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  1. again ur not reading it PROPERLY, in the description, they did that is where you have to DIG OLD STUFF! Tau is a material it is NOT MADE BY SENTIENT the only system is the orokin program it into it's brain because THEY ARE ORIGINALLY ARE FROM CEPHLONS! They are relate to Cephlons and Tau materials is the orokin use to make sure whatever materials they shape is properly what they want but they are very rare and impossible have hand on unless you go straight to the sources for WHY DID YOU THINK THEY SENT THE PROBE IN THE DEEPEST DARKEST SPACE BECAUSE THEY JUST RAN OUT OF IT THAT IS WHY YOU DON"T SEE TAU MATERIALS ANYWHERE ON EVERY SOLAR SYSTEM FOR THE SENTIENT USE IT ALL TO FIGHT AGAINST OROKINS! As again, the orokin has plenty and yet I wasn't referring tellurium for LOOK AT IT WHEN IT IS ELEMENTAL DMG TYPE FOR IT IS NOT A SYSTEM IT IS A LOVING MATERIAL THAT THE TAU USE TO RIP OUR FRAME TO SHREDS! Another player by "for claim" wrote on youtube This guy lead small things but he doesn't know it is a materials the SAME TIME nor doesn't know that the TAU SYSTEM ORIGINALLY CAME FROM THESE METAL IMPOSSIBLE COME BY for creating a special for the sentient which the orokin created them and "TRIED" send a probe out there to "farm these materials" then these probe that got a cephlon's brain attach to it for they couldn't come up any name for they end up coming up with the materials they are built with and calling it the "Tau System" that probably is Steve's fault here the same time don't want "CLARIFY" IN LORE! For at least I cleaned it up some his mess. These sentient uses the Tau elemental as "their system" that is become their main uses that is why they were using every weapons from massive laser firing power that cut armor like butter and energy shield like it was stabbing it though easily like thin paper. As again, Steve did avoid questions and dodging it to "ANSWER IT" for ppl were trying comment "Did the sentient had Tau system was made by elemental Tau" for millions cover that chat on twitch for no one want to look for it nor want to find it. So these sentient weren't made the tau system before hand and a "new element" they were "GIVEN A ELEMENT" and "LEARN IT USE THE MATERIALS THAT IS TAU" as they "CREATED IT THEIR WAY AS THEY CALL IT A SYSTEM" I swear if Steve deiced change the story once again like they were force to change Lotus's story (for someone "USE TO HAVE A RECORDING" that Natah was actual sentient single person as herself and Lotus was single person then they change it because they have to rewrite the story and lots of yelling from China during the time because they don't want this or that in something isn't pose to be in the game). Once again, the developer like to rewrite things again like they always do just like the 1st quest as example, the tenno spawn wasn't in the forest, it was in the VOID for they were ORIGINALLY FROM MERCURY where captin vor was at but then again if I recall it they had us spawn in cold planet where captin vor show up killing a soldier for he wanted the promotion for he found it as tenno woke up there, the 2nd time they rewrite the starter story they threw the beginner players on EARTH but this time still got the cyro pods again for still stuck that good old warframe in that pod, the 3rd time they rewrite it was actually pure on a person searching the tenno or warframe though the rainning storm and so on stuff. No one keeping track how many time the dev rewrite the stories? Now originally, they had Lotus as normal person for does ANYONE REMEMBER DARK SECTOR BEFORE IT BECAME WARFRAME? We were THIS CLOSE and start remembering that someone had argument that they don't want human in the machine (the dev went bio-machine for yes this is where we got infested change the story) Keep this in mind, the dev always will change the lore, as description the DEV DID NOT SAID IT IS NOT A MATERIAL THAT TAU IS for the dev will say it is a "system" or "claim it is system" but it doesn't make sense there for they might rewrite it again later and say "it's both" that next to know for the Dev Never declare is the Tau is actually extra material that come to mind of cephlons probe machine to think to use Tau's name that the materials it came from and just called "Tau System" for I don't blame them they just called themselves "Tau System" because it is material is way harder then steel for it would of been one thous moment Steve probably had good idea while he was drunk then all the sudden forgot the catch phrase for the sentient could of say to the players. Keep in mind the corpus was peasant to the orokin but still treated them like slave and cause massive in dept for Ganum stole it because he "hate" the orokin for quote on quote from Granum "our master grow fat and plump" which he stole it so they don't have to enslave themselves away to the orokin because they who isn't pure orokin, that is why the grineer "who were builder" just tick off the orokin because they push the tantrum button too far, then we got the simple corpus being push too far with debts must paid. Neither you can't find Why did they turn their back on their own master, oh wait I already said it. Yea, "CULTURED" by meaning tumor, as helminith is only simple was born which they did gone off to find a infested can be "CONTROLLED" thus they took sample of it to "CREATE" Helminth, in terms if these "black strain" are the original from