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  1. look at the pie chart on 23:45 on devstream 136. why do you think other players had to say something, wanna joke about it how well farmer we are helping the communities for it must be opposite we players we seeing for it must be positive (being sarcastic). Anyone wanna laugh at me go ahead I hit you with the tank shell bullet for the fact, on 24:30 on it's graph, look the responds for there is 27.9k ppl basically that is that much ppl did reply but where is the rest the number of the players who didn't respond or either online for that which error bit on that path, for it would be smart to have active system if a player log in and given a notice inbox game so the players can reply that they are playing so they can check who isn't play much in the game or long long they been not playing the game so they really check in % is that are accounted for. At the time I didn't come here to talk smack to ppl but trying find a way to restore warframe by observing and trying new ideas but which I am bit stuck about should we have animal race in the game which that is side idea but the same time is a joke which animals today we have race dogs, race horse and bunch different race animals which we do bet animals but trying find more other things for what our syndicates could of done and able preserved money or able make some credits which it would of been smart idea if syndicate make type peaceful job for those who just join in and look for peaceful job instead murdering job like a merc that has no rest. At the less side tracking to the main topic. For I am interested that new MOA but I was hoping we get that 4 legged moa instead the little guy but I like the idea having a little guy running around so it can be harder for the grineer to hit our pet MOA. Glade that they finally getting the infested world size of it so at least we can mess around in that planet which I am glade to make infested as just dessert.
  2. Space mom was speechless when she discover her kids just wanted start a ranch farm and not for murdering corpus, grineer, sentient and other people. I bet she felt like she was the dushbag now.
  3. Bethesda Studio finally try to cover it up *cough* more likely it is going be more this version again make me laugh even more how much they try so hard stop hacker (they didn't still and they aren't even trying) I was laughing when they are going put back Preston Garvey into fallout 76 with all bs stuff rofl (which hacker put him back into the fallout 76 for I was having a blast laughing about the youtube clip about the hack). The great gaming company that "the mighty had fallen" which I don't think the game of fallout 76 is going survived at all due of hacker just trash the game and they are going to do it again with countless account they probably have and just pay such short money that is worth only like 5 buck under which they are going make it more worst then before. By Hearing Bethesda try put npc into the game is going lit up in flame which it is not going happen nicely because obviously they are going let the hacker roam free again to hack once more to set everything on fire again by making tons of Preston Garvey invasion that making the game less fun because I see they aren't dealing with the fixes and giant hole in the ground for the Bethesda company is just clown show no matter what. Also the reason why I am posting this here because Bethesda keep on ripping post that talk 💩 about them which we had tons players try say nice thing but more likely they just made it worst for themselves like for example someone posted very polite and none giving rude of term ask them to make the game just to be free and then he got ban on his account with no reason or any explaining why he is ban for he didn't use cheat engine or anything breaking the rules which this violate even more code of conduct of their agreement. I think Bethesda is way more into the dush bag level for they are about the point of being like this but in reality they aren't sorry at all, I think the leadership that was given just hit into flame and also I think that ppl who work there just lost respect of the chose of them. Welp I'll talk more crap about it later because Bethesda not letting any players who talk nice and try fix their game just still remain broken and stupidly think the world is going be nice to them to send apologies emailing.
  4. fug it still doing ramming speed!
  5. in space, did you even track in speed, pretty much we can hit things but doesn't dmg our ship like the archwing, but it would of been fun if you think about what our ship is made out of it would be fine. did try ramp enemies early so didn't see the dmg output. yup that is type maniac person we all love dearly because everyone has small little maniac person just deep buried in the darkness as in deepest in your mind which you probably don't know when it pop out for just gotta look for the breaking point.
  6. It just for the meme but more likely I like the idea of Ramming speed in space with your Railjack I mean it isn't sketchy depending on your materials and depending that your ship armor & shield can take the absorption the dmg but how much you can inflect dmg to the enemy, it would be nice idea ramming speed not only dmg the enemy but also get a chance to invade other ships like a sort of grineer's troops shell bullet (the invader that invade your ship by sending in escape pod into your ship) except for different to be for just ram them like a pirate ship the way to say but more of fun type to be. If we ever get ramming speed in warframe railjack I'll will play more on railjack even more and find it funny how many I will ram ships for the giggles and 💩 Pretty much I'll have heck fun time ramming things for fun
  7. no just and some enjoy of the billions of people tears to drink from.
  8. I did answer it, go find it like a puzzle piece that went missing around the floor that blend in with the floor.
  9. No you weren't answering I did follow you say it is ineffective but no, you said "there is med pills for everything" for it doesn't apply joy even thou you create such simple to be you do support any drugs which you didn't say in what way for I didn't say what way for you do believed in torture shock treatment for the brain, for I'll bring up your comment for I will quote for you believed pills. and there it is, basically you said "everything" that is including emotional control and content which I purposely do all crappy grammar all the way to the bone obviously point to poke you with. So deal with it for you think pills can control their feelings, why not I just simple inject you with nano machine into your brain and control your thoughts for it can be the same result of facing such time and time again the punishment of thought of you wanted to think that way isn't punishable but facing reality you just want escape every problem that come presume to confirm either you wanted to be control by someone else and don't want do things out your will to have your freedom of touch or give to be. Yet you wanted talk about someone grammar yet you just want tag long and wanted big not try walk the other side for 1st you comment about drugs and you deiced want change the subject about grammar for that we call it nick knacker who can't choose their mind or second in minded that keep on thinking long the trip or by the trip for you wanted know but you not even on either way subject either so why would I give you correct answer if you find me annoying for you ask for 3 things at once for you laugh away about the comment when few veteran players are becoming aware the game is bit getting back as bent do of you wanted something else for presuming you find my post annoying. More likely every players has mental condition even you for you can't claim yourself normal or settled someone is normal even thou other people may not have proper grammar for what is the point for common for humanity find themselves stupid part their brain and if you cut that out then obviously you think it is smart move but you had remove more then who you are for you could cut out your good personality for now you have murdering personality or presume by other and by other to be that is isn't you but chance of millions person is in sandbox. So I write this to you because you ask for it but I won't give you full on answer because you don't like read the annoying stuff so I am not going cut that short for easy reasons for I don't have to give my reason that may reflect someone's action because they like improvise without thinking for once a while so presuming wasting huge block text someone for called annoying just leaving you a huge mess for you to read because once your done reading or skim reading your going say "wtf I just read".
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