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Lephantis: Solo Run And Suggestions To Improve The Group Fight.


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Now, I have fought Lephanits a number of times. I have always found the fight to be:

- Simple (each head only does 1 thing save the Corpus Head actually)

- Bland between Phase 1 and Phase 2

- Easy


Now I figured perhaps that is because I used a Rank 30 Warframe with Rank 25+ Potato/Forma'd weapons. So I jumped on my Trinity and Used lower-Rank weapons.




Warframe: Trinity

- Rank 18

- Mods: Physique (4), All Abilities (3), Redirection (5), Vitality (5)

Primary: Soma

- Rank 27

- Mods: Hellfire (2), Vital Sense (5), Pirecing Hit (4)

Secondary: Seer

- Rank: 29

- Mods: Hornet Strike (3), No Return (4), Heated Charge (4)

Melee: Glaive

- Rank: 7

- Mods: Reflex Coil (3), Killing Blow (5)

Sentinel: Battle Squash (Carrier)

- Rank: 18

Sentinel Weapon: Sweeper

- Rank: 27

- Mods: Flechette (4), Point Blank (4)


So Now using the above set up I set out to destroy Lephanits by myself and I figured, perhaps now, the fight will be hard and enjoyable.




Road to Lephanits

- No Deaths: I used the Glaive to stun Ancients a few times also used Energy Vamp and Well of Life as CC abilities to stop a Toxic. Made it to Lephantis with relatively few issues at all. Didn't even take HP Damage.


Lephantis Phase 1

- No Deaths: Using the Glaive to take out Infested and Infested Spawners I damaged the Corpus head till I got the Infested one and then damaged the Infested Head until the Grineer Spawned. I then killed the Infested head before I was pinned against a wall by one of Lephanit's "burst" craters when he pops up to attack. This is a glitch, I was stuck completely unable to move and died as a result. Only thing I had to do was keep moving and I barely took HP damage, which was not an issue there are plenty of HP orbs.

- After 1st Death: I easily took out the Corpus head by using the Glaive to continue killing off the Infested Spawn Pods and just slide-slashing away from the Grineer Head. Only annoying part was getting stuck inside the Craters again as with the 1st time but without the Infested Head or the Corpus Head spitting bomb's or poison I did not die.


Here is what I mean by stuck. As you can see I am inside the wall of the stone crater and unable to move.




------------------Death Break Intermission as I wrote this post. Lephantis is growling at me still as I write---------------------


Lephantis Phase 2

- No Deaths: Took me almost 25 minutes to kill Phase two. Once the Infested Head was destroyed and bombs were stopped it was an endless loop of constantly running to avoid Infested and Poison Clouds while I focused down the Corpus Head. I found out actually that when the Head is damaged the Body takes a portion of the damage. Ultimately I did enough damage to the body to instantly kill Lephantis when the Corpus head was nearly dead and the Grineer Head still had 75% life remaining. I also took note that when a head is destroyed it spurts flesh-blobs that become more poison clouds.



Having now Solo'd the boss in probably sub-par gear or mod set up I can say that if you are tenacious enough you can do it. Using Trinity probably helped me out greatly as I could heal/shield myself but there were plenty of Orbs around that good maneuvering would have kept me alive. One v One the Lephantis fight is actually fun as you must constatly move and kill units to avoid being overrun by the Regular Infested. However, I still feel the same way as I did before.


"Why is this fight fun Solo but a bore in a Group?"


The answer to that question is clear in my book. The fight is not significantly different for a group of Tenno versus a single Tenno. Thus when in a group of four you have on person for all aspects of the fight. Nor is it different between Phase 1 and 2 for any significant portion.

- 1 Targets the Infested Head

- 1 Targets the Corpus Head

- 1 Targets the Grineer Head

- 1 Kills the regular Infested.


Lephantis has nothing left or a way to focus or even change up the fight against a group. I propose a pair of small tweaks that may make him more of a challenge for a group. I won't talk of the DPS limit that prevent strong weapons from killing Lephantis fast that is a different topic I am strictly focused on the challenge of the fight.


Lephantis Phase 1 Suggestion

- Telegraph where he will pop up a short duration before he does. Cracks or rumbling to warn a player they are about to be launched. Also make this launch a LAUNCH. Send the Tenno flying at least 25-50m away from Lephantis during this phase and make it deal a heafty amount of damage, this is something we should be trying to avoid in the fight. By doing this hopefully the issue of being stuck inside the crater will vanish as you will be outside of it if you fail to get out of the way.


