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Kuva Siphons marked at all times upon entering the mission

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As the title suggest I would like the kuva siphon to be tracked at all times. For the survival its the enemies that hold the catalyst instead of what we have now searching for the enemy. And if that did go through we can end all of the "kuva siphon did not spawn on X map/tileset" I think its a horrible idea running aimlessly and sometimes a kuva siphon does not spawn. 2nd time in a row grineer ghalleon and no kuva why? Jeez because I was plopped at spawn with the primary obj marked at all times. Why not the secondary? It baffles me to this day since the introduction of the kuva siphon in missions.

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I actually enjoy that part of Kuva missions. It makes them feel unique imo.

I think its fun when everyone splits up and does a mad rush around the map in search of the siphon. It was most likely designed around this very feeling.

Although their are certain problem tilesets for sure, places like Ceres for example. And in case you didnt know, its not that the siphon isnt spawning, its just that you didnt find it.

I think there could be a good middle ground between what we have now, and full blown hand holding with an easy waypoint.

Imagine if there was no help at all, say for the few minutes. It would give players a chance to find it quickly by normally searching. 

After that though, the game could guide you to the siphon with your scanner, similar to how the game points you in the right direction of Simaris capture targets.

This would preserve the feeling of “searching” for the siphon, while fixing the problem of getting frustrated looking around huge tilesets with many possible rooms.



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