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[25.2.0] Atmospheric Archgun firing animation issues


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Hey there,

I've noticed that issue occuring on the release of the atmospheric archguns, on fortuna part 2 update all of them had their firing animation using a mix of reload and deploying animation when used on ground. Since then, some of them got fixed but some are still not.

I've also found an energy fx issue on the fluctus but it's also on space so I've made another thread specially for the fluctus right here: 


About the ground animations issues:

  • Corvas: animation is fine.
  • Cyngas: animation is broken, the gun barrel muzzles part are not openning as they do in space firing version.
  • Dual Decurion: animation broken, the gun slider goes back and forth as if each time it fired the magazine turned empty.
  • Fluctus: animation broken, the gun "barrel" fire animation seems to be a reverse of the fire / deploy, but it's definitly not the correct animation.
  • Grattler: animation is fine.
  • Imperator Vandal: animation broken, the upper slider goes back and forth as if each time it fired the magazine turned empty. (not tested on vanilla imperator)
  • Larkspur: animation is fine. (always has been fine since its release)
  • Phaedra: animation is fine. (it has been fixed few hotfix ago, it was broken on release)
  • Velocitus: animation broken, the rail-barrel un-deploy after every shot and redeploy as from the reloading animation.
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Adding on that I'm now noticing this issue as well from the moment I unlocked the archgun deployer. Fluctus appears to be performing a deploy-like animation each and every time it fires.

I don't think it's supposed to flap like this: Webm

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