Eris that started Helminith's project then it is possible to simple input or risk grabbing it this is why I said "it is possible chance Eris is the original infested where it started" the gray strain was brought in in demios we all know it the same accident happen as we already consider one of the accident happen but we already know that the sample of that black goo where Arlos use to turn ppl into warframe likeness but more of twisted horror way as result is we know that black goo is probably the original infestation that create a warframe that started the Helminith's project. As again, the dev might change that because 1 thing they don't want to be predictable and they want utter chaos as they hate someone who get close to the answer or close solving it as they just want to shake up the ant's farm house really hard. incorrect, you weren't paying attention, these sentient change during the "Old War" why do you think they adapted so many tech even the one where Solars the planet was not operative by the orokin no more, they evac the place as some tech left behind as the Tau already adapt the tech the orokin was throwing at it thus already know "how to terraforming" why do you think they know how make their own body as a giant ship and was able to hide then again none explain how these sentient got dug under deepest and frozen in ocean and in deepest caven (Ironicly I am surpised the dev didn't change "that story). Keep it in mind, "I DID SAID PROBE" they were sent to find other "PLANETS" for they came back deny their master for Ballas said "You knew what we were doing" because he talks on and on that the sentient knew that they were looking for more planets outside the solar system but the sentient turn back the ship and decied to go to war because the sentient were "planet lover" and find "orokin a planet destroyer" and they learn that the materials they gave for them and turn against them for they just decied to take what is from the orokin already made because they didn't built into the sentient to auto terraforming once landed for they learn it already for who know where or what planet they decied to take from the orokin to copy their tech for "REPLICATION" for they replicate the orokin's tech (that is why we got laser gun from the orokin for orokin got thous sentry orokin they have as they turn that slash laser into tau elemental). ______________________________________________________________________________________ reducing derailing, I am always thinking possible cure or control the infested how the original orokin did it that able control the infestations or to cure it though elemental tau for either way pick your poison. P.S I won't be back for while again, because right now I am not cleaning up Dev's lore if they are keeping disorganized "lore" it is better for the dev higher a guy to "correct the lore" because if warhammer 40k lore maker guy see their lore is utter in a mess and still is so far because due of "grineer", "corpus", "orokin", "regular ppl", "sentient" and tenno for the WH40k lore maker would flip his table and gathering all the dev into a deep long meeting room until they are finish correcting the lore of warframe.
  2. 1. They did, it is elemental and it is a materials for say so in lore 2. No they actually did why do you think they sent in the prob all the way in the deepest darkest in the blackest space which they try find new planets and conquer it and turn it into one their play things, why do you think there were so many slave grineers, and corpus who is always end up in dept to the orokin then again that is in LORE PROOF FACT that the grineer were mining asteroid field mining materials, corpus who is always in dept to the orokin for WHY WOULD GRANDNUM STOLE THE BIG NICE GEM ON THE GATE! Didn't you forget both faction don't know what was secret to their power and they been going on endless blood bath in secrets for it wasn't the tenno who been doing the murdering say so in Rhino Prime's codex. They even had codex about where Ballas say "you knew what we were going do" and he was talking to the sentient because the sentient had enough rubbish because they knew they trash the 1st planet then 2nd one was actually terra forming but it was really thanks to the material Tau for these puppy guys were the technological high uses for orokin and these were the golden cup for why do you think 3. Incorrect, he never said "he actually made it" for it was "CLAIM IT WAS ACCIDENT" before Ballas mess with warframe strains for he only created Ember that was told what he did in his time. He didn't go off making warframes for he said every single one of them turn out rejects trash for the fact he didn't design the infested to infect the orokin for he would of been sent to the Jade Light if he actually did made the infestation going rampage. I'm not listing ur trash meme because you want bash someone that is consider a type of progress "bullying" that is why either improvised cure or be naw away by the gray strain and become (do apologized to offend anyone) mentally unstable. You had no clue dude, it is NOT A SYSTEM Tau is actually a MATERIAL THAT IS WHY THERE IS ELEMENTAL TAU SYMBOL IF U GET HIT BY IT ON UR WARFRAME! If grab "umbra mods" it said "Tau Resistance" it is a element, IT IS A MATERIAL, IT IS A SCI-FICTION MATERIAL ADDED TO THE GAME! If you get Adaptation mod and get hit by the sentient laser beam it is A ELEMENTAL MATERIAL FOR IT COUNTED AS TO BE.
