gun in the face and got replace slowly by RJ, and what next had been forgotten oh right I almost forgot about "Dark Sector" and "Raid". Ask yourself will Steel Path will be "Another thing just going be in the past" because if it is not rewarding for players and if players don't find it challenge then basically both ways had fail. I did not make false expectation for I did the math some point for others. As for that you expectation viewing others when your not viewing on the dev who is dumping on who, we expected that the game will be good on steel but apparently it was few other players disappointment. This seem to be as not entirely the players are not please either way for they weren't please about how things started even the update. It apparently we can get 100% drop resources by defs missions or other type missions but seeing it we expected to be more of "Balance" of chose for some ppl are disappointed. We sometime have to view "why" or what reason and that conclude that steel path is another nutshell to put players back in "grinding" or "be achievement man". I say "Neither of those will be your worth spending your time if it is not fun".
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