Lephantis Phase 2 Suggestion

- Toxic Spray (1 Head): That head stops its normal attacks to shoot/breath/spit a constant blast of poison, much like the Ignis does already. I can already name a way to avoid this attack again though it causes a player to have to adapt to the boss differently in Phase two.

- Toxic Spray (All Heads): All 3 heads blast Toxic Gas at the ground causing everything that is below the raised platforms to be engulfed in Toxic Gas. During this attack Lephanits does not attack normally however a large group of regular infested spwan from underneath him to attack the Tenno while Lephantis is busy gassing the place. Telegraphed by Lephantis moving to the center of the arena.

- Shocking Ground: This is a level change, the goal is to kill Lephantis while moving and there is not enough hazard to being on the ground. I propose that more of the ground be flooded with shocking water, which primarily drains shields. This means Tenno must watch their movement while attacking him.


I do not quite know how Soloing my suggested Lephantis would be but I certainly feel that these will make him more challenging and engaging as a boss to really test the power of the Tenno. Also the battle arena probably should have Parkour shortcuts that can be used to execute special attacks on Lephantis if he is in the right position. That and they can be used to move out of the way of attacks.


Thoughts on the experience and suggestion?

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Well two upvotes but no responses? Did I post this in the wrong section of the forums?

Um, no. If people don't post it means they're not interested.


On topic: I managed to solo the Lephantis boss twice.

First time with a fully ranked and potatoed Vauban, potatoed Strun Wraith, potatoed D.Vasto and Kogake, but given the nature of the fight I didn't use it very much. I just alternated fire between my main and sidearms. Kept throwing Bastille around to hold the mobs.

Still died 3 times during the fight, once because I got stuck in the same manner as you did, when the heads just pop up under you and you get knocked back. Second time was because of the damn poison, some of which just randomly appeared in the area. Third time was during phase 2, after destroying the Corpus Head. Again the damn poison gas, it just cripples the framerate whenever there's too much of it.


Second time I soloed it was with a fully potatoed Rhino (wasn't taking chances) with a Latron Prime (also potatoed), Dual Vasto again and my new Kama (it was unranked then). It was a walk in the park, didn't die a single time, thank you Iron Skin.


Ah yes, and both turns rewarded me with a Nekros Chassis, which I already crafted. Thanks, RNG.

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Um, no. If people don't post it means they're not interested.

Nick the attitude right there. I simply did not know where "boss feedback" went exactly.


As to your experience with Lephantis. I have yet to see severe frame-drop from the gas clouds which may be attributed to computer power and a number of other things. I do not know what you are packing a system. I do however hear a number of players speaking about the two phases being too similar. I am fine if this post, which took me 4 hours to make alone just rots to the hells of the forums. I would hope you can understand the desire to see and or get feedback on a post that you spent hours formulating your stance on.

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My solo experience with Lephantis a bit different. I find it easy, but boring.
The first stage takes excessively long, and that's considering I ignore common infested and Rhinostomp the heads so that I can unload a full Supra clip in their faces. The second stage is okay, the action is nonstop and I can kill all heads in an acceptable amount of time (I even take damage often because I forget my Is is down).


I heard the boss has a dps cap, which I think is guilty of making the boss fight tedious, it's either that or each head has too much health in the first stage.


Oh, and I've suffered the "stuck in crater" bug too, but Rhino being Rhino, everything was 'k.

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but Rhino being Rhino, everything was 'k.

Rhino eats an Iron and he was 'k. Why aren't there memes for Warframe?


Topic: Did the golem again, and this time, experienced the 'stuck in crater' bug. Got out using Rhino Charge, so no real harm done. One thing I've noticed from the first phase, the Grineer head always, I repeat, ALWAYS, pops up real close to you, or right under you. The other two heads are more random, but that one always gets me with pinpoint accuracy. Like a reverse 'whack-a-mole' thing.

Lucky for me, got the systems. :3

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Well by lack of response after my 1st shameless bump it is clear that this topic is not an issue by the community and Lephantis is considered a good fight. I still would love to see more abilities or dynamic phases to bosses but I won't keep necro-rezzing a thread that clearly has little interest beyond the one mention of the "stuck in rock" bug.

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