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  1. could you imagine if it become one thous crazy anime about (I was force to watch with friends) warframe get reincarnated into some an RPG game that would terrified the whole planet because these frame r mother fugging nuclear bombs and can wipe out civilization. Then again, we could imagine it be all over like dragon dorgma but fused with warframe then everyone is ready be dragons murdering whole country. Imagine the crossbow guy trying shoot you while he watch get deflected off your skin for all I can say rip crossbow guy. As I said, the only limitation is the human's mind to draw out that point of limitation to themselves. If you see DC's comic book it is freaking endless fugging comic books that got brought together by their developer. We could too but it is not like DE is going let us take the wheel and as we take it for a spin for more likely they would press charges on us and either become un-ending workaholic or going jail for good about 50 years of your life. Pretty much, I don't think you know who wouldn't let us do not single unlicensed making manga guys to take warframe into their themes. Hek, if they did let us for this would of been booming with anime having massive crossover with warframe or video games crossover with better version then "Anthem"
  2. might be but don't think we should kill her out of discreet.
  3. ha, that is easy apply to universe of super heroes, mmorpg, or some sort action but kicking in the game. Pretty much they could just drive it any length for the limits is the human mind can think what is very creative.
  4. no, only ur character wear her mask as reminder it took over 666 millions of her death to get a drop and you didn't felt proud doing so. Anyway, she is really just mf strong if you think about it she is given authority over our frame and if you think necramech will beat her then think again how powerful is she. She can "adapt" unlike the other sentient for she is ready to learn anything even the enemy's fire power for thus possible she could get controls of necramech passing it with flying color. That is why the orokin feared that their tech getting adapted which one thing the mission orphix could be an utter failure depending how you can handle the pressure with your mech and how fast the sentient adapt in level for I don't think the players are able survived over then somewhere 100s lvl sentient for they start wrecking your mech little faster then before and you'll going end up using the other heap of pile scraps on the floor. Void power is not implanted into necramech's gun nor in warframe's weapon "yet" as in void element is the one thing that can murder everything. If we did kill her, we are mainly screwed that fact is why she is the back bone of every bits of that universe.
  5. Natah or the Lotus for no one consider of her power or how powerful is she is but no one realized she has the power to turn off the warframe's power by looking at the sentient pulses. At the same time by viewing it, the sentient are much stronger then the warframe more it meets to the eye. So imagine this, if someone get hold of the lotus like the one right now for do you think how powerful over the ages what the lotus could of done? She was able surge infinite energy for the frame or able take Infected Alad V's project about that ring that control the warframe, she could of research bio-fusion making orokin fuse with sentient, she could done massive research as let the system go chaos as she could of research enslaving human race to be sentient race (imaging the grineer, the corpus, infested and orokin were or become sentient). Yet she did nothing over that past years, she could of left us in the cyropod or in that stone (new tutorial took us different direction). So what your thought about lotus how powerful do you think?
  6. Well now, I guess I got a "To Do List" and he is going hear Yelling in chat "When Ghoul Saw DE" repeatedly and less calling "Spammy" and I will get some buddy who were going enjoy saw going do the same thing in chat yelling out loud.
  7. *Yesterday* Me: Ok, its dev stream time *don't hear nor seeing the ghoul saw* Me:
  8. Neither overpowers players is also not fun either, you want to cheese it? ok, Mag+status gas= I'm done this game is finish. That I see every day when mag uses her ability, then you got ppl with mesa, Equalnoix bombardment radiation cancer, Ember the illegal Napalm, then there are guns, no rephrase that Bramma that require only wukong's clone spam that like nothing as no punishment or require energy for it, then YOU GOT SPECTER WHO DON'T GIVE A LICK OF AMMO THEY HAVE! Bramma that Specter, Should I make another return of the freaking Summoner VIDEO Yes I can because there are No Rules on How Meta You'll Become! As again, you think "necramech can take the hits just fine" not all players are going to have all the mods for the necramech, not all players are going end up using their necramech or don't own one for once more I don't shun low player if they don't have ARCANE ENERGIZER or FOCUS that including Aura Mods, and no Energy pizza is not good enough excuses "you can spam it" even in SP, I just said, "leecher do attend glitch its number" for I ran not just 1, not just 2 nor 3 or 4 but somehow run a squad leecher of 10 of them in SP. I blame the RNG for this one but I am only aiming to bring in new players so they don't get brutally and decided to leave the game for I want them to have some winning chance and not having another thousand new players leaving the damn game. Which are more pleasing new players who able to keep the game alive or some old players like us who know what when we are going die like flies but I prefer new players to keep the game running alive and kicking and not shaming the new players anyways to be as they don't have mods even thou you give them an edge, it doesn't mean they are lure getting into the game for they just leave like always they do because either the game instruction is complex or something isn't right what is going on with warframe. If you don't want to show your not shaming the players, be a support frame at least lend a hand so they don't think pro just murder everything and being "overly protected" or "boasting your glory kills" and yes these are what the new players see every time and reason I talk to why they leave warframe. Geez who don't know one the list that oh new player run across leech that somehow spawn another leech behind him then you got another behind thous leecher, pretty much new players who base trying meta their or follow the "builder" of the frame end up being torn and be done. This isn't the goal that new players should be punish, this is why I suggested it and no not here trying make new meta but something eased their pain.
