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So Rebbonetta....


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I think i got you covered.

Obligatory From Behind Shot. 




With the Sword, Tatsu comes closest to her Katana.

And of course. You gotta have the guns! THis is why i had to wait. None of the guns in my current bag of tricks fit her. So i had to make them. Warframe0008.jpg

I'm still trying to refine some details and i dont feel like i have the scene yet... This works for now but its not what i'm ultimately shooting for. 


The Details

Mirage Prime, Saturated Color Set. Bayonetta TWO colors I used a bit of red light for accenting the Tatsu. 3 light color scheme Contrast filter. NOBLE STANCE.

Bayonetta 1 is actually easier from a color standpoint, BUT requires AK Vasto Prime. AK magnus is very close to The: Love is Blue Pistols. While the Revolveresque chamber of Scarborough Fair cant be replicated on most guns. Closest i've found is AK Vasto Prime. 


I think i might keep this thread as my Cosplay Captura Thread, Because I've got a Lady Deadpool i just love.

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3 minutes ago, (XB1)UpgradeAcorn989 said:

I mean it still looks great even if its not what your looking for!

The backdrop isn't quite what i want. I've got another scene i'm trying to get a hold of i hope will give me what i'm looking for from the shots perspective. That'll take some time though as its standing i gotta grind.

If i can get AK Vasto Prime i'm going to do her in the Bayonetta 1 scheme as well. Which for looks is what i used on mirage prime before i started this cosplay bent. I just wish the Melee existed in game for more of HER style of fighting. To really be able to show off just how close it is. ^_^

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