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  2. we all give its nick name, J Golem, Jordan Golem (because he boosted his #$$ across the basketball court to give its jam), J8, Junk Man...yea I have whole list to name his nick name because no one really care his original name is, short for JG for me but no one wanna use it.
  3. Ever sense we got the 2.9, our quick melee been deleted and replace to quick draw weapon and force stance. This is a problem the Sparring and the Fist stance mods which we barely used the 2 those weapons which also dagger is slowly being loved because thanks to zaw and different uses for daggers/dual daggers they are proven more then the Sparring and Fist weapons because its not the mods, its the stance mods is an issued. Reviewing in the past Sparring was the fastest of the fastest then daggers I mean legit power speed for all you need was Hirudo and have it magically modded with speed power and have rhino without any healing for all you need iron skin couple time if your health is down and speed just leech faster then anything else that is "Life Strike" and the other leech-y mod because all thanks to "Quick Melee" as today removing "Quick Melee" pretty much everyone hate it because the stance move will now on swing you all over the place like flying leaping frog (sorry dev but its the truth). For fist it been almost alright with its stance mods but its also lacking different type style fighting for it doesn't wanna go with "Boxing Fighting Style" because old boxing style doesn't mean they are obsolete which its good for ppl who just wanna knock out people really good and its the basic self defense that is used today in some what period. I hope in further future there will be different stance for Sparring and Fist weapons because it pains me not seeing stance mods not being developed more for it for I would like in seeing near future for the dev developed stance mods for these 2 melee classes.
  4. So in other words Grineer will die no matter what because they aren't tactical enough and highly skilled...that is funny and the irony for the grineer. We got 1 smart one and 1 dummy one pretty much this would be gold if the grineer survived it all from the fight and massive explosive that would be going on then ppl would of be a believer just rubbing their eyes seeing a grineer survived the fight of hell hole. meh wrong or not, just wanna see who has better set up that get going...At least I didn't bring up the Space Marine with their "Heavy Flamer" then it would be over already for the starwar and grineer because Space Marine are absolute canon in power I mean legit like somewhat super man which they have too many "Chapter" of different marines and Death Wing has too many marines I mean TOO MANY, plus I don't think they would give mercy either side the group of Clones because they will be treated as "Non-Human". Kind of remind me of cruel joke but it obtain inappropriate to talk about it, for I blame my friend for telling me this joke because it wasn't funny (I think he went to mental hospital if I recall remembering it), welp you win some and you lose some ppl *shrug*. Oh right don't forget the Grineer's troops the "Ghouls" and the "Nox" pretty much if storm- I mean Clone troopers would be pretty much in tight spot if you ask me.
  5. to the weakest to the strongest. It doesn't matter in level lets say they evenly in level
  6. Eh, they really did use to exist? I guess the small thing that everyone didn't really cared, oh well for its not like its something specials
  7. Which one is going win Grineer troops vs Starwar's Clone Troopers?🤔
  8. please do not complain which we do have a guidelines on #6 https://forums.warframe.com/guidelines/ so please keep in mind these players are somewhat here to guide you and the game has its fairness in the games.
  9. Zephyr is correct pose to fly, but butterfly girl can do too. We have Archwing to fly and does it really matter now? Pretty much no because warframe are better then Tony Stark's Iron Man Suit, I ask how much battery does he used with in 1 Day fighting hoards of monster? Pretty much he'll run low when it comes about grineers or corpus or probably die on infested planet for who know loving sake on that planet of hoards of infestation. I prefer be immune of the infested instead having my iron suit being rip by enemies who can actually can break iron like piece of straw for I prefer good steel that can handle a nuke's power smashing against it.
  10. Oh cool they look like from Prototype
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