  9. You may all have good point but it doesn't mean it is meaningless, sure we have meta roaming around and using a huge stack of energy pod but think about SP, zaw is a joke and riven mods getting for syndicate weapons doesn't kill the SP one as you rely on focusing your weapons that do status. Then again, DE had broken their own game before for it is not like "that exists", then again we could have had "archwing weapon" that leech energy for "I HAD NOT SEEN 1 WEAPON THAT DOES THAT" as leech still applies on only necramech and it way twice annoying during mission orphix. I don't see a mod blocking energy leecher, so why not dive in and get blasted by let's say this was in the void mission (level 100) of orphix and rarely spawn more than 5 leechers which the RNG is not cooperating sometimes to due of "issues" I could say, archwing guns only regen energy instead of warframe obtaining regen energy if you are worried of "next meta" for giving the "play it safe" style and everyone don't think it is not so important freak-out. Not all warframe is proven to be eternal meta except for Harrow if he get helminths ability of uses Gauss's ability that was later on nerf. As again, we do have DE come in nerfing the good thing for I only see simple details that DE will just be nerfing weapons more if they see too OP just like the arcane energized for we were ok but picking on a zaw's only arcane give energized to the player was directly nerf to the core. So, let this just be a weapon that necramech get energy for no to archwing getting energy, no to frames getting energy because if everyone worried meta then ask steve "when you're going balance the dmg?"
  10. It seems he deleted his original idea for Nidus. Then again, there is a replacement for it for example when DE promises to the founder about "excal prime cannot be perches or able get it again" thus DE have to create a new warframe for Excal for calling it Umbra Excal, and Nidus was included to ppl with fans has thoughts about Nidus will get umbra but some had doubt in the past before but not everything will consider 100% sure they won't "upgrade" Nidus for he could achieve of cool new title "The Hive Nidus" or "Phantasm Nidus" for it will create new warframe with wholesome ability. As again, to the represent subject I have to come to term agreeing on the idea of the dark-split sword which I was frustrated and in un-pleased by their action for not giving a chose from all this year they ignore something cool weapon and now it is in rubble and rubbish that DE had for did for another sin they did on their list.
  11. We have hp leeching weapons in melee but we don't have mods leech energy. The only thing that can give energy is that arcane for Zaw and yet DE nerfs the zaw the hell out of them because "they don't want the weapons that we created to be too good". For I spent centuries waiting does DE get a hint at a click that there are players who want energy leeching like the arcane that relies on melee hitting and finishing enemies off but in a way act like the mods life strike or other mod or that weapons that devour wholesomely. Yet I had not seen 1 weapon (I do not count the broken staff weapon as energy leeching, for you need robotic and how many time you will fight robotic and "WAIT VERY LONG TIME" to get energy), as to be we need a weapon that leech energy that is all-natural, all pure, eating the energy power from the enemies or gain a massive amount of it. We need a weapon that takes from enemies gives us some fast energized battery. Yes I know "Arcane Energized" exist but not everyone is going to have it or not everyone is going to use the mod "stopping leaking energy" or either the annoying bits that DE HAD NERF my favorite arcane that use for Zaw is pretty much I am that annoyed by "Why Nerfing This Arcane". Thus I can't do any justice for the arcane, so I decided to suggest having a weapon that creates energy for us and act like a "supporter" weapon that gives a helping hand as the dev did made other weapons that give natural hp regen, so does a weapon give the support of players who are invested to energy build on their warframe.
  12. how long this is going go on? We all know it is grindy, reaching to mastery rank to the max is grindy, we know relic is grindy, we know everything is grindy with because the RNG running our prize item making us going grindy moment including the RJ relic hunt is grindy as hell. This was a big problem picture like always from before and after, this was the problem the equation of warframe we all know it is base on "GRINDS". If you want stop this grindy moment, go talk DE for eased the harsh grind for new players so it be easy for them catch up. Yet we all know, warframe will stop it's clutter issues eventually as DE did this on purpose to make the game grindy because "Cash Cow".
  13. Hearing all this is trying give ppl a stroke every day. I hate to say it, I will go poke steve for this even if I have to boop him like vid clp of character name vulkan.
  14. oh no, I am meme-ster here and there, if you follow memes then you find unganda knuckle and other memes stuff. Hell, why not throw warframe look like unganda knuckle later on so we all can laugh our bottom off.
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