  3. they are "materials" and yes it is adaptive materials that is why sentient were able resistance against burn, slash and physical element but cannot handle void element (because in lore they started as prob drone then was given tau materials to adapt because the orokin want to make sure the drone or the machine survived anything hits it for it is true lore written). If you realized all these gold stuff for you hadn't even ask "where is the common metal" like example the bloody iron, or steel but thous aren't used no more if few you didn't realized the steel are evolved version. As so pretty much Tau is materials for it is a technology THAT THE OROKIN BEEN WANTED IN THE BLOODY 1st PLACE WHY DO YOU THINK IT IS ADAPT TYPE MATERIALS! More likely you also didn't study your brain either, you think you know the lore better then try set all the lore nicely in order Why The Orokin want these materials, who is enslaved, why does these even exist or who is the original creator for finding these materials. Don't give me rubbish everything must be "perfection because you don't think properly" we are here talk about possible cure and yet stopping a person who thought carefully "why the infested cannot control what" the fact is if you didn't noticed the bloody containing materials in the orokin room that means the infested cannot consume tau materials that adapt everything for it acts self living orgasm that possible fight back but exact then we got simple void that cannot consumed but we are here what possible chance to cure them in what statement they could be in even you use warframe strain because it wasn't like 1st time umbra trying gather his humanity before the madding erg kicks in, he was perfectly fine before ballas just auto force targeting to his own son. Also I didn't say Alad V is infected with nano-macchine, I said "FORCEFULLY APPLY BY SENTIENT by which Wolf Of Saturn" Pretty much the sentient CAN LEARN HOW TO MAKE NANO-MACHINE IF THEY TOOK THE TIME TO MAKE 1. AS AGAIN NOT FOLLOWING ALONG, I Merely Said there is ANOTHER STRAIN possible of type of "LOST TYPE OF STRAIN" for I wasn't referring mutalist strain that created by Alad V, I am talking about event of Arlos boy who took HUGE COMMUNITY DIVE IN BLACK PUDDLE FOR NO ONE ASK WHAT KIND OF INFESTATION IS THAT? This is why I call it "BLACK STRAIN" not "ALAD V MUTALIST" DID I SAID IT IN MY GOOD LUVING COMMENT ABOUT IT! Once more, we aren't diving back where is or "how" the orokin get these more type materials of "infested strain" to make warframe, for someone there gotta do the dirty job and it wasn't 1st go. If you think about it the city was filled with warframe and had no dax roaming around for if anyone remember warframe was more cheap then dax some odd reason but the frame is probably held down there for good 20k because how boastful they were. Now think harder here, where they keep on abstracting these warframe strain at for the orokin do attend run out materials, we still got grineer and corpus who use to work with them don't have a clue for probably they didn't have that much long life spam like the orokin for I simple believed they are letting these 2 guys running into whatever this huge pot of special infested strain to get their resupplies because we already had written lore how "cruel" the orokin was back then and they did it their own ppl because of the fact the orokin want keep themselves "a clean hand" so why we didn't ask where is possible of they get more these warframe strains if the frame's strain proved unstable and if found in weird station pretty much they would have lap but infested have to be roaming. That is why I point it out simple as to be done by done Alros's that mysteriously found the black strain in Eris for it is not multlist strain for no they would took over machine, what take over and just heal ppl lungs and broken parts of themselves pretty much sum it up this strain was different. For the case here seeing infested that walk on 2 leg and still forum human likeness pretty much sum it up Eris might be original location for black ooze of warframe strain but if it isn't then I will have hard time believing it actually 1st place spawn warframe in Demios for I find it silly. As again, we have to pick an option here what possible cure of the infested, either we go with A: using Tau materials to get nanomachine and no I won't - because you don't want organized the other guy who said nanonmachine, B: we use warframe strain for it is better for individual uses for the legs to control them and escape because we probably thinking how they will look like because either we got crazy fan boys wanted see daughter in either wisp's legs or mother in wisp's legs but with feets on it. Yet, you want go off subject accusing grammar improper, neither you had give me proper grammarly because you don't want read properly. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ bit late when someone comment it and yes I know the different here but it doesn't mean we can't search the "original infestation strain" how 1st step by step "study it". It is not held "true", it just the fact we aren't "sure" to make correct cure for how the gray strain works is individual minds as we seen in Demios's open plain for infested still fight over controls in other words if we had the original strain where original started that could be heavy research to study which we know it started in the orokin's ships and also corpus ships which we don't want forget corpus do smuggled lots of things. meh not really, more of it can be work meme but then again there were that story telling of blue kuva but it is or might be a myth (then again we can do it like the queen twin worms for they try brain transplant). We have warframe, possible they do it trying craft a wonderful legs instead of what you had imagine here as they try attach themselves to new legs.
  4. we have large scale of infested, in lore even thou the orokin done experiment for pretty much like u said different stage of infestation just 3 type but it doesn't mean the strain would be different from 1 side view for it is no different to try cure chicken pox with cow pox but not get off subject, we had cure the lowest strain and yet we were able heal Alad V the mid tier and your saying "The High Tier Is Too Hard" I am not asking cure the planet with in 1 day for hell no just keep it that way but the only infestation I find it strange more then the gray strain is the one in Eris for no one know what is that black puddle? I say it is missing 3rd strain to me because it is tar color for I am going called it the "Black Strain" because the color is black and no plz ppl no racist joke who thought early in the future because sometime simple-minded ppl will think that way. Yes I know warframe strain is infested for it pose to consider 4.5 strain because following correct order, the thin strain that is the weakest infested but don't have hive mind, 2nd strain alad v created, the gray strain yet we skip warframe strain for no one want to ask where did they get large amount of frame strain from orokin's accident making warframe to all this random strain? Pretty much no one want to ask did they have huge patch serum they actually got warframe strain or either randomly evolved strain from Eris for that is why I am still calling it black strain because it is hive mind but able control and create the shape to use infested weapons because thanks to that sweet making throwing infested boomerang. Hadn't thought of that one did ya? Pretty much if we actually investigate pretty much it might be the worst strain then the gray strain because we watch the strain convert with in few days for good hidden reason because they actually act like real virus for it feel like I am watching SCP about some creepy old guy who come out black ooze on the wall and kill every single light switch whatever he walk as he decay your bones matter in seconds but that is not the case for this one create zombies perfect enough keep the perfect shape of special subject back to be like warframe strain but it seems like it is almost stable but still got hive mind still controlling how to proper cure things. I don't want Eris boy go touching Demio because the fact in guessing theory it is all out war between 2 strain the black strain and gray strain even thou the gray strain look superior but we seen our warframe destroy every single fiddle stick infested like it was a brush a dust off for possible these black strain could easily gather any survivor and infect them to become one great minion of new advance black strain. This for sure yea I understand there weren't actually a cure for black strain but if you become hive mind pretty much it might be the opposite and probably able cure them in a way but it be all over again like Nidus quests for npc are half human and half infested for it is better the infested let the ppl being half way so they could live on like good bro instead of being a munchy wolves monster that smell 1st blood. So yea if we figure out control the black strain pretty much we would go for a field trip because the fact getting sample of it is good enough to make a cure for it does act like cow pox can cure chicken pox still. that is why we blackmail him and we will run test subject that we can capture in demios or other wise he will face the same fate having a stick up his rear again for it is funny how he cured himself against sentient's machine parts from away sentient's controls. I am even more surprised we didn't have a actually boss battle again with Alad V sentient mode for I find it even more funny if we gone back and beat his tin can again 3rd time but no yet as DE did try not make Alad V a whoopy boy for the 3rd time. Pretty much we can do simple spy mission and try get Alad's data about his research of the infested still for we do got corpus getting their research still with the planet even it is grineer for both of them probably try get resources and get off the bloody planet that try swap them like flies. Pretty much we just gotta do old school busting into ppl old folk home and just rob everything. that is why I suggested use warframe strain for they didn't think getting sample of that one but if you realized if they didn't lost their memories like regular infested like 1st strain and 2nd strain is because this gray strain is related to black strain but if we view it the reason why they hadn't took over by pure infected for you have to come to think deeper about it, for thousands of years they just become infected for this gray strain is similar to umbra some odd reason but it felt like Ballas "was" on the planet because father mention his name for he might provided the gray strain for might be similar to the black strain that was found Eris for made by that "was a boy" for who knows what how many infected black strain just hiding among the crowds. This seem that black strain has absolute control their appearance unlike the warframe who turn into well you know the way they are, as we see in Demios we seen 2 infested fight for control being like the sun and the moon for they act like animal behavior. This ask the question if the Entarti's family aren't fully turn into thous creepy ancient ones that mean it is possible they could research the hive mind and able as hopefully become the hive mind themselves because well obviously the good reason from my comment about black strain vs the gray strain and must kept away from each other for both planet is few things worried might happen, 1st black strain can easily mind control individual gray strain just think as necromancer game thing for kill a crowd and control over them but view it as infecting the infection, 2nd the 1 side planet might come agree with the other planet as they could end up horrible then black strain even been created with the gray strain. As again, it is not like they had the original source to get that provided sample for if only there is a warframe goes into deeper in Eris's black pool to get sample for the Entarti's family for they would more likely would understand it possible of gray strain and that black strain how it works for always need sample possible original strain that started it all. that too but it was also plague star, for yes Saryn got rid the infested but she didn't get rid of all of them if we recall it their were some roaming around (mission) but they are hiveless for basically she sort of killed major hive mind try infested the planet. The toxin for yea we could use that too for the grineer's toxin proved well against plague star for injecting couple to kill part the infested to make it "stable" would be good idea and same time bad idea but gotta figure out how create proper toxin that doesn't harm Entarti family for our aim to bring the toxin to the hive mind for once the hive mind is dead, the Entarti family could create something similar but best and hopefully together create a special hive mind that actually stabilized infected planet for yea I know it won't turn back but it is better to control much you can about the infestation to try side with you. Also we had a one thous orokin's totem that control 1 special infested that infested drone thing. That is why I refer to the event of the forest because it is better make nice big batch to kill part the infestation where the hive mind just randomly rampaging part of Demios because why not for it is better to roll it. I am talking about the Tau element for the orokin "use to gather/mining resources" for they could create special nanomachine or tau nanomachine to be part their blood stream for we had half sentient before it is not like Alad V wanted to be half sentient for he had PTSD with the infested. All the Entarti must worry is being controlled by sentients for it is better either A: use tau materials try cure the infestation out ur body or B: use the whatever strain of infested or warframe to prove that u can have good amount of peace. Pick ur poison. During that time pretty much we had forgot that corpus was running the show for we had that creepy old guy who lived in the void for his outfit doesn't have that nice glittery gold like for all his hand or part of his arm is cover in gold, pretty much this guy had corpus who worship him for it doesn't mean that his empire was part helping out partly of the orokin or doing some fancy trading here and there for it was recorded that the corpus had bunch old ship for we don't know what is 1st ship dated that era for we don't know anything about what the corpus's ship look like in the 1st place for we only got Eris cephalon fragment that is not enough wipe anyone's rear because his uncle was a trader decades ago for how long that decades for he could of come accidently across a infestation ship or get tap by infested on the ship for this prove that Eris was or is infested even in the alpha or beta the corpus use to own Eris until they drill a hole too deep in there if I recall it remembering it right we bomb that Eris and no one want drive close to that infestation house because we only killed part of the hive and now they got reformed as they get controlled that sweet black ooze. How do I know, this was old event no one remember by 1 time and thous symbol patches on ur arm didn't exist for it was in the alpha because all we did was color the frame that was all we can do. As again J3 and Lephantis are separate guys as we all know but we had oldest J3 the flying fart space monster for he was able control cephlon thx to alad's v for he been there the longest as well with Lephantis just few years behind as we know Lephantis view of 3 horror face, 1 of them look like got the corpus's head the other 1 isn't a grineer it is just servant grineer and the 3rd 1 look like regular human being but did we forgot that ancient were orokin this means that the Lephantis is the oldest of the old because the rules when orokin empire still alive they had merchant corpus going, grineer servant boy and orokin slave master as the corpus hate the guts of orokin as grineer same as well hate the orokin because the fact they both were treated like trash that is why we see corrupted orokin servant running around being gone A-wall in mission defense for defending the pod. This means that something is a deep secret that isn't cover by warframe's lore for look how messy it is. it can be and possible, because how do they use mimic for they don't use hologram they actually change shape because thanks to tau materials that act like forma for think like it is gallon the real metal that melt room temperature (70-73 degree) for it become liquid and once temperature drop it become a solid but ur asking the fact "why didn't the sentient use nanomachine?" they just did the mimic is the only living proof they could just simple to be for these little shapeshifter for it wouldn't make sense that they don't have nanomachine in them because how do they change forum or get resistance for tau materials is very popular and sentient has capable learning things faster that is why the orokin worried that if they send in the nekramech in they would take the shape and better version the the nekramech for they don't have void energy to provide to reset their stats. The fact that the sentient are learning machine for they can easily gather materials for they were originally were meant to use as prob a random off planet just like a driller machine we farm on either the phone or computer. This only prove that these sentient can learn how to use nanomachines and just change shape for it is tech and they did had sentient fuse with human being (corpus) for it doesn't mean they can't learn how hack nanomachine into their own body as we look at lotus who look like appeared to be human and transform herself into the machine she not meant to be. R u sure about that (look at the tenno kids) I mean there gotta be orokin's children look like the tenno kids for I wouldn't blame she go soft heart-ed for them too. Corrupted Ancient infested, just 1 grab control materials and it is done and not only that they got Ballas WHO USE TO CONTROL UMBRA! I'll explain, covid isn't like infested, this is air bone covid and ur compare it to infested that turn ppl into zombies while covid is just shut down humans bodies. I didn't said the sentient are infected, they can use nanomachine just part of it because they can adapt technology and nanomachine is technology and they had bioengineer thanks to Alad V and Ballas and yes agreed that the infested turn to be pets because simple study of the hive they could easily control it and make horrified End of the universe event unless void storm pop up everywhere then probably gg everyone that everyone dies. Hold up Entarti family is orokin and they did had their son work on bio tech engineers and also the girl who like watch disection so sort of they are but not exactly know how but it is possible to use helminth to cure the them in some what but lets hope we can use warframe's strain to give them legs at least for we could at least amired how they come up with nice leggings XD but putting the joke aside more likely Entarti family would of take the chance to use warframe's strain if they had the original strain that is why I want go to Eris to collect that black strain sample because due thx to Ballas's note that he left behind for the infested that boy provided and seeing new ppl being infested end up being look like from Ballas's note for some the image shows the infested started a "bio pod" and sample was tooken from there for I don't know it would be alright but if possible to control it just like ballas did, they could control their legs if they get warframe strain being their new legs then they probably walk all over the place and study all this and how as well with why. Then again the children understood something we did not because well obviously ballas added more note afterward. really dude? u had no clue what is Tau Materials is? Tau materials doesn't belong to only the sentient but the sentient collect these materials because these materials are the adaptive materials was the main goal, but I didn't say the sentient will help, the orokin family I said must create simliar to the sentient thus I suggested nanomachine able use tau materials so that way as possible for it is either due or be stuck on the planet forcefully bound. Now imagine if the sentient invade the planet they would go for the 1st thing, the HoD and then the family because we know these nekramech would fight these sentient as well so does the infested for little we know the infested on the planet don't have that firepower to defeat the sentient for we need buy time if the invasion come (probably we need full on boss juggernauht to fight the sentient for counting the Entarti's family to create really thick juggernaught and nekramech). As either we face giving the Entarti family tau materials or either they live off a special infused of infested strain they can control. Pick ur poisons. that is why I dislike when ppl has bipolar disorder sometime for it start giving me flashback horrible time who has very bad bipolar disorder but as again, if Nidus Prime exist then it is possible to control the infested and create some legs.
  5. no that was a joke, and it is possible, if you think about it the sentient are not infected, if we look at the corrupted orokin infested one they aren't cured but they were controlled. They weren't pure harvest void energy of course we know void energy "harms" but the orokin "made to harness void energy" oh like relic, sorts of things but they can't even use tau materials nanomachine (the whole planet is full of it) and it is better to start using frames parts that are left over like xaku when (lore) they build it and this what we got for it get one thing that no one consider that "they could of used" a part of the strain of warframe but not head alpha, so they could least get some "legs" or able at least use something better instead of relying worm like body of ur legs being devour by the infested for better way to travel when needed. More like I find it funny they didn't think creating a frame legs for them start walking and don't say it's dark when we had guy turn into every bits all the way to his head in a moa. It doesn't mean you can't save every parts your body at least you got good memories still intact for I even more realized why didn't they use tau materials place on their legs so they don't get infested for their whole planet got some tau materials or orokin materials that repelled some the infested for I know that the infested didn't devour everything and if they did they wouldn't be scared touching that is from the void or either tau materials. In the game, we know so little how much they do with doctors in the game for we had not seen a actual doctor in the game that is regular NPC that medic a person for all we do medic that rescue target or either that npc who is down. Now I know what all you thinking and probably going say "how long this guy is going rambled" for it is not done, the way DE how they did it wasn't exact corse where they are going for they always have tons of series unexplained or why but it turns out they want go prime everything for I guess they don't want to get ask what's going on back there for early they said "No to nidus prime" and now they got "yes nidus prime" that means they don't know how they are going drive this so basically none that matter if your infested or got cured for orokin they just jump into another body but I am assure you it doesn't mean it won't be canon seeing father with mechanical legs or either warframe's legs that he try improvised to be a man trying stand up with his 2 legs and I am pretty sure dev thought of this ahead before I say rubbish, more likely if they do get warframe legs I just going imagine they got nice legging and hopefully it doesn't end up looking like xaku where you probably going need some void battery attach to relic balls as your force run around whole map to keep the energy secured and not run out energy on the legs. I am pretty sure back then where the corpus still experimenting warframes for it wouldn't be useless for the Entarti's family about research the frame's legs or parts when they could use all that recycled frames in the market that we sold every time that bunch useless frame we got or either got gifted over 100 same frames for I am pretty sure the Entarti family can make it up as they get some good large amount of legs from few 20s-30s frames while they get dissected like the corpus does. I am pretty sure it is inhuman to frame but we all feed our frames to that helmith that devour frame on the wall. Pretty much we are the bad guys here if you say we are inhuman to the frame but face the fact it is better to befit the Entarti with warframes so they get pairs of legs so they can at least use less the rat tunnel and start popping up on T.V instead of getting the annoying popping up like a mole ppl. Pretty much I think the Entarti family probably are missing they beloved legs alot and I am pretty sure the either the son has twisted habit to make some infested legs for himself or either the father create cyborg legs as the mother and sister will be asking where da fiddle stick their pairs of legs at. Everything right now of the cure of the infested is becoming canon and not canon for they both are facing bipolar moments of time how they direct each other flipping that bird each other. As DE don't want to talk about Eris by who was there the longest then Demio and more powerful for all who know what because the accident originally started there in lore because the orokin thought it be alright to start figure out how to use this infested to infect the sentient but it doesn't work while the sentient laugh it off as the orokin's weapon get backfired, once again not going off topic pretty much the orokin had no clue how to cure it but it seem the lotus has the result of the cure and same result to Alad V for I got funny feeling that the Lotus know about how play doctor for no one want ask the question how does the lotus make sure to separate the terrified infested in the 1st place for no one want to bloody ask how. Well we already got spoiler that she was sentient and made half sentient and half human being which return cyborg but worst version for they got nanomachine and look even Ballas got sentient's legs for living. Where I am going with this oh I dunno probably pointing out it is canon that lotus was using some sort sentient nanomachine to destroy infested for who knows for loving that her medical skills are really advance for sentient for no wonder why the founder of the sentient liked her in the 1st place because she didn't noticed she is bright and clever in her own ways but doesn't think properly when going emotional. Now pulling another meme for it is time for u guys to get the picture Yes right now, no one get the picture how much research done by the lotus if she chose to save everyone from the infested that was created by accident for she could of wipe out the infested in the 1st place but I ask why she didn't do so because the infested were once ppl and probably recognized someone probably who she hold dear as well just like her beloved lover, she has the power cure infested in a way or either figure out to control the infested because the fact she can used sentient and somehow able easily enslaved the ppl again like wolf who was secret agent of the sentient and just completely force made every single corpus in Alad V to be half sentient. Now think about this, if she gave herself time developed cure for thous corrupted orokin ancient for no one want to wonder will that ancient will be mindless like warframe or end up being like umbra for this wasn't failed experiment for he was able kept his memories intact best he could. As we all know it, the new war is coming for everyone is going say "it is going be mind blown" but if I am right in my prediction when sentient abducting much they could or whatever they chose, I am pretty sure they turning them into half sentient or replicating kuva and think carefully, the sentient is smarter then what we think, that doesn't have good back lore about them and now understanding between it is pretty much pointed out they do have abilities either control a infested for it takes sometime to adapt to get into their infested hive mind for all they needed just a push for they could of easily achieved unlimited of infestation sentient army for we seen corrupted orokin ancient get controlled so does it is possible for infested hive mind get controlled for like I said it takes time. Now think about what if lotus was still good lotus we know of still care for she would try new children to care for as well and understanding to cure any infested best she could, that would be unimagineable if she chose the right path but we all know she was filled with doubted mind and worried her secrets will be spilled all over. I find it funny how the dev don't think their own action before hand but really got no one helping the lore correction in the game. Everytime I find it DE lacking here and there but don't want go out filling out like warhammer 40k how the developer of warhammer 40k are very determined keep their lore good and very dang good and how much stric action they put into. Right now, I wish DE took their lore bit more serious or put more on elbow grease to really get the engine started ppl sink into the warframe's lore so that ppl don't find it "confusing" for there been in the past they hadn't been serious about their lore to in take about. As we know the infested is same mess and just got more messy for the cure somehow got understandable and not understandable even thou you said "this and that" but it doesn't mean "why we can't?" Also that is more kind of "rude" video games and covid don't mix
  6. wut ur saying the monster rise from Eris where the true infested is being held?
  7. What I realized, we had about good amount of "cure" lore about infestation, in the "Nidus Quest" before lotus turn rouge, lotus said "we got a cure for the infestation" these ppl were living with the infestation in the station as if we remember it correctly Alad V for he got a quest (event war) for he "WAS" infested and got "cured". Now where I am going with this is why didn't we get the cure for the Entarti's family? Then again someone will say "oh they been there over probably thousands of years for they are stuck like that" and no, not going buy that rubbish for we did had event "injecting cure for the forest" not only that as I observed the world infestation even thou they been there "THE LONGEST" they didn't infested whole planet to correct to see that these infested cannot consumed everything like the Heart of Demios, the nekromech, the orokin's room area, whatever there is "gold like color" (Tau materials) or void essence. It's not like we can't cure them when we could of inject much we can to give these Entarti's family back their life back. *sigh* I do question DE's when they making lore but as I realized we had half bake stories why we didn't cure the Entarti's family or did they ever think about getting the cure for themselves.
  8. I heard u already, and no I didn't "miss read", like I said DnD isn't bound what kept down it's lore of the class nor race just like mods in torchlight II or other games that let them mod the game how they wanted to be. DnD will consider warframe the basic their class just simple not exact and they will add new randomized class like vauban was force to be a wizard with lighting and summoning spells are just some sort imp or some pipsqueak minions that running around for he could of be randomized conjure because DnD only look what the person do 1st it's ability and not the classes so basically vauban would just going be flipping tables because ppl will mistaken as artific or some conjured wizard the fact he focus orbital strike and vortex. This is why DnD as we know, DM still struggling for it is better to let the players create off the chart classes as you can make up good story to kill their character silly.
  9. just try mixing the rules once for I already seen flaws issues with the DnD like becoming hydra and cutting ur own heads off to get infinite attack dmg that is just ffs broken. yet, everyone like to "obey the rules of DnD" for few had try mix it and make their own story. It just it isn't popular enough for ppl mixing DnD into the ppl of chose making their own lore.
  10. I wasn't joking what I said. They did thought the DnD these things, it isn't like DnD isn't consider "cannot crossover" there been ppl who did crossover and try put crossover but they had to make up their own game just like some other nerd I know crossover warhammer 40k with DnD (I was in utter confusion how they put their story)
  11. correction, engineer or dwarf engineer (artillery cannon). It is like all over with the Elder Scroll game, yes Elder Scroll or known as skyrim that 1 hit game for it did once had a board game but it cost was to greatly but thus some geeky guys made their own game of Elder Scroll series into a board game but they didn't have enough funding either so basically thous geeks guys legit ended up screwed very badly (materials they try get just really put them on dept).
  12. that I agreed. some what but not really watch it, your talking to a tanker and tanker players who still love inaros will remember you and ditch u to die (I had my buddy done that and all inaros players just aggro the enemy and just let him eat pure fire while he is down) survivalist meme channel umm no she isn't it for the fact when she sort of really give the power of nick nack still for she is nuke healing bomb, players still love her and pretty much pay tributes to her still (a clan dedicated to her for all I know there is a moon clan so pretty much not tick them off either if they read this forum.) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Right now what I have to be person who say useless warframe, that would be the regular excal, it is start sound disappointing soon truth I have to say, ever sense they nerf melee, excal has nothing counter balance his exalted sword or his abilities for what is all useful with excal is his radiant blind and no one want to use his slash dash, his javlin, and barely see players use the exalted sword because the great nerf just ram it in the face. Heck, the only true exalted was worth using on is either umbra or prime excal version for some odd reason regular excal is utter hot garbage. It is really sad really. what do I think what to improved all the exalted weapons and abilities if they get scaling like vauban dart ball/turret ball, that way it be ok to use either using excal's slash dash just fine.
  13. it is not grieving, that is called scandal and it is a automatic ban because it wasn't the agreement was set in hand. this also take me back about during the "tyrant clan monopoly riven mod" which ppl were doing that trick on other players as well for they rip off tons of players but yea justice in the end again "but" do ppl still learn it today? No, they didn't change still for as random players whom escape or left the clan and alliance, pretty much had escape a few plats and they are running out of plats about about 2 or 4 years ago and realized how screwed they are in now because they don't want spend a dime on the game so pretty much this answer their ppl call it these days "karma" (for me I would say "poetic justice") for remembering how many their accounts was ban, that large amount of plats was not distribute well for their account. Why do I point this random topic, there is reason why because it started from that point now when the scammer guys are running out plats, riven mod reduce to ash, so the best way they ever come up the last thought to try attempt pull a hist is trick ppl by pretending sending plats but taking the mod. Yet they failed, more even funny-er because they didn't expect get reported by another player so pretty much they had 500 plat gone down the drain. How I know this if you ask, I do my work by talking few acquaintances and do attend to help here and there (sometime you have to do it in the real world). Anyway, just remember to report any players who scam deals, they should be worry that their account will be ban 100% guarantee for moderators do take their job seriously including the dev who got a ban hammer ready to smack some unwanted scammer.
  14. well it is true about primed weapons r becoming gimmickly as the result they didn't think about how much value they are could end losing right now. As again, I must agreed to the point for primed weapons aren't special no more for they felt like they are just like last time from the beta how prime excal vs regular excal for they didn't scaled during that time for they were measured the same as we get to the point of prime was a laughter and it was pointless to get. Now prime has some point upper hand and now being low balled by kuva weapons, I do have to agreed should add void elemental for they did came from the void essence for it would of make logically make sense that the warframe was able defeat many such numbers of sentient and why it was less rely on other type of troops like the dex (orokin), grineer, and corpus as for the warframe were expendable. Also it would make sense that when regular gun vs prime gun for they are meant to be made extra care special. Not all thous special mods from Syndicate don't make much thous "special gun mods" for prime type of weapons, thus I am having hard time to rely on sydnicate teams to produce the best modified gun mod.
  15. As, I slowly O'wait for 1 more day for ghoul saw, ur going see me charging in like the lawn mower guy who chopped up all dat zombies and now as I will say "Let the Meta Begin